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'Utterly outrageous': Liberals shoot down opposition bid to force ministers to lay out pipeline plan

Liberal MPs have blocked a bid by the opposition parties to call key ministers to committee to lay out the next steps on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The Conservative motion to hold a six-session study came in the wake of last week's Federal Court of Appeal decision to overturn approval for the $7.4 billion project. The judgment found that consultation with Indigenous communities on the project was not robust enough and that its environmental review did not adequately assess the impact of increased tanker traffic.

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs called it "quite stunning" that the Liberals would shoot down her motion to hold a six-session study of the government's plan to respond to the ruling.

"It is utterly outrageous that the prime minister has clearly sent the Liberals into committee today to deny Canadians the opportunity to hear about their plan for the Trans Mountain expansion," she said. "They have failed on the pipeline and now are shutting down questions (from) Canadians.

"I hope this concerns Canadians in all corners of the country."

Stubbs blamed Liberal failures for the abrupt suspension of the pipeline twinning project and accused the government of having no concrete plan to respond to the court ruling.
why wouldn't they have brought this in when they were in government?
Another big payout to the Lawyers first as there is no rush as customers are not exactly lining up. Shipped by rail as a raw product means a car overturning is not a spill as that material is still in the car when rightened.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

why wouldn't they have brought this in when they were in government?

Why would they? At that time it was believed(actually still is by anyone with a brain.) that more than enough time has been wasted on "consultations". It is way past time to lay pipe.
The tanker traffic thing is not even relevent to the pipeline as KMs responsibility ends once the ships are loaded if indeed any oil gets exported and not processed on the coast.

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