Montreal city workers come under fire for destroying playground

MONTREAL (CP) - Montreal city workers are being accused of sloppy work after they destroyed a playground while cutting down parts of a tree.

Municipal workers were asked to remove diseased branches of a tree in a park near a residential downtown neighbourhood. As workers cut down the branches, chunks of wood fell some 27 metres, crushing a swing set, playhouse and bending part of a metal fence. Branches and chopped wood were left behind on the playground.

No one was injured in the incident, but many residents expressed outrage and accused the workers of shoddy work.

The city worker's union has refused to comment on the matter, though a spokesperson for the city defended their actions.
Jeez, that is some sloppy work, real sloppy. I can't believe the city is defending that kind of work. Maybe they ought to hire professional tree removal services in the future. My first job was with a tree trimming company and in a situation like that there are all sorts of things you can do to make sure the branches don't destroy stuff underneath.

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