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Don't start another thread.......................Plleeaase!

A first, digital alligator tears, I'm impressed and nauseated at the same time, another first. 4 steps back for you and I get the call on which way the wind blows till this one is over. If I say cover your nuts and you do I will poke you in both eyes, if you don't I won;t poke you in either eye.

I'm not sure this thread should dampen your day other than you need to type that mantra out more. You cam assign a 'hot key' to speed that up. By the time I look it up my caring will have vanished so no use starting, Right??
This is about emotions and how keeping them suppressed is bad and the longer it goes on the worse it gets. By the time I'm done, you will see hitting children to teach the patents a lesson is as fuked as hitting the child as a learning tool.
You should thank me for leaving out the lengthy part that would include how you have fulfill all those things, bit a glamor taken away for the coaching you received


1. You have a tough exterior

2. You have frequent tantrums

3. You’re a good listener (you are putting your own problems on the back burner.)

4. You often feel lonely

5. You feel anxious all the time


6. You’re always rushing about

7. You have an addictive personality

8. You gain/lose weight

9. You have digestive issues

10. You have regular headaches

That ringing sound is facts bouncing off your helmet of delusions, when they hit my tin-foil it is like a thorn is trying to make a home for itself so stopping and fixing the problem is a reflex action and cannot be altered by time or space or free will, deal with it.
Here is one that will cause a bigger ring than all the 10 points above.
The lungs and sinuses of those children look the same as the skin rashes, When it kills them the crust on the girl's face will be like on all her internal organs. She in is her 4th year of exposure the babies is 1st year and the kid with the face is in between the two. That is what the experiment is interested in collecting.

Needless violent acts rise about 1000% as the illness progresses, over-crowding was 5 people on bunks in the gym. Most evacuated people are 100 to a gym. Reports will be kept but only one party get the full results.

How is all of this making you feel?

You know it has to be done, Right? (It is a test question, take your time)