The Quran interpretation is the proof of the truthfulness of Mohammed

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The Quran differs from the other heavenly books in that it includes a large number of mysterious ayat like puzzles.
People failed to grasp the exact meaning of such ambiguous revelations included in the Quran.

The messenger of God himself was not tasked to explain such secrets and puzzles.. he was tasked only to convey the Quran to people.

God's messenger himself was astonished of such ayat .. he did not comprehend them.. he tried hard to understand them, but he could not reach to their true explanation.

Prophet Mohammed once was observed to repeat the reciting of the first aya in the beginning of every soora, which means:
(In the name of God, Most Gracious Most Merciful) in a way of pondering and contemplating, because in Arabic the two words Rahman & Raheem are near to each other in pronunciation.

The Arab did not know even that one of God's fair names is the Rahman which means: Most Gracious Whose mercy includes both the believer and the non-believer in the life of the World.

Prophet Mohammed was asked about the meaning of some of these ambiguous ayat, he said: "I don't know; I heard it from the angel as such!"

People of many generations tried hard to understand such ayat, but they did not attain to the knowledge about these revelations.

Although the main essence part of the Quran is known and clear, which includes most of the statements and law which people work accordingly.

But the Quran told people that later on they will be acquainted about the ambiguous ayat, and that will be by the tongue and pen of the Awaited Mahdi.

Quran 38: 86-88, which means:
(86. Say, [Mohammed, to your people]: "I ask not of you recompense for it a;
neither am I charged with [interpreting the Quran. b ]

87. [This Quran] is only an admonition for [all] the worlds c .

88. And you [people] shall surely come to know the explanation of [the ambiguous ayat of the Quran], after [a long period of] time d .)
.................................................. .................

86 a [i.e. for conveying the message to you] and so it may become difficult for you.

86 b It means: God did not task me to interpret for you its meaning and explain for you its puzzles; for that is up to God, and it is up to me to recite it to you, but not to explain it.

God – be glorified – said in the Quran 75: 19, which means:
(Then, [after a long period of time] We have to explain it [to people.])

87 c To be admonished with it.

88 d The meaning: You will know the explanation of the ambiguous ayat of the Quran which you denied and ridiculed.
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You can hear the recitation of these 3 ayat of the Quran 38: 86-88 at the end of this beautiful recitation:
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Therefore, when the Mahdi interprets the ambiguous ayat of the Quran, he will give a true testimony to the truthfulness of Prophet Mohammed, who had not understood the meaning of such ayat,

while God will inspire to the Mahdi the explanation of the mysterious ayat after about 1400 years,

during which period people have been completely unable to understand the meaning of such ambiguous ayat of the Quran.
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The Christ sends the Mahdi :

Abu Abd-Allah was sent by the Christ, who told him: "You are the Mahdi; carry out your duty."

When I told one of my colleagues about this, my colleague said: "This is the assigning or appointing"; he means like the government assigns someone to be the minister ..etc.

He means that Abu Abd-Allah was tasked with this duty.
You are a sicky
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The Christ tells the Mahdi that his features and marks are described in the related books :
He said to Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly: "[If you don't believe me, then] go to the related books and compare the features of the Mahdi, to find such description applicable to you."

Abu Abd-Allah told me: "So I went to a bookshop and bought a book which title is : (The Good News for Muslims about the Awaited Mahdi)
And I found 16-17 features and marks of the Mahdi applicable to me, except that some narrations say: the Mahdi is of the seed of Ali .. but I am not of the seed of Ali .. moreover, there are other hadiths that the Mahdi is one of my nation."

Some of such marks: Neither tall nor short, but of middle stature
His forehead is broad and smooth
His nose is fine
There is a mole on his right cheek
He is left-handed
he has some difficulty in expressing some words
He is like the men of the Children of Israel, but his color is Arabian ... etc.
Moreover, the Mahdi is the Quran interpreter.
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The Christ (and may be another angel) inspire the Mahdi the true Qruan interpretation :
Abu Abd-Allah said to Jesus that inspired him: "But the Quran interpretation is known to Muslims."
The Christ revealed to him: "None other than God alone knows its true meaning!" which is the meaning of the Quran 3: 7

Therefore, it will be your miracle that you explain to them, the ayat that none but God alone knows.

Abu Abd-Allah said: So I went to a bookshop and bought the book of the Quran explanation (Majma Al-Bayan), then I opened the first ayat of soora 2:
And the inspirer said to me:
"This is wrong; for either the letter is in the beginning or in the terminal of the word, while the truth is these letters are the Acronym [like you say UN which means the United Nations] .. it actually means so and so",
and he started to explain to me.
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The Mahdi gives testimony concerning Jesus Christ :

That Jesus Christ was a true apostle or messenger of God, and that he is the son of man, not the son of God, and the Mahdi also invites people to believe in God alone without associate and to believe in the Glorious Quran.

As he wrote in his book (The Conflict between the Torah and the Quran):

"Actually I have studied the present Torah (or Hebrew Bible), the Gospel, the Psalms and the Quran: to realize that the first three books have been somewhat manipulated by the hands of men, so that they altered some of their statements and distorted the truth. Therefore, from now on we cannot rely on them.

For this reason, anyone who seeks after the truth should hold fast with the Quran which no falsehood may affect whether beforehand or afterwards; it is the revelation from a Wise and Praiseworthy (God.)"
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The Mahdi quits the prophets of God from the lies of Ezra

Such prophets like Abraham, Lot, Aaron and Solomon.
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Lastly, I see in the Quran these two ayat of the Quran 7: 52-53, which mean:

[Then the people of Paradise, who will be still in the 'gathering together', will ask the prophets about the people of the Fire, who will be still in the 'gathering together', and say to them:

"Did you instruct, teach and remind them about this day [of Judgment] as did you instruct us, in order that they might believe as did we believe?"
They will say: "Yes, we did instruct and remind them."]

52. We, indeed, did bring them a Book [from God] which We expounded [to them], with knowledge; [so it was] a guidance and a mercy to a people who would believe.

[Then God denounced the abstinence of the associaters from believing in the sending to the Next Life and in the world of souls, in spite of the large number of proofs and evidences about the existence of souls, so He said:]

53. Do they look for nothing other than its verification [will come to them!?]

The day its verification comes, those – who forgot it before – will say: "Truly, the messengers of our Lord brought the truth.

[Now] have we any intercessors to intercede for us [before God?]

Or can we be returned [to the life of the World once again], to do [righteous deeds] other than we did?"

[So God – be glorified – said:]

Surely, they will have lost their souls, and that which they devised [: their claiming of the intercessors] will have failed them.)