Metrolinx stumbles from crisis to crisis

On Tuesday, Metrolinx awarded a $428 million contract to build double-decker Go Trains to Bombardier, even though the company is behind schedule on a $1 billion streetcar order with Toronto and a previous $770 million contract with Metrolinx for LRTs.

The good news is, or rather was, that Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca was finally driven by repeated Metrolinx screw-ups to order a review of the province’s disaster-prone regional transportation agency.

The bad news is Metrolinx Chair Rob Pritchard got in a snit about it and told the Metrolinx board he got Del Duca to substantially “soften” and limit “the breadth” of that review.

That letter having gotten out courtesy of the Toronto Sun’s Shawn Jeffords, spokesmen for Del Duca and Pritchard now say everything’s proceeding swimmingly with the review which is supposed to be out in the fall.

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