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Authority Blames Customs For "Lost" Vegas
August 29, 2007

West Jet was prepared to offer you two non-stop flights from Saskatoon to Las Vegas this winter - but can't now. And the head of the Saskatoon Airport Authority points the blame at Cabada Customs.
Bill Restall says Canada Customs refused to provide staff when the return flights arrived in the early morning hours. He says Customs could have done this without spending money simply by making some shift changes, but chose not to.

Restall says Customs Officers are at the airport from 8 am to midnight. He proposed pushing that up a few hours and having them start at noon, since no international flights come in during the morning. But he was turned down.

David Kirton reporting

To think that Canada Customs which is funded by the Canadian tax payer would refuse such a request. Typical government crap.
The Saskatoon Airport Authority has to get its head out of its ass.

I flew out of there at the end of July on a 6am flight and barely made it because the security line was as long as anything I've seen in Atlanta. There were a mere 3-4 flights leaving at the same time and they were incapable of even remotely dealing with it. Many people missed their flights.
So the custom's officers didn't want to loose their naptime? If no flights are coming in @ 8AM to Noon, why do they have staff there?
The possible reason for such long delays is that Saskatoon airport has seen a 26% increase in traffic since last year. Saskatchewan is the next boom province and it has already started. So why would Canada Customs be trying to slow that process down, by not providing the service that they are paid by tax payers to provide? Over night flights have to start some where and if this is the only flight so be it. The chances of this bringing in more over night flights to the province are pretty good.

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