Hurricane Florence targets the wrong-doers of New York

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The massive Hurricane Florence may be designated by God as a preliminary warning for the mighty tyrants of Washington; it may head to Washington DC itself or to the possessions of the wrong-doers in other states...
That is because the governors of USA with their leader Trump have exceeded the bounds in transgression and wrong-doing ... they oppress the Palestinian people and align with their enemy the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv whom they support with unlimited support.
While God does not like the oppression and wrong-doing .. God is All-Mighty, none is more powerful than Him...
So when Trump the Zionist Jew declares clearly his stance against the Palestinian people and against the Arab and Muslims and first of all against God's house of worship the Aqsa mosque in the Quds ...
while God is certainly Mightier than Trump and his Zionist allies, and He will show to them what mighty dealing He will afflict them with.

Then if they do not refrain from their wickedness and transgression, He will destroy them utterly...

like what He did to Pharaoh: God warned and threatened him at first, then when Pharaoh insisted on his wrong-doing and transgression, God destroyed him completely, together with his host.

Therefore, the free men among the American people should not support Trump the Zionist, or else they will be afflicted with destruction like the destruction of the people of Pharaoh.
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Quran 73: 15-16, which mean:

(15. Surely, We have sent to you [Mohammed as] a messenger to witness against you [on Doomsday], even as had We sent [Moses son of Amram as] a messenger to Pharaoh.

16. But Pharaoh rebelled against the messenger [and did not believe]; and, consequently, We seized him with severe consecutive [kinds of] punishment.)

More explanation:
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The implication of the previous aya is:

If you insist on your blasphemy, idolatry, transgression and you don't yield to God's messenger and His Quran, God will seize you with awful punishment as did He punish Pharaoh and his host when they rebelled against Moses the messenger of God.
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Now the governor of Maryland, where Washington DC the American capital is situated.. he has declared state of emergency in Maryland.
God hardened Pharoah's heart so all the plagues could be poured out as that was God showing Christ what to do to take the world back from Satan by pouring out the 7 vials. Bankers and their dreams and ambitions have nothing to do with God other than it was shown that a rich man will not give his wealth to the feed the poor. That automatically means they are not part of the living during the 1,000 year reign. That means they always belong to the flock and they never ascend to being a shepherd. That is the only 'eternal punishment' God can dish out.
Geez guys, how many angles can dance on the head of a P.I.N.(number)?

Why is the root word of "GOD" "Go"?

Hint: the pictogram "D" stands for "protractor"

So if this "god" screws up one innocent person with this punishment thing, then he totally sucks.

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