Canada options- Coalition/Alliance?

I have a presentation lined up regarding what the options are for the different Coalitions and alliances that can be made and which would be the best one possible...I would prefer to hear something different though than the traditional reply of "Liberal/NDP/Green/Bloc" etc... I am focusing more on the NDP party. I would appreciate you to let me know what you find to be the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities this alliance/coalition could form. Also is there any risks to the party in which party or parties they choose to join with? For controversial reasons and my enjoyment of debate I am leaning to a new idea- NDP/Conservative alliance NOT A COALITION!!! There is a difference.

I hope that by hearing what other people have to say I can better incorporate other peoples views and hear something new perhaps!

Also I am new to here and was reading some great threads so I don't have much experience with this
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I doubt the Dipper base would stand for any kind of alliance with the Cons. The Conservatives and the Libs will never get together. I could see either the Cons or the Libs ally with the BQ if it meant getting 24 Sussex. I could also see a Green/Con tango if the Greens ever got enough seats
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Any thing that keeps the NDP and the Bloc out of government.
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Any thing that keeps the NDP and the Bloc out of government.

Anything that keeps the Bloc out of gov't.

A Liberal-NDP coalition would be perfectly acceptable.

A Conservative-Liberal coalition would be the best..........

Including the Bloc in government borders on sedition.
Harper has a serious hate on for the Liberals so I doubt there will be a Con/Lib coalition.

Something like a Lib/NDP/Green coalition would be more likely.

As far as I know the Bloq is still about leaving us all behind so how do you make an accomodation with them.
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>> I would prefer to hear something different though than the traditional reply of "Liberal/NDP/Green/Bloc" etc...

Right, that rules out anything realistic. Unless the conservatives want to completely disenfranchise themselves from remaining loyal members, which actually doesn't seem very unlikely; they *were* the last party to actually care about Canadians' rights until they came to power... then they just followed the Libs' lead and alienated their base.

Enough of my rant. I can see the Conservative party forming a coalition with the Bloc Québécois; both parties have many members who actually care about their native-born constituents and actually do share some values in common. The members, not their leaders.

On the other hand, the NDP and the Liberals are both traitors and each have demonstrated that they are willing to squander Canadians' wealth and pride.

And on the third hand, all parties have followed each other down various paths. So I think any type of coalition is possible. The party leadership of each and every major political party, minus the Greens, have proven they will do anything for power.

edit: The Conservatives with a capital 'C'. The PC were the same as the Liberals.

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