Haiti, Zimbabwe, now South Africa, falling into chaos

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You can cheer for the criminals all you want, they are still criminals of the highest order.
How the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Israel
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walter using his public school education to discredit socialism

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it's working!

Looks like you're gonna have to put yourself on ignore!
Nazi Boy doesn't like people cheering for crimminals
How does that saying go, 'I either want less corruption or more chances to participate.'?

I don't like liars of any stripe, if most are Jewish or their supporters so be it.

You appear to be one also rather than just being naturally stupid and not very fussy about where your information comes from. Notice the Jews were the movers and shakers there when the worst conditions existed. I'll offer tpo look for something that shows they were battling it rather than being the cause of it.
That would go a long way to explaining why so few links are included with your talking points. Repeat a lie often enough and somebody will believe it, too bad that blankets all Jewish supporters that are 'outside the clan'. I would ask you and Walnut to post some but I've already seen your 'quality' work. lol
Dixie Cup
The problem is that the Blacks either don't know how to farm or don't want to so SA will end up being another Haiti in no time. It is truly unfortunate when you have corruption at the top, the people are the ones to suffer because those at the top sure the hell won't go hungry!!
Communism is an investment ( we have seen that bankers sponsored BOTH the Russian and the Chinese revolutions for example). This will free up the resources from the locals for the international corporate entities that are currently raping much of the planet.
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The problem is that the Blacks either don't know how to farm or don't want to so

If the whites were doing such a good job why is food on the import list??

You are a racist pig, I thought somebody should point that out to you. The blacks should take over the gold and diamond mines, the farmers were a distraction as the country was ransacked by the whites and their German handlers.
A bill allowing the South African government to seize private land without compensation has been withdrawn by the Portfolio Committee on Public Works pending further study, according to the ruling African National Congress.
In 2015, the ANC proposed a constitutional amendment allowing the government to seize and redistribute land without any compensation to its owners. The draft, which has not been adopted so far, evoked widespread international outrage and multiple media reports of alleged violence against white South African farmers, including murders.
The committee’s chairperson, Humphrey Mmemezi, said the bill was referred to parliament on procedural grounds, but they couldn’t duplicate a separate parliamentary process.

Seems about time to explore who is supporting corporate farms, the US has little invested in the area but the Jews have lad a lock on the place for a few 100 years. Time to explore the tale of the tape a bit deeper to show that once again the majority get the short end of the stick when Jews and Whites are involved. Had to tell which group is the most disgusting from a war crimes POV.

The horizon is how far the Corporate farms go and the profits to to the makers of the machines and the goods are sold on the open market. 46sqmi is big enough when just 8% control almost 75% of the 'agricultural land'. Might as well include the controlling interest in the companies below as that is where the money the 'white farmers' earn.
The land was taken from the people that lived there and now they want to come home. Not unlike the justification of the Jews coming into Palestine and just taking the land without compensation. I can probably find a vid to show how that era actually went down.

Africa's top 20 agribusiness companies Rank Name Country Turnover (US$bn) Activities Employees 1.Tiger BrandsSouth Africa2.8Manufactures, processes and distributes food products, which include milling and baking, confectioneries, general foods, edible oils and derivatives.14,000+ 2.Pioneer Foods GroupSouth Africa2.2Manufactures a wide range of cereals and juice products.11,000+ 3.CévitalAlgeria1.8Manufactures sugar, margarine and vegetable oil; and manages supermarkets and franchises.12,500 4.Tongaat-HulettSouth Africa1.5Produces food products from sugar cane, raw sugar milling and refining, and specialty starches and sweeteners; bio-fuel production and electricity co-generation.42,000 5.Astral FoodsSouth Africa1.2Produces animal feeds, animal feed pre-mixes, broiler chick genetic breeding, and broiler chick operations.7,700+ 6.AFGRISouth Africa1.2Handles, stores and markets grain and livestock; finances grain for a diverse customer base; processes agricultural products into animal feed and other end products.4,000+ 7.Flour Mills NigeriaNigeria1.2Produces a range of flours used in manufacture of cakes, biscuits, pasta and bread; produces fertiliser, and sells bagged cement through wholly-owned subsidiaries.5,000+ 8. Illovo SugarSouth Africa1.1Operates in all areas of sugar production, from growing sugar cane to milling, refining and packaging sugar; manufactures downstream by-products.5,500+ 9.Anglovaal IndustriesSouth Africa1.0Manufactures, processes, markets and distributes branded consumer products in the food, beverage and fashion categories.7,900+ 10.Rainbow ChickenSouth Africa0.9Operates integrated farming facilities that produce, process and market broiler chickens under the "Rainbow," "Farmer Brown" and "Bonny Bird" labels; produces animal feed through Epol (Pty) Limited.– 11.Clover HoldingsSouth Africa0.8Dairy product processing, manufacturing and marketing.6,500+ 12.Egyptian Sugar and Integrated IndustriesEgypt0.8Produces and manufactures sugar and sweeteners.– 13.Centrale LaitièreMorocco0.7Produces dairy products, in particular pasteurised and sterilised milk, yoghurts and butter.– 14.Compagnie Sucrière Marocaine de RaffinageMorocco0.7Produces, packages, and markets sugar.– 15.Cargill Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire0.7Produces cocoa products including cocoa liquor, butter, cake and powder.– 16.SIFCA (Groupe)Côte d'Ivoire0.6Cultivates, processes and markets vegetable oil, natural rubber and cane sugar.25,000+ 17.Dangote Sugar RefineryNigeria0.5Produces, refines, packages, and sells granulated raw white sugar domestically and regionally in Africa.– 18.Lesieur CristalMorocco0.5Produces vegetable oils, soap products and livestock feed.– 19.Nestle NigeriaNigeria0.5Manufactures, markets and distributes food products.– 20.Oceana GroupSouth Africa0.5Interests in fishing, cold storage and shipping.2,000+

The Media is LYING About South Africa Farm Seizures and Trump Tweets
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