Recalling the days of Viking raids, an act of piracy occurred in Swedish waters.

Apparently the Vikings of Norway are at it again. We must stop them while we can. Before they get organised. A Russian cargo ship filled with valuable trees has been reported missing since the crew was detained by masked men who claimed to be Drug agents. After they were tied up and the ship searched, the invaders sped off in the night in their inflatable speedboats.
To what end! Where did that ship disappear to? Was it sunk in waters off Denmark to be looted for trees?? Perhaps! This is an international incident! Read more at:

Nordic piracy strikes Finnish cargo ship | IceNews - Daily News

nip it. nip it in the bud!!
Eric the Red may be at it again!

God Bless us everyone!
The Vikings, when they invaded lands such as England, butchered its men and boys, raped its women and girls, torched its villages and monasteries and often stole its livestock.

They caused devastation across vast swathes of northern and eastern England.

In England, in 793, they raided a Christian monastery that held Saint Cuthbert's relics. Saint Cuthbert was a monk and bishop in the once independent Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria, which nowadays is mostly the northern English county of Northumberland. The Vikings killed the monks and stole the valuables.

This recent apparent act of piracy was nothing compared to what the Vikings were up to 1000 years ago.

Plus, I quite like the Norwegians after their football team stuffed the Scots 4-0 on Wednesday in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.
Thanks for filling me in. Love the king's english in those towns and participles! lol!!

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