The mosque collapsed on the enthusiastic Muslims

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A mosque in Indonesia collapsed during the Isha or night prayer, and the roof fell on the prayers during the time of the Isha or night prayer .. even the government could not give the immediate help.

These people were enthusiastic about the imams and sheikhs .. see the dome is green which usually implies it overlies the tomb of some religious imam or sheikh.

union construction...
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The other nice incident was this:
Another mosque or masjid in the region of the earthquake, the leader in prayer continued praying while he held the wall .. some ran away (they have an excuse of course) .. while others stood firm in prayer until the earthquake wave passed away ..
The leader in prayer, seeking God's protection, recited repeatedly a great aya of the Quran 2: 255, which means:
(God! No god [to be worshiped] but He [alone], the Alive [Who dies not], the Disposer [in the affairs of the universe and creatures.])

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Tornado hits refugee camp for survivors of Lombok earthquake in Indonesia
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Lucky it wasn't a sharknado.
that would have really sucked!

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