Western civilisation could collapse

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No one reads incoherent posts.

No one CAN read an incoherent post.
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No one CAN read an incoherent post.

Poor LIE-berals- their only defense is to talk a subject to DEATH without actually DOING ANYTHING!!!!!

All that talk and not a single valid LIE-beral point made even as ALL their policies are flushed like turds in a toilet!!!!

And if western civilization did ever collapse it will be thanks to idiot LIE-berals undermining every institution!

Here is an article that should be MUST READING for every parent with kids in the public school system. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Ex-high school principal pleads guilty to literacy test tampering

From Canadian Press. Published: January 26, 2018. Updated: January 26, 2018 3:10 PM EST

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The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. (Postmedia files)

TORONTO — A former Ontario high school principal pleaded guilty on Friday to professional misconduct after tampering with a standardized provincial literacy test.

Christine Vellinga admitted in an agreed statement of facts with the Ontario College of Teachers that she went though student booklets after the test in March 2016 to see who hadn’t completed the work.

The college heard that in total, 21 students were then called back in to complete unfinished portions of the test or an accompanying questionnaire.

“(Vellinga) recognizes the serious nature of her breach and sincerely regrets her actions and the consequences of her actions on the students staff and board,” Vellinga’s lawyer, Kim Patenaude, told the college disciplinary committee hearing the case on Friday.

“She was honest, upfront and forthcoming (throughout the investigation) admitting her actions and taking full responsibility,” Patenaude added.

(This is LIE-beral speak meaning investigators caught her red handed and she is guilty as SIN- with NO defence so she is being “cooperative”!)

Vellinga was responsible for administering the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test to about 170 students at her Bradford, Ont., school that year, the committee heard.

Principal accused of literacy test tampering sign of larger problem: Experts

After the test, Vellinga leafed through one student’s answer booklet, trying to find loose multiple choice and questionnaire pages.

Vellinga saw the student had left some questions unanswered and began looking through other students’ booklets for unfinished tests, instructing her acting vice-principal and two teachers to do the same.

Vellinga identified which unfinished tests belonged to which students by cross-referencing bar codes on the booklet with a master list of names, the committee heard. She then had the school secretary call students back in to complete the test, in some cases calling their homes or their parents’ cellphones.

The 21 students who came back to school were led to an office area where they were each instructed to finish specific parts of the test. Vellinga told at least one student, “You were never here,” the committee heard.

(Saying “you were never here” to a kid clearly signals she knew she was breaking rules but figured nobody would ever catch her for it- which IS A COMMON teacher assumption!)

Vellinga was under a “significant amount of work-related stress” in the weeks leading up to the incident, the statement of facts said.

A supply teacher at her school had been charged with assault, and Vellinga had been experiencing problems with a student who had created a public petition and a social media post complaining about her, the statement of facts said.

Vellinga was suspended without pay for 20 days and demoted to vice-principal after allegations of the test tampering surfaced, the committee heard.

(School principals are now being selected for their skill in hushing up problems rather than for their ability to teach kids! One has only to think of the investigation into the murder of Jordan Manners on TDSB school property- while looking into the Manner murder cops uncovered evidence of a rape that had been hushed up!)

(A Muslim girl had been dragged into a washroom by a gang of black kids and forced to perform sex acts. Later after school hours a teacher found the girl wandering the hallways in a distraught condition and took her to the principal- who talked to the girl and decided the best thing was to SAY NOTHING OF WHAT HAPPENED! Yeah- the female principal decided that the best course of action was to IGNORE a team of rapists operating in her school! So much for any concern for the welfare of other kids!)

Vellinga and the college came to an agreement Friday that she should receive an official reprimand from the college, have her certificate of qualification suspended for six months and complete a course on ethical practices within 90 days of the disciplinary hearing’s decision.

(Stephen Levitt- author of the book Freakonomics told us of his experience with the Chicago school system regarding teacher test cheats. Levitt was brought in to devise ways of identifying teachers who were cheating on the new city wide literacy tests. As a result of his work- fully 25 percent of all teachers in that system were formally warned of legal consequences if they got caught cheating in future and 5 percent of teachers were FIRED due to the over the top cheating! Fully 25 percent of all kids in the Chicago school system had to re-write the test in order to get HONEST RESULTS!)

(Cdn school teachers are also systematically undermining our literacy test by designating ever more kids as “learning disabled” and thus not eligible to write the test- with obvious influence on test scores! Our teachers have far too much leeway in excusing kids from the test- for their own benefit! Cdn school officials have NEVER conducted the sort of audit that our Yankee counterparts have done! Such a test of the teachers is BADLY OVER DUE in Canada!!!!)