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These Senators Took Money from Iran


These Senators Took Money from Iran

Last week President Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal. President Trump knew the deal was not working.
This was despite former Secretary of State John Kerry working against the Trump administration to salvage the weak deal with the Iranian regime.
Of course, the Iranian regime is very upset with President Trump’s decision...

Yup, they are all phobia about their dope deals getting exposed..damned muslims...telling the truth when we screw 'em over on dope, arms and oil deals! How dare they?

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Hi! Gilgamesh

Is calling somebody an anti-Semite your "Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free" card?

Yes, he is a full blown Jew hating zionist.

My friends here say the internet is full of these mouth pieces because free speech is VERY dangerous to Zionist scams.
Torah Jews | Against Zionism

Show us your tattoo eLIE Weasle.

Elie admits he doesn’t have the tattoo A7713

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Screw you and your mother the goat!

Elie admits he doesn’t have the tattoo A7713 | Elie Wiesel Cons the World Elie admits he doesn’t have the tattoo A7713 | A Blog Dedicated to Finding out the Truth about Elie Wiesel's Tattoo
Where is YOUR tattoo?
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Hi! Gilgamesh

Is calling somebody an anti-Semite your "Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free" card?

Not at all. I only use it for anti semites such as our moronic hysterical medieval Muslim poster.

However their are indeed quite a few of these twits out there.

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Oh my! Jews go to school and study hard and take care of their families? You are describing SO CALLED WHITE PRIVILEGE!!!!!!


No. He is describing reality.

Really bothers you, eh!

Sux to be you.

'White privilege' is a cheap shot bs beloved of neo-Marxist immature fools, the lazy, and the universities and 'progressives' sure are full of 'em.

It did exist in the past. It hasn't existed for decades.

However it is indeed a great excuse for the lazy.
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Hi! Gilgamesh

Is calling somebody an anti-Semite your "Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free" card?

In a perfect world Gilgamush for brains would have a wit and moral insight just as flexible as those towers!!!!

Gils problem is he is taking radical Muslim propaganda seriously instead of recognizing that it is only for Muslim consumption!

Yasser Arafat was wiser than Gilgamush- Arafat told |Muslims one thing and told western listeners something entirely different!

Which in large measure explains why Palestinians will never have a state!!!!

My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader's mother speaks for the first time


On the corner couch of a spacious room, a woman wearing a brightly patterned robe sits expectantly. The red hijab that covers her hair is reflected in a glass-fronted cabinet; inside, a framed photograph of her firstborn son takes pride of place between family heirlooms and valuables. A smiling, bearded figure wearing a military jacket, he features in photographs around the room: propped against the wall at her feet, resting on a mantlepiece. A supper of Saudi meze and a lemon cheesecake has been spread out on a large wooden dining table.
Alia Ghanem is Osama bin Laden’s mother, and she commands the attention of everyone in the room. On chairs nearby sit two of her surviving sons, Ahmad and Hassan, and her second husband, Mohammed al-Attas, the man who raised all three brothers. Everyone in the family has their own story to tell about the man linked to the rise of global terrorism; but it is Ghanem who holds court today, describing a man who is, to her, still a beloved son who somehow lost his way. “My life was very difficult because he was so far away from me,” she says, speaking confidently. “He was a very good kid and he loved me so much.” Now in her mid-70s and in variable health, Ghanem points at al-Attas – a lean, fit man dressed, like his two sons, in an immaculately pressed white thobe, a gown worn by men across the Arabian peninsula. “He raised Osama from the age of three. He was a good man, and he was good to Osama.”

He was a good boy

Click the link for the full article
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My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader's mother speaks for the first time

He was a good boy

Click the link for the full article

The mom of the vicious terrorist is entitled to her opinions.......misguided as they are.........but citizens of western countries know very well that we should be putting radical Muslims into QUARANTINE as if they were rabid dogs!!!!

As long as we allow Muslims to travel and immigrate freely into the west we will continue to have terror troubles!!!


Here is an article illustrating why Muslims should be compared to a bowl of poisoned skittles as Trump junior mentioned-he said: “if I offered you a bowl of skittles and told you that 4 out of every hundred were poisoned, how many Skittles would you eat?” Here is the article, with some comments of my own in brackets):

ISIS plot to poison ice cream: Police

Postmedia Network. First posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 03:20 PM EST | Updated: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 03:30 PM EST

A sickening ISIS plot to poison the ice cream of kindergarten students has been thwarted by the German secret service.

The sinister scheme emerged during hearings into two fanatic jihadists who detonated a bomb at a Sikh temple during a wedding. Both men were found guilty.

(I have to ask: “what is the Muslim beef with Sikhs at this time? Other than they are `unbelievers` who reject the primacy of Allah”?

According to the Daily Star, one of the temple bombing accused, known only as Mohammed O., 17, had planned to sell the poison ice cream. He would then obliterate himself with a suicide bomb in the midst of the children. Co-conspirator Yusuf T., 17, and Mohammed built bombs with ingredients, they ordered from Amazon.

"I work as an ice cream man with my ice cream van and sell to many children,” Mohammed asked Yusuf in a note discovered after the two were captured. “May I, following Sharia law, use arsenic or warfarin, or better still strychnine, to kill children?"

He added: "Can I make Istis hadi Amaliya (suicide) in the kindergarten too?"

But then there was the capper when Mohammed asks if he is allowed to, "rape the girls of the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad."

(Clearly, Muslims generally assume sexual assault against unbelievers is okay.)

Four were injured in the temple attack and the duo were sentenced to less than three years in prison. Prosecutors hope a new trial Dec. 7 will see higher sentences.

(Our idiot prime minster Justin Trudope has stated that “honour killing of Muslim women by their male relatives is not a barbaric crime”. One has to wonder what judgement Our brainless Boy would make of a street full of melting ice cream and littered with vomiting, convulsing children dying of Arsenic poisoning while freaked out parents screamed louder than the kids?)

(Would Our stupid Boy consider that feeding ice cream laced with Arsenic to German children-whose parents have already GENEROUSLY let more than a MILLION Muslim refugees into the country-would THAT be a barbaric crime in Our Boy`s mind? Sadly, since Our idiot Boy has already publicly stated that “if we kill our enemies, then they win” and he then went on to explain that “even if ISIS bombed Canada, he would not retaliate”!)

(Since Our stupid Boy gets much of his world view from his odious father Pierre-who wanted to drag us out of NATO at the height of the Cold War because of his not so secret admiration for Soviets, we should assume Our idiot Boy has a similar world view. Our Boy has spoken in admiration for the Chinese Communist party and has also spoken of his friendship with Cuban dictator Castro.)

(And Our Boy has NOT repudiated the vile philosophy if his father in which he PRAISED Chairman Mao for MURDERING 30 million Chinese-all of whom were suspected of having incorrect political thoughts! Nor has idiot Boy repudiated the poisoned anti American and anti Israel propaganda produced by his idiot brother-with the aid of Iranian tv producers guided by hard line Muslim Mullahs!)

Meanwhile, a former baker-turned-jihadist is telling secrets about the inner workings of the death cult. Walid Ismail, 20, was captured by Kurdish forces.

His verdict? The jihadists are nuts who win converts with threats and promises.

And because ISIS cut off gas for his bakery and with six children to feed, Ismail was forced to work with them.

“All our people supported them and believed that they were right – but in the end we became victims,” the Daily Mail reports.

(These ISIS clowns make Mafia hit men look kindly and merciful! With Our idiot Boy Trudope to protect us, we really have NO SECURITY at all!)
Tomgram: Arnold Isaacs, The Con Game of America's Anti-Muslims
By Tom Engelhardt
July 31, 2018
Tomgram: Arnold Isaacs, The Con Game of America's Anti-Muslims | TomDispatch

Here are a couple of questions for you: If, in this country, terrorism is to be fought by travel bans, if (as Donald Trump once tweeted) "we don’t want ‘em here," then why are all the travel bans aimed at Muslims?

If the most threatening terror types shouldn’t be traveling either to or in this country, then why aren’t there travel bans against white Americans? After all, in the United States, terror has actually been a remarkably ashen phenomenon and I’m not just thinking of young white supremacist Dylann Roof, who walked into Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME church and gunned down nine black parishioners in June 2015, or Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old white retiree who slaughtered almost 60 people and wounded hundreds more from a Las Vegas hotel window in November 2017, the largest mass shooting by a single gunman in American history.

Between 2008 and 2015, for instance, a majority of the 208 cases defined as terrorism in the United States (115 of them) were perpetrated by right-wing white extremists, almost double the number inspired by Islamic terrorism.

Such attacks, the record seems to show, are also more likely to be deadly.

Except in cases like those of Dylann Roof and that Las Vegas massacre, such white acts are often not treated as a form of terror at all, but as so many random incidents of violence and are generally not given the kind of blanket media attention that those of self-proclaimed Islamist terrorists get.

As comedian Ken Cheng put it: "Terrorism is one of the only areas where white people do most of the work and get none of the credit." And of course this has only become more obvious in the age of Trump, years in which, as TomDispatch regular Arnold Isaacs suggests today, a growing crew of Islamophobes, already professionalized and creating a stream of fraudulent propaganda about Islamist terrorism in this country, has become ever more influential in the world of the alt-right and beyond.
Tomgram: Arnold Isaacs, In Present American Wars, Repeating Past Mistakes | TomDispatch

Isaacs, who has been covering anti-Muslim bigotry in this country for this website, lays out today just how the Islamophobes make their "case."

American Islamophobia’s Fake Facts
Their "Proof" Is Not What They Say

By Arnold R. Isaacs

Anti-Muslim activists in the United States were operating in a "post-truth era" and putting out "alternative facts" long before those phrases entered the language. For the last decade they have been spreading provable falsehoods through their well-organized network of publications and websites.

A major theme of those falsehoods is telling the U.S. public that Islam is inherently dangerous and that American Muslims, even if they do not embrace extremist religious beliefs or violent actions, are still a threat to national security. To back up that conclusion, the well-funded Islamophobia publicity machine incessantly repeats two specific assertions.

The first is that Muslims in this country have been engaged in a "stealth" or "civilizational jihad" -- a long-term, far-reaching conspiracy to infiltrate the U.S. legal system and other public institutions and bring America under Islamic law. The companion claim is that mainstream Muslim-American organizations are effectively "fronts" for the Muslim Brotherhood and so secretly controlled by international terrorists. In fact, the Brotherhood has not been designated as a terror organization by the U.S. government, and there are not the slightest grounds for thinking it, or any other secret force, controls any national Muslim-American group.

The Islamophobes offer only two pieces of supporting "evidence," one for each of those claims. Exhibit A is a document falsely called the Brotherhood's "master plan" for the clandestine effort to establish Muslim dominance in the United States.
(PDF Document)

Exhibit B is a list of several hundred "unindicted co-conspirators," including the Council on American Islamic Relations and other mainstream national Muslim organizations, that federal prosecutors put into the record during a 2007 terrorism-financing trial in Texas.
(PDF Document)

If you look at the exhibits themselves, instead of the descriptions of them by anti-Muslim groups, it’s obvious that neither is what the Islamophobes say it is or proves what they allege it proves.

The Secret Plan That Wasn’t

Let’s start with the so-called master plan, a memorandum written nearly three decades ago that is not just the centerpiece but essentially the sole source for the tale of a "civilizational jihad" conspiracy.

The Islamophobia network unfailingly refers to the memorandum as an official declaration of Muslim Brotherhood strategy. Frank Gaffney, head of the Center for Security Policy and perhaps the country's most prominent Islamophobe, called it "the Muslim Brotherhood secret plan for taking down our country."
(PDF Document)

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, two other leading voices in the anti-Muslim chorus, have written that "the Brotherhood lays out a plan [in the document] to do nothing less than conquer and Islamize the United States."

Those statements are, however, unsupported by facts of any sort. The document, dated May 1991 and titled "An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America," is real, but there is no evidence that it represents the views of anyone other than the single Brotherhood member who wrote it.
(PDF Document)
(PDF Document)

For that matter, no one has ever found any indication that anyone other than the author even saw the text, written in Arabic, until 13 years after it was completed, when it was coincidentally unearthed in a storage box during an FBI search of a home in Annandale, Virginia. No other copy is known to exist. Its wording makes it unmistakably clear that the writer was proposing a strategy to the Brotherhood’s leadership, not presenting a plan approved by any authority. No evidence has come to light that suggests his proposals were ever considered, let alone adopted, by the Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

Gaffney and the many other Islamophobes who cite it as proof of a "stealth jihad" threat against the United States have never presented additional documentation of any kind. No known Muslim Brotherhood correspondence or records refer to the memorandum, as one would expect if there had been a formal discussion of it or even an exchange between the author and any Brotherhood governing body.

After a careful search of available Brotherhood records, researchers at Georgetown University's Bridge Initiative, which combats Islamophobia, determined that neither the memorandum nor its specific proposals appear in any documents they found.
“Civilization Jihad:” Debunking the Conspiracy Theory - The Bridge Initiative | A Research Project on Islamophobia

That includes records from the Brotherhood Shura Council's 1991 meeting, where the memorandum's author had specifically asked to have it put on the agenda. Other investigators have similarly failed to find any trace of the memorandum in other records. David Shipler, who wrote about it at length in his book Freedom of Speech, calls it an "orphan document" -- and a childless orphan at that.

Taking Down Our Country? Not Exactly...

As well as falsely representing the memorandum's status, the Islamophobes are also notably less than accurate in describing its contents.

They regularly quote a single sentence that refers to "destroying the Western civilization from within" so that "God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." But that’s the only line in 18 pages of text that even comes close to suggesting the idea of "taking down our country," as Gaffney puts it. Aside from that single reference there is no other mention of destroying Western civilization, no discussion of when that downfall might come about or how it might be achieved "from within." There’s not a word about penetrating government structures or the legal system, nothing about clandestine action or a secret plot to take power.

Instead, the plan's dominant concept -- similar to the evangelical vision preached in many religions -- is achieving Islamic supremacy through proselytizing and conversion. Virtually the entire text focuses on believers, not non-believers, and how to organize and strengthen the Muslim community in the U.S. so that it will be better able to carry out that effort.

"It is not a plot. It is a missionary strategy," Edward Curtis IV, professor of religious studies and editor of the Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History, told me in an email after reading the memorandum. The document comes much closer to that description than to Gaffney's.

At its heart is a long list of specific ideas for establishing -- openly, not secretly -- Muslim structures in many areas of public life: education, law, media, financial institutions, art and culture, social and charitable work, and so on. A recommendation to create "clubs for training and learning self-defense techniques" is the only item on the list that even glancingly touches on any sort of violent action.

The purpose of such an organizing effort, the author explains, is to pursue the Brotherhood's declared goal of "enablement of Islam in North America," which he says has these components: "establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims' causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims' efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is."

When those aims are achieved, the writer argues, Muslims will be more united, politically and economically stronger, truer to their faith, and more committed to dawa (proselytizing), which will eventually realize the Prophet's vision and establish Islam as the universally accepted one true religion.
Dawah - Oxford Islamic Studies Online

For many believers, dawa (also spelled dawah) has political as well as spiritual goals, including the ultimate establishment of an Islamic state. But the Brotherhood has traditionally conceived of it as a nonviolent process, conducted through persuasion and grassroots organizing, not a violent one carried out through acts of terror or sabotage.

The memorandum's message is consistent with the Brotherhood's conservative theology and its dream of an Islamized world. But it is not the sinister conspiracy the Islamophobes keep talking about without providing any evidence that it exists.

The Co-Conspiracy Theory Is Missing Any Facts

The other main thread in the anti-Muslim narrative -- the charge that mainstream Muslim-American organizations generally, and CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) in particular, have "terror ties" -- is similarly based on a single piece of "evidence." Like the Brotherhood’s "master plan," it, too, is misleadingly presented and does not prove the Islamophobes' allegations.

The document that supposedly verifies the claim that CAIR and other groups are linked to Islamist terrorism is a list of "unindicted co-conspirators" attached to a pre-trial brief submitted by prosecutors in 2007 in the Holy Land Foundation case. (By the way, that’s the same trial where the "explanatory memorandum" first surfaced.) In that case, five leaders of a Texas-based Islamic charity were eventually convicted of donating to charitable programs linked with Hamas, the group that now controls the Gaza Strip and is a U.S. government-designated terrorist organization.

That list was not submitted as evidence and, despite the ominous sound of that label "co-conspirator," it was not accompanied by any specific allegations of terrorist involvement or of an explicit conspiratorial act by any of the organizations or individuals named on the list. Rather, the prosecutors filed the brief for purely tactical reasons. Their aim: getting around the usual ban on hearsay testimony, which can be introduced when an out-of-court statement comes from someone officially named as a co-conspirator.

In the Holy Land case itself, the defendants were not accused of directly aiding any terrorist activity, and no specific violent act is mentioned anywhere in the charges.

The U.S. government itself acknowledged that some of the donated funds supported legitimate humanitarian projects.

The connection with CAIR is even more tenuous. The only link: that CAIR's founder, Omar Ahmad, was associated with the U.S. Palestine Committee, an umbrella group for Holy Land and other organizations. Ahmad's activities, however, took place in the early 1990s before Hamas was declared a terrorist group.

In a 2009 ruling on a motion from CAIR and two other organizations seeking to be removed from the list, a U.S. district judge held that the co-conspirator designation was "unaccompanied by any facts" indicating possible terrorist connections.
(PDF Document)

Strongly criticizing the prosecutors for putting it into the open record in the first place, he ordered the list sealed. It had, however, already been so widely circulated that no order could keep it from public view. Meanwhile, after reviewing the list, the Justice Department concluded that no criminal investigation of any sort was warranted.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, which represented the two other organizations named on the list -- the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) -- prosecutors made no claim that the "co-conspirators" had actually conspired in any way to help terrorists or engaged in any other criminal activity. In a press release accompanying one of its court filings, the ACLU noted that "the government conceded... that it had absolutely no evidence proving that either ISNA or NAIT had engaged in a criminal conspiracy."

The lead prosecutor in the Holy Land case, the ACLU statement went on, told the organizations' lawyers that they "were not subjects or targets in the HLF prosecution or in any other pending investigation."

In the more than 11 years since the list was made public, no new information has emerged that corroborates the inflammatory assertion that CAIR or the other Muslim-American groups are terrorist organizations or fronts for Hamas. Nor have researchers who track homegrown terror cases turned up any known link between a national Muslim-American organization and any violent incident. David Sterman, who manages the think tank New America's extensive Terrorism in America database, says flatly, "Neither CAIR nor any other major American Muslim organization has played a role in jihadist terrorist plotting in the United States." (That's true of the Muslim Brotherhood, too. Internationally, some Brotherhood offshoots have engaged in terrorism. But despite overwrought claims from the anti-Muslim set, the Brotherhood has never been implicated in any violent act of terror in the United States. Even the Trump administration has decided not to add it to the list of officially designated terror organizations.)

Proving a negative is always a hard proposition, but one strong backup for this one is what the Islamophobes themselves say -- or, more precisely, don't say. While they unceasingly slam CAIR's alleged terrorism ties, Gaffney, Geller, and their cohorts have not offered a single plausible example of an incident of Islamist terrorism in which CAIR or one of the other organizations on their smear list was involved.

If the Islamophobes had even one actual case, they would certainly have proclaimed it nonstop, at top volume. So its absence from their rhetoric is a clear sign that they have no such evidence -- in all likelihood because, like the Muslim Brotherhood's "civilizational jihad," it doesn't exist.

Inventing Make-Believe Enemies Helps the Real Ones

Those untruths are not just bigoted and dishonest but dangerous. In the struggle against the real threat from violent Islamic extremism, the Islamophobes' false statements and overall message help the terrorists, not the security of Americans.

Falsely demonizing all Muslims, their beliefs, and their institutions is exactly the wrong way to make Americans safer, because the more we scare ourselves with imaginary enemies, the harder it will be to find and protect ourselves from real ones. As New America's David Sterman points out, "The vast majority of jihadist activity today is not even organized by radical clerics, returned fighters, or militant operatives but instead is mediated online or via small peer groups of friends." Those threats will not be detected by pursuing nonexistent conspiracies. The surest way to find them will be through information from relatives, neighbors, religious teachers, fellow worshippers -- that is, in the great majority of cases, fellow Muslims.

The vast majority of American Muslims oppose extremism and violence by Muslims or anyone else and have no wish to live under the brutal rule practiced by jihadist fanatics. As a religious minority in a country where their faith makes them potential victims of hate crimes, Muslims have stronger reasons than most Americans for believing in and practicing religious tolerance, not holy war. Keeping Muslim Americans as allies and maintaining their trust in our common values and political and legal institutions will be critical in successfully opposing extremist violence. Losing that trust and driving them away, as the Islamophobes' ugly falsehoods inevitably will, can only help the terrorists.

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Venezuela and North Korea are Muslim countries that are 1/4 of the travel ban?
Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_Moose View Post

Venezuela and North Korea are Muslim countries that are 1/4 of the travel ban?


WHITE TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muslims have NEVER forgiven Britain for liberating them from the Ottoman Empire!!!!!!!!!!

And then telling Muslims that the price of liberation was to have to SHARE land with hated Jews!!!!!

Muslims fought and LOST FOUR WARS with Jews and now Muslims are fighting us because of THEIR sour grapes!!!!!!!!

And Muslims have never forgiven Britain from taking control of Iraq after the First World War!

Too bad that Britain used that Iraqi oil to fuel the fighters that won the Battle of Britain and fueled the ships that won the Battle of the Atlantic!!!!!

Britain used that oil to SAVE NON WHITES!!!!!!!!

Adolf Hitler referred publicly- during the Munich 1936 Olympics - to Yankee sprinter and black man Jesse Owens as "that black animal"!

Hitler also suggested that Yankees had insulted all real human beings by bringing the black animal to compete against humans!!!

And brown skinned Muslims want to THINK that Nazism with its racial purity laws was a strictly EUROPEAN PROBLEM??????


And now Muslims want to convince us that white terrorists are a bigger threat to the world than Muslims simply because a few white NUTS LASHED BACK AT MUSLIMS!!!!!!

It is illegal to shoot people anyplace in North America simply because you dont like them and the white public accepts this as LAW!!!!!

This fact contrasts SHARPLY with Muslim opinion which suggests the majority of Muslims in Britain WOULD STAY SILENT if they knew about a Muslim terror plot!!!!! They would NOT tell the authorities!!!!!!!

WE do not think that Muslim silence over terror plots- whether motivated by fear of retaliation from other Muslims- or by genuine belief that white people have it coming to them- is a good characteristic for immigrants to hold!!!!

The majority of us want Muslims to be quarantined so they cannot reach us and cause trouble or further harm!!!!
Islam and Christianity have been in conflict since the Muslims stormed out the desert to subjugate the world to Mohammed the Prophet and Sharia Law and to put the Infidel to the sword in the 7th Century. Islamic communities established in the West have never fully integrated with Christian Culture.

Throughout Europe and now North America they live in self contained ghettos from generation to generation and interface with periodic violence and mutual incomprehension with the predominate cultural ethos. History has shown the two to be irreconcilable.

But both are them are the only religions with global messianic missions. More moderate forms of Islam come under continual attack from purists who view dialogue and compromise with the West as a producing a contaminated form of the faith. Nothing has changed in 14 Centuries and the modern zeitgiest has no secular solution for it.
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Quote: Originally Posted by coldstream View Post

Islam and Christianity have been in conflict since the Muslims stormed out the desert to subjugate the world to Mohammed the Prophet and Sharia Law and to put the Infidel to the sword in the 7th Century. Islamic communities established in the West have never fully integrated with Christian Culture.

Throughout Europe and now North America they live in self contained ghettos from generation to generation and interface with periodic violence and mutual incomprehension with the predominate cultural ethos. History has shown the two to be irreconcilable.

But both are them are the only religions with global messianic missions. More moderate forms of Islam come under continual attack from purists who view dialogue and compromise with the West as a producing a contaminated form of the faith. Nothing has changed in 14 Centuries and the modern zeitgiest has no secular solution for it.

Global Messianic Mission for CANADIAN CHRISTIANS???????


The Cdn Catholic Church is currently FAILING to get summer job grants from our LIE-beral overlords - while Muslim groups with hard links to terrorist organizations get grants with NO questions asked!!!!!!!

There are TWO GLOBAL MISSIONS currently operating in Canada!

The first is by Muslims seeking to force Canada into the World Wide Caliphate and make us adopt Sharia Law!!!

And the second Global Mission is implemented by Cdn LIE-berals who are seeking to destroy what Pierre Trudeau called "Cdn Imperialism"!

Cdn Imperialism is no better defined than LIE-beral Islamophobia but both have a LIE-beral DICTATORSHIP AT HEART!!!!

Here is an article illustrating how distressed LIE-berals are as all their policies are exposed as costly failures at best and as draconian dictatorship via govt mandated mind control at worst! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Liberals double down on threats to regulate social media.

By Anthony Furey. Published: February 27, 2018. Updated: February 27, 2018 7:27 AM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists/

The Trudeau Liberals are getting serious about their plans to regulate companies like Facebook and appear to be in the early stages of an action plan.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly brought up the issue recently in person to Facebook Chief Operating Office Sheryl Sandberg, the actual work would fall to Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould.

“Minister Gould has repeatedly stated that while social media companies are taking initial steps to ensure that their platforms are not being used as tools for foreign disinformation campaigns to undermine Canada’s democratic institutions, there still remains a great deal of work to be done,” wrote Nicky Cayer, spokesperson for Gould, in an email to the Sun. “This is a challenge that is being faced by democracies around the world. We are studying other countries’ approaches to see what works and what does not, what would be appropriate in a Canadian context and what — like censoring Canadians’ speech — would be unacceptable.”

(Sadly, LIE-berals have proven themselves only too happy to censor Cdn opinions they do not like- while ignoring foreign influences they do like! Their Human Rights but too often Wrong Kangaroo Courts are busy bullying Cdns for holding anti LIE-beral opinions! One has only to look at the Mississauga man arrested last summer on hate crime charges because he dared to offer money to any person who could provide him with verifiable proof of hate speech taking place in Cdn mosques! Yes- under our LIE-beral mind control police it is illegal to ask for proof of views and opinions that LIE-berals chose not to discuss! Even worse- at the same time- our Nazi style bully boy LIE-berals IGNORED two Cdn reporters who reported in main stream media that there was NO moderate writing on any Cdn based Muslim web site- yes- even in Canada the moderates are being shouted down by radicals- while our LIE-beral overlords harass people seeking proof of the existence of Islamic radicals in Canada!)

While hand-wringing over the term ‘fake news’ became all the rage following the 2016 U.S. presidential election of Donald Trump, there are no major examples of any jurisdiction actually regulating against ‘foreign disinformation campaigns’ for the Liberals to learn from.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently pledged to ban ‘fake news’ during election campaigns, but failed to offer policy specifics. Policymakers’ concerns over the phenomenon aren’t isolated to the West, ranging as far as the Philippines.

(LIE-berals know we don’t like being lied to-but they do it anyway! Letting LIE-berals regulate news is like letting an alcoholic guard the liquor store!)

The most recent examples of regulating or restricting social media tend to involve tackling some version of hate speech, granting tools for users to report what they consider offensive posts. The European Union got tech firms to agree in 2016 to responding to online hate complaints within 24 hours, although studies have shown they’ve had trouble keeping pace.

(Such an approach is doomed to fail- one way or another. For instance- LIE-berals feed us a steady diet of Fake News- anything from reports of our “booming economy” to self promotion of smart meters and auto insurance rates- and yet in each case we see that LIE-berals are NOT telling the truth! Smart meters have NOT saved us money as they have enabled LIE-berals to be more selective about charging premium rates for power. LIE-berals tell us the economy is booming and yet cannot explain why there is that 30 percent jump in use of homeless shelters in Toronto- nor can they tell us why debt in Canada is rising to such dangerous levels if we are so flush with new cash- nor can they explain why it is that health care must be rationed in “booming” Ontari-owe! LIE-berals have also told us their 2017 budget was balanced and our auditor general says that is Fake News that was engineered with accounting methods never taught in any respectable school of business! And we know that LIE-berals consider it hate crime to have people contradict them so laughing at their FAKE economic news IS hate- for them!)

The Liberals haven’t offered up any working definition of what ‘foreign disinformation’ means to them. Despite that, they apparently still see some urgency to the situation, with Gould telling CBC last week that their plan may commence as early as six months from now.

(A couple of years back there were alleged to be a series of sex assaults by Muslims in Germany and Sweden around the new years eve- with the assaults alleged to have been carried out by Muslim immigrants and refugees- would our LIE-berals consider it to be foreign disinformation if Europeans reported that the rapes WERE committed by Muslims? LIE-berals have displayed a disturbing tendency to shoot the messenger bearing unhappy news- and then destroying the messages- unread!)

“Are we going to see something more robust in the next six months?” she said of self-policing by social media giants. “If we don’t see something more robust in the next six months, then we need to take action.”

(LIE-beral willingness to compromise long established rules of law- in exchange for short term show boating intended to buy votes is on display as LIE-berals have tabled legislation that will limit the ability of lawyers to challenge the jury selection process! It is the usual ill considered LIE-beral deal- they do not like the Coulton Boushie jury verdict and so they will destroy the jury selection process that has been in place for hundreds of years- and replace it with BIGOTRY!)

(LIE-berals would disapprove of a Ku Klux Klan racist sitting in judgement on a black man! Yet LIE-berals se nothing wrong with forcing lawyers accept a jury loaded with native bigots sitting in judgement of a white man accused of defending himself from a native thief! LIE-berals consider us all to be systemic racists because 80 percent of Cdns condemn LIE-beral immigration policy and want illegals and Muslim terrorists deported- yet LIE-berals are quite happy to defy our will in this- democracy and justice are on a ONE WAY STREET for LIE-berals- its all for them as they DICTATE what is fair- TO THEM!)

Meanwhile, legislation put forward by Conservative Senator Linda Frum designed to tackle foreign funding to registered third-parties during election season has been languishing for nine months due to inaction on the part of Liberal-appointed Senators.

(In one example of foreign funding, the David Suzuki Foundation has openly admitted to accepting millions of dollars from Yankee “super pac” political organizations in exchange for Suzuki support against Alberta tar sands! If Yankees are so troubled by tar sand oil extraction then why do they not attack the California La Brea tar sand operation in their own country? Is it because they simply want to shut down Alberta so that La Brea oil becomes more valuable when the market shortage hits? And should we not ask the same thing of Yankees giving funds to Cdn environmental groups that want to block pipelines and halt logging operations in Canada- while that same business flourishes in United States? How much funding are Cdn lobbyists getting from foreigners to promote economic activities that will harm Canada- WITHOUT having any effect on the environment? Halting production in Canada and shifting it/expanding it in other jurisdictions will do NOTHING for the environment! But foreign investors WILL benefit from closing Cdn business! )

It’s unclear when Gould will commence next steps and what form those steps will take.

(Yes- LIE-berals must be very careful as they move forward with their selfish and racist dictatorship! They do not want to be caught out blatantly promoting their own version of Hate and Bigotry! Too many Cdns are already angry with LIE-berals over their MANY failed policies- LIE-berals are having their hands tied by angry public opinion that is turning against them on all fronts!)
Who needs the most help fitting in with society, whimpy Christians or rebels with loaded guns and the safety on off??
Quote: Originally Posted by coldstream View Post

Islam and Christianity have been in conflict since the Muslims stormed out the desert to subjugate the world to Mohammed the Prophet and Sharia Law and to put the Infidel to the sword in the 7th Century. Islamic communities established in the West have never fully integrated with Christian Culture.

Not entirely true.

The Muslim Tatars of Poland have integrated into Poland quite well. They even fought with the Polish at the Battle of the Gates of Vienna when they aided John Sobieski when he literally saved Christianity at the time.

And how did the German Lutherans thank us? By Partitioning Poland with the Orthodox Russians...

Oh and that shit show they call WW2...
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Quote: Originally Posted by Johnnny View Post

Not entirely true.

The Muslim Tatars of Poland have integrated into Poland quite well. They even fought with the Polish at the Battle of the Gates of Vienna when they aided John Sobieski when he literally saved Christianity at the time.

And how did the German Lutherans thank us? By Partitioning Poland with the Orthodox Russians...

Oh and that shit show they call WW2...


The usual "Muslims can be our friends if only we stop fearing them!!!!!!


We fear Muslims because they want to kill men who argue with them on any small point and they want to turn women who dont know their place into sex slaves!!!!

And how IDIOTIC of Muslims and their LIE-beral apologists that they THINK they can rehabilitate the blood stained image of modern Muslims by referring to events that happened centuries ago!!!!

Here is an article illustrating how little regard LIE-berals have for national security and our safety. With some comments of my own in brackets):

An Ontario man who once belonged to a Palestinian terrorist group was ordered deported in 2005. He’s still here.

14/15/ Global News/ Stewart Bell and Andrew Russell

Issam Al-Yamani owns a gray brick house in suburban Mississauga, across the street from an elementary school. A yellow mini school bus is parked in his driveway, awaiting the morning rounds.

The government will not say why Al-Yamani is still in Canada. The Immigration and Refugee Board ordered his deportation in 2005 for having been a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The decision was upheld by the court and a 2014 Canada Border Services Agency report alleged he was a “danger to the security of Canada” who formerly led a terrorist cell that conducted a bombing.

(The answer is simple: Our idiot Boy Justin and his moronic LIE-beral minions do not see Palestinian “fighters” as terrorists! LIE-berals support any fool who stands up against what they see as established white authority and so called white privilege. It is a poisoned view that increasingly pits LIE-berals against the Cdn majority who are sick of LIE-beral bigotry and endless economy killing deficits!)

But he’s still here. And so are a growing number of others under deportation orders for security reasons.

(LIE-berals are playing games with those we want deported! WE should all recall the arrival of several hundred Tamils in Nova Scotia some years back- first thing they did after getting into the lifeboats- but before making the run from the freighter to the Nova Scotia beach- was to destroy ALL identity documents! LIE-berals will not deport people until it is known with certainty who they are and where they came from- but LIE-berals ARE NOT working to find out who the illegals are or where they came from! LIE-berals ARE ONLY working hard to find escuses to KEEP the illegals! LIE-berals are collecting illegals the same way that a crazy cat lady collects feline strays- in defiance of reason and logic!)

(One reason that LIE-berls have not agreed to deport Muslim crazy woman Dughmosh- the nut who attacked people at a Toronto Cdn Tire store- is because theyv have no clue where she came from and no idea what her citizenship status is- with the added bonus that no Muslim country is likely to step forward and take a mentally ill kook off our hands! We are stuck- thanks to LIE-beral-s with the NUT- who has repeatedly told a judge that she hates Canada and will attack us again if she is let out on bail!)

A Global News investigation has found the federal government has become increasingly ineffective at carrying out deportations on security grounds.

The Refugee Board said it issued 25 deportation orders last year for security, a category that includes past and present members of terrorist groups like Al-Yamani.

That was the most in at least five years. But the CBSA, which is supposed to enforce deportation orders, said it conducted only four removals for security in 2017 — the fewest in the past five years.

(The terror danger rises just as LIE-berals slack off!)

Since 2015, the IRB said it had issued 70 deportation orders for security, but the CBSA said it had conducted only 14 removals on security grounds during those years.

Canada is failing to deport criminals. Here’s why it can take years, sometimes decades

“There is something terribly rotten in the immigration system of Canada,” said Ran Shirdan, a Toronto-area resident whose grandfather was killed when the PFLP hijacked a passenger plane in Athens in 1968.

(PFLP = Popular Front for Liberation of \Palestine.)

One of the hijackers later settled in Ontario. Following 10 court appeals, he was deported to Lebanon in 2013. “These individuals have continually and flagrantly violated Canada’s immigration laws and this country’s generosity, making a mockery of our legal system,” Shirdan said.

Al-Yamani has filed nine appeals in the Federal Court. He tried, unsuccessfully, to get a hearing at the Supreme Court of Canada. The government has twice appealed his case in Federal Court. A CBSA report described his deportation as “highly litigated.”

Canada “forced me to go down this path,” Al-Yamani told Global News in an interview about his long experience with the deportation system. “It’s not an easy process, not easy to always be under the threat of deportation.”

His latest court appeal was dismissed on Oct. 18, 2017.

“We can tell you that Mr. Al-Yamani is under an enforceable removal order,” said Derek Lawrence, a CBSA spokesperson. The agency did not explain why the order had not been enforced.

After Al-Yamani gave a speech in downtown Toronto in 2014 that the CBSA interpreted as inciting violence, the agency alleged in a report he “constitutes a danger to the security of Canada.”

(Yeah- LIE-berals consider it “hate” for whites to speak at all yet PLO killers are ignored because Our idiot Boy Justin supports THEM- against us!)

The document was filed in court last September but Al-Yamani’s lawyer, Barbara Jackman, said there was still no decision on whether to accept the report’s recommendation.

“There is no way that he poses a threat to anyone,” she said, describing him as a husband, father and grandfather to Canadian citizens. “He was not and is not a terrorist. And he presents no threat to Canada or any other country or person.”

(Oh that would be the LIE-BERAL definition that the goof poses no threat!)

According to federal policy, security cases are supposed to be the government’s top priority, followed by those involving organized crime, crimes against humanity and serious crimes.

(But with LIE-berals managing all our legal cases for fun and vote buying opportunities, there will not be any deportations made under LIE-beral rule! LIE-berals think that white privilege” means we must put up with RUDE neighbours who have come from third world pest holes to demonstrate hate for us!)

“What they, I think, find challenging is that when you start to look at the Priority A category of individuals — the criminals, the terrorists, the severe security threats — those are the people who are least likely to be removable,” said Graham Hudson, an associate professor of criminology at Ryerson University.

(Certainly such vicious people will not often be welcomed back to home lands with open arms! There are reports that Jamaica and Viet Nam- among others- both drag their feet endlessly regarding accepting travel documents for deportees Cdns want rid of! And LIE-berals are willing to swallow without question the assertions of various clowns regarding their safety if deported- LIE-berals will not deport people to places seen by LIE-berals as “dangerous”- with LIE-berals looking for any excuse to let their collection of strays STAY HERE- at our expense! LIE-berals put buying votes ahead of any security risk to Canada! Nor do they care how much tax money is squandered to care for people with no ability to succeed in Canada! Dangerous trouble makers angry at white privilege are the new best friends of LIE-berals!)
The problem is that you have no clue on anything. The Liptka Tatars have shed blood for the Slavic people and the Eastern Europeans treat them as fellow country men.

They may have been an exception but it's a notable one because it shows the Left that Eastern Europeans arent the xenophobes they are portrayed to be in modern media.
Moms arrested after 11 children found in 'filthy' New Mexico compound with armed Muslim 'extremists,' cops say

If the Fox source isn't good enough here is WaPo

11 kids rescued from armed ‘extremists’ at buried compound, New Mexico sheriff says
Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_Moose View Post

Moms arrested after 11 children found in 'filthy' New Mexico compound with armed Muslim 'extremists,' cops say

If the Fox source isn't good enough here is WaPo

11 kids rescued from armed ‘extremists’ at buried compound, New Mexico sheriff says

Oh my- all sorts of wackos in the world!!! Just look at the madness that our Johnny spouts!!!!!

He wants to use MINOR events involving small numbers of people that happened hundreds of years ago- in unique and not to be duplicated circumstances as a prop for modern despised and disgraced CURRENT LIE-beral policy!!!!!

Johnny and his crazed LIE-beral allies want to tell us it is OUR FAULT that Muslims go on those crazed rampages spilling the blood of infidels because the infidels did not properly welcome the Muslim invaders to our lands!!!!!

And yes- Johnny- "invaders" IS THE CORRECT TERM FOR MUSLIMS and their ilk!!!!

Those who demand entry and are willing to break laws and commit crimes to get here ARE INVADING!!!!!

And with LIE-beral aid - they are holding us to ransom!!!!! DEMANDING GOOD JOBS AND HOUSING!!!!!


Here is a cautionary tale for those Cdn`s who foolishly think they can sleep snug in their beds while LIE-berals stand on guard for us-and tinker with our immigration laws. And is it not sad that the LIE-beral party has no response to any of this-except to sneer and ignore! The facts were put before the courts in 2010:

A Montreal man was found to have been collecting Quebec govt welfare cheques for almost 20 years-starting around 1990-collecting welfare for 2 decades as he traveled repeatedly across Europe to meet up with 6 men who have been killed during terror acts, or arrested and convicted of terror or been linked to global terror activities. The facts and allegations were made by Csis and RCMP in May 2010.

And wasn’t Mike Harris trying to STOP crap like this when he was premier? But was stymied by civil service Hogs who DEMAND gravy and by LIE-berals who cannot get elected without the Hog votes they buy at such great cost-for us!

Court documents show Mohamed Omary has been jobless and unemployed since his arrival in Montreal from Morocco in the early 1990`s-yet he found the cash to visit Europe repeatedly between 1993 and 1999-criss-crossing the continent to meet up with a list of Islamic terror Jihadists.

Omary-a father of FOUR-denies any involvement with terrorists-and has never been charged with any offense-not even welfare fraud! Though his brother WAS KICKED OUT of Canada on national security grounds.

During the time period 1990-2000, Omary joined a Longueuil area shooting club and learned to handle guns. He later learned how to handle AK 47 assault rifles while in Bosnia allegedly as “humanitarian worker” according to Cdn govt.

Omary`s house was searched by police in 1999 at the request of French authorities. He made visits to various countries through out Europe-staying for at least a month each time-with stays at the better hotels-including one 4 star place-no flea bag places for him! Nor cheap take out either-he ate WELL in his travels!

In 2009, Omary was arrested by Moroccan authorities at the Casablanca airport. He holds dual citizenship in both Canada and Morocco and his Cdn passport was taken from him. Omary is now suing the Cdn govt, Csis and RCMP for preventing him from coming back to Montreal for 2 years. He is suing for loss of liberty, stress and pain from family separation. In addition he is making a laugh out loud claim for LOST WAGES! One must assume he wants to be repaid all the welfare cheques he missed out on while detained in Morocco? And he claims the stress has aggravated his heart condition-you just have to love that free health care to go with the welfare!

In the 1990`s, Quebec news reporters linked Omary to an Islamic sleeper cell based in Montreal.

Sadly, its not the first time Cdn charity has been abused! Those who have seen the movie “Black Hawk Down” will remember the early scene where trucks carry sacks of grain into a Somali refugee camp. People rush the trucks and a clown with a heavy .50 calibre machine gun fires a burst and kills several people-the bodies mangled by the heavy calibre bullets. The mob freezes in terror and a thug with a bullhorn announces: “this is the food of Mohamed Farrah Aideed, and he gives it to you”! The camera pans in as people rush forward again and begin grabbing sacks of grain with assorted labels: product of Canada, product of USA, donated by United Nations, donated by Red Cross etc....Aideed has stolen this food for his own purposes-and laughs at western foolishness.

In 1990`s Somalia was not a safe place-which is why the Wife of Mohamad Farah Aideed immigrated to Ontari-owe-as a refugee naturally- and set up house keeping with roughly 10 kids. Its so hard to tell how many she really has as her hubby has a number of wives-none of our business who they are-and he has a pile of kids-we don’t need to know which kids belong to mothers actually LIVING in Canada either-its ONLY our business to PAY for them!

Former premier Mike Harris made efforts to stop welfare payments to Wife Farah Aideed and others of her type such as accused Tamil Tigers- since she so often flew back to Somalia to take part in govt ceremonies with her hubby-but naturally Hogs and LIE-berals felt Harris was picking on that poor refugee woman-just because her hubby happens to be a notorious warlord and sponsor of gangs of Somali PIRATES attacking western ships in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf!

Were we not-and are we not STILL spending OUR tax money to send warships to patrol those pirate infested seas? Anybody remember that classic old news film of a Cdn helicopter crew pushing aside a machine gun so they can unfurl a warning sign at a boat load of pirates? With the sign saying something like: “go home or we will arrest you”! No wonder Muslims don’t respect us and think we are the sucker nation of the world!

And isn`t it nice that our prime minster-that brainless Boy Justin has just restored funding to several Arab agencies with ties to terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah-so much for logic and fair and even handed dealing in volatile Middle East! Our brainless Boy apparently thinks he can save us from terror by BUYING PROTECTION!

But then Our brainless Boy is on record stating “a Cdn is a Cdn” and has just GIVEN BACK citizenship to the leader of the Toronto 18-that gang of Muslim thugs who wanted blow up Toronto stock exchange, machine gun parliament and behead the prime minister. What does a CONVICTED terrorist offer to Canada? Other than another chance for LIE-berals to BUY more Muslim votes?

Our brainless Boy has earmarked 35 million dollars for an anti Jihadist watch dog to persuade Muslims living in Canada not to hurt us. I am guessing the LIE-beral anti jihad message goes something like this: “why bother traveling to other lands to fight when you can stay here all warm and cozy in Canada and use your vote HERE to ensure that Canada finds it fate-as a MUSLIM NATION-within the coming world wide caliphate! All you have to do is keep voting LIE-beral and it shall come to pass-Cdns will eventually yield to and accept the one perfect system given by Allah-the system of Sharia Law!

LIE-berals and Muslims are like rust and like bank interest rates-they NEVER SLEEP and never let up-they just keep on eating away till there is nothing left. You can buy a new car but not a new country! Thank you LIE-berals for this social ROT you have inflicted upon us simply so you can buy votes and cling to power!
Man arrested at 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings: documents


The father of a missing 3-year-old who was arrested at a New Mexico compound linked to "extremist Muslims" last week was training children to commit school shootings, court documents filed on Wednesday revealed.
Prosecutors allege Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 39, was conducting weapons training on the compound, where 11 children were found hungry and living in squalor. They asked Wahhaj be held without bail.
Authorities raided the compound on Friday after a monthslong search investigating the disappearance of Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, a boy with severe medical issues who went missing from Georgia in December.
On Monday, a child's remains were found on the property, but authorities were working on a positive identification and did not confirm if the remains were that of the missing boy.
Lucas Morton, Jany Leveille, 35, Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, and Subhannah Wahhaj, 35, were also arrested on the property on Friday and all face child abuse charges.
The makeshift compound — located near the Colorado border — was found shielded by old tires, wooden pallets and other debris. Upon authorities' arrival, Wahhaj was "heavily armed with an AR15 rifle, five loaded 30 round magazines, and four loaded pistols, including one in his pocket when he was taken down," Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said.
The sheriff said the children, ages 1 to 15, "looked like third world country refugees not only with no food or fresh water, but with no shoes, personal hygiene and basically dirty rags for clothing.”
The only food investigators found were some potatoes and a box of rice inside a dirty trailer, the sheriff said, adding that the living conditions were “the ugliest looking, filthiest” he’s ever seen.

Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_Moose View Post

Man arrested at 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings: documents

Oh!!!!! That was NOT RIGHT to trim the post about the extremist Muslim New Mexico compound!!!!!

By trimming it- ALL the explanation of links to other terror groups has been removed!!!!!!!!

Muslims must think we really are a load of suckers - that they can set up their terror cells so easily- and get paid WELFARE while plotting to hurt us!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you LIE-berals for this latest load of fresh, ripe, steaming, straight from the back of the BULL. organic fertilizer- that you call political policy!!!
Another good example of Islamophobia is Trudeau criticizing Saudi Arabia.
I am reminded of an old Bob Dylan Song .....

Like A Trolling Stone.
Quote: Originally Posted by OpposingDigit View Post

I am reminded of an old Bob Dylan Song .....

Like A Trolling Stone.

And I am reminded of another song- from the 1960`s- one Our idiot Boy Justin should learn:






Then ALL LIEberals can sing the PARTY song!!!!!!!!!
I sure hope I am wrong, but Trudeaus re-election would not surprise me at all.

Look at Ontarios experience with Wynn. Of course, she had the undying support of the Toronto Red Star and Pravda West (aka CBC).

Trudeau will certainly enjoy the same dishonest help.
Gruesome discovery follows SWAT raid on New Mexico compound where 16 people lived in buried RV, truck

AMALIA, N.M. – Tiny pairs of pants, broken-down bikes with training wheels and discarded children’s shoes haphazardly scattered among the homemade-brick walls and a half-buried RV hint at the tragedy and mystery unfolding in this remote community.


Here, down a dirt road scratched through the sagebrush, investigators are trying to piece together why a group of heavily armed Muslims took up residence on property they didn’t own and built a compound from wooden pallets, clear plastic tarps and dirt-filled tires. Investigators also are trying to understand the death of a 3-year-old child, whose body was found buried on the site about four hours south of Denver.
And they’re trying to unravel whether the group had sinister plans after one of the children told authorities he was taught how to fire a rifle in preparation for a school shooting.
All the while, a property owner who says he repeatedly reported the group to authorities is struggling with the guilt that maybe he could have done more – and anger that police didn’t.
“That’s what’s hard, this kid, this innocent child, is now dead,” said Jason Badger, who owns the land where the group illegally built its compound. “Me and my wife hope we did everything we thought we could.”
Police have arrested five adults and taken 11 children into protective custody following the discovery of a buried child’s body in the aftermath of an Aug. 4 SWAT raid on the rural property just a stone’s throw from the Colorado border. The 11 kids were in various states of dehydration and emaciation, authorities said.
Police said they intervened after intercepting a message from one of the people in the compound begging for help.
All of the adults face child-abuse charges, and one of the men is also being detained on a December kidnapping warrant from Georgia. He’s accused of spiriting his chronically sick son, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, across state lines without access to adequate health care. The boy’s body was discovered on the property during a raid by SWAT officers last week. The cause of death has not yet been released.

Quote: Originally Posted by Johnnny View Post

The problem is that you have no clue on anything. The Liptka Tatars have shed blood for the Slavic people and the Eastern Europeans treat them as fellow country men.

They may have been an exception but it's a notable one because it shows the Left that Eastern Europeans arent the xenophobes they are portrayed to be in modern media.



Here is an article illustrating the sort of future problems Our idiot Boy Justin and his LIE-beral pals are building for us. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Austria to close 7 mosques, expel imams in crackdown

From Canadian Press. June 8, 2018
Canadian Press

BERLIN — Austria's government said Friday that it is closing seven mosques and plans to expel imams in a crackdown on "political Islam" and foreign financing of religious groups.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the government is shutting a hardline Turkish nationalist mosque in Vienna and dissolving a group called the Arab Religious Community that runs six mosques.

(This is the heart of the problem that western society has with Islam- that its supporters want a religious govt rather than a standard western style secular govt and Muslim religious demands set up automatic conflict with the west!)

The actions by the government are based on a 2015 law that, among other things, prevents religious communities from getting funding from abroad. Interior Minister Herbert Kickl said the residence permits of around 40 imams employed by ATIB, a group that oversees Turkish mosques in Austria, are being reviewed because of concerns about such financing.

(For obvious reasons most Cdns are hostile to the idea of dangerous foreign terror groups such as Hamas and Al Qaida sending money to Canada to support pressure groups trying to influence our govt! It is a sign of how far off the normal Cdn values Cdn LIE-berals really are- that they would actually send Cdn funds to Hamas!)

Kickl said that, in two cases, permits have already been revoked. Five more imams were denied first-time permits.

(WE can ba certain these Imams will not simply give up and go back home- as religious zealots are not so easily discouraged! WE can be sure they are out there prowling other immigration offices looking for another road into the “decadent and Godless west”! LIE-beral immigration selection process is so sloppy that a steady stream of raqdicals is coming west under various guises and the growing friction between Europeans and Muslims can be expected in Canada as well!)

The conservative Kurz became chancellor in December in a coalition with the anti-migration Freedom Party.

In campaigning for last year's election, both coalition parties called for tougher immigration controls, quick deportations of asylum-seekers whose requests are denied and a crackdown on radical Islam. The government recently announced plans to ban girls in elementary schools and kindergartens from wearing headscarves, adding to existing restrictions on veils.

(Quick deportations of failed asylum seekers is something our Cdn govt should be acting on! There is nothing to prevent people under deportation order from running up all sorts of credit card bills and shipping the goods out of country and then allwing Cdn tax payers to pay the cost of deporting the thieves- BEFORE the credit agencies come looking for the owner of the unpaid bills! Credit card companies are getting wise to this scam but it still happens often enough! And persons ordered deported have no reason to fear being caught committing other crimes as well- while they await the deportation date- they can do things like drug dealing and shop lifting and other thefts- after all- if they get caught then they get to stay in Canada- while LIE-beral hug a thug judges fuss over them- which IS what they want anyway!)

"Parallel societies, political Islam and tendencies toward radicalization have no place in our country," Kurz told reporters in Vienna. He added that the government's powers to intervene "were not sufficiently used" in the past.

(Oh that is a nice phrase- “were not sufficiently used”! Meaning idiot LIE-berals have made a MESS that others must now deal with- just as is happening in Canada!)

Friday's measures are "a first significant and necessary step in the right direction," said Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, the Freedom Party's leader. "If these measures aren't enough, we will if necessary evaluate the legal situation here or there."

(And in Canada, we also have our work cut out for us in dealing with the hordes of illegals that our LIE-berals are bringing in without the slightest concern for national security! Our Cdn border situation is so utterly out of control that it is poisoning our trade relations with United States! Yankees do not want to import all manner of criminals, spies and terrorists along with their Cdn dairy and lumber products!)
Toronto terrorist leader is locked up, but was still on social media


The former terrorist leader Zakaria Amara is locked away at Millhaven maximum-security prison, serving a life sentence for plotting Al Qaeda-inspired truck bombings in downtown Toronto.
But for the past six months, a Facebook page in his name has been posting his prison photos as well as what purported to be his jailhouse prose, including a telling of what made him a terrorist.
Facebook deleted the account on Wednesday hours after Global News asked about it. The social media company said the Amara page was taken down "for violating our community standards."
"We don't allow mass murderers to maintain a presence on Facebook," the company said, adding it also did not let impersonators maintain accounts.
Amara was the ringleader of the Toronto 18, the terror group that held a training camp for potential recruits in Washago, Ont., and then began preparing a series of truck bombings inspired by Al Qaeda.
The group had selected the Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto CSIS building and a Canadian military base as targets but was infiltrated by CSIS and the RCMP, which arrested the extremists in June 2006.
The Amara Facebook account appears to be have been operated from Mississauga, Ont. A message requesting confirmation that the page was actually Amara’s garnered the response, “this is a real account.”
Asked how a convicted terrorist leader could post his views and photos on Facebook, the Correctional Service of Canada said inmates did not have access to the internet.
“It does happen on occasion that individuals post on behalf of inmates,” said Esther Mailhot, a CSC spokesperson. “CSC does not have control over these postings.”
She also said that while inmates were not allowed to have cameras, they could purchase pictures taken by a photographer. “Inmates are able to send photos out of the institution to family or other contacts in the community.”
According to the telling on the Facebook page, Amara "never felt Canadian" because he wasn't white and got "caught up in a perfect storm of internal and external influences."
"Many of you have probably wondered why the Muslim world has produced so any radicalized individuals," it said. "When I look at what the people of that region have been going through for over 100 years, I am actually surprised there aren’t more radicals,” it said.
“What happens to a people who have to live under the deadly shadow of drones? What happens to a person who witnesses their entire family get wiped out by a ‘precise’ missile strike?"
"Desperate for belonging to a people in my teen years, these are the only people I ever felt I belonged to, and as they radicalized, I radicalized with them.”
“Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq and its resulting massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis represented the crossing of the Radical Rubicon for me. You can pretty much draw a straight line from there to my arrest in 2006,” it said.
But Amara said he realized he was wrong when the so-called Islamic State began committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq, according to the Facebook essay.
“Holding out became harder and harder, until it finally became impossible and I simply had to let go out of sheer disillusionment.”
Phil Gurski, who was the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s lead analyst on Islamist extremism during the Toronto 18 investigation, was unimpressed and noted Amara's “distinct lack of ownership or responsibility” for his actions.
“You had a choice and you opted for violent extremism. There were other avenues,” Gurski wrote on his website. “You could have worked to become part of Canada. And yet you didn’t. None of this is anyone’s fault but yours.”
Amara was stripped of his Canadian citizenship in 2015 but it was returned to him when the Liberals came to power and scrapped a law that allowed the government to revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists who hold dual nationalities.
Another convicted terrorist at Millhaven is also online. Serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to conduct attacks in the United Kingdom, Momin Khawaja's photo and profile appear on a website for inmates seeking pen pals.

Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_Moose View Post

Toronto terrorist leader is locked up, but was still on social media

"She also said that while inmates were not allowed to have cameras, they could purchase pictures taken by a photographer. “Inmates are able to send photos out of the institution to family or other contacts in the community.”

How does that work?

The prison brings in photographers? Who are the photographers? Where are the pictures taken? Why are the pictures taken? Who authorizes this? Who is paying for this?

Why was the account allowed to be up for six months? Where are the gatekeepers?
Thank you Trudeau for reinstating this guys citizenship
Dixie Cup
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Thank you Trudeau for reinstating this guys citizenship

Unbelievable isn't it? Trudeau is such a flake and embarrassment and I'm worried that he'll be re-elected, using Trump as his Ace card in the hole. I pray that Canadian voters see him for what he is and vote for someone else. I can't stand the man (as if that hasn't been obvious before). I honestly can say that I've never felt such disgust towards someone in politics as I have for him and his ilk.

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Unbelievable isn't it? Trudeau is such a flake and embarrassment and I'm worried that he'll be re-elected, using Trump as his Ace card in the hole. I pray that Canadian voters see him for what he is and vote for someone else. I can't stand the man (as if that hasn't been obvious before). I honestly can say that I've never felt such disgust towards someone in politics as I have for him and his ilk.


Yet Hoidthinks Harper was a fluke and embarrassment.
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Unbelievable isn't it? Trudeau is such a flake and embarrassment and I'm worried that he'll be re-elected, using Trump as his Ace card in the hole. I pray that Canadian voters see him for what he is and vote for someone else. I can't stand the man (as if that hasn't been obvious before). I honestly can say that I've never felt such disgust towards someone in politics as I have for him and his ilk.

IMO CPC chances are going to be dependent on Ford's performance in Ontario up to the 3rd 1/4 next year.