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Have any of mine been offensive? You can tell me..I have big shoulders & take criticism well.
Na, you'd know ... I'd get in there and fix em. The reason I always keep a watch on your avatars is that you find way cool ones!
I try not to be too offensive..why hurt anyone if you can't help it? I check out the Animation factory every month just to see what new ones they've though up.literally ,1000's of different ones on every thing you can think of & so far, they haven't caught me and tried to get a fee out of me

I wake up, and one of the first things I see is someone quoting from the Forum Guidelines. Lovin' it! This is going to be a good day.
Quote: Originally Posted by missile

Have any of mine been offensive? You can tell me..I have big shoulders & take criticism well.

WOW, Missile, that's a Saint john pic if ever I saw one......wanna help me build my Ark?

For those of you from elsewhere.....its been raining here for a solid month......
That would explain the moldy posts from Saint John. hahahaha
I've been to the Maritimes three times

I have several photos of myself standing by the sign at Cape Spear and walking on the sand in the Bay of Fundy. These photos are from separate trips, but in each one it is pouring down rain. I have a theory that the Atlantic ocean is left over water from the rain in the Maritimes.

All the rain could have had something to do with the cheaper air fares in the fall. I couldn't be sure..

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