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BILL MORNEAU- LIE-beral finance minister- RESIGN NOW!!!!

Here is an article illustrating yet again just how utterly poisoned is ALL LIE-beral policy and moral value! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Bill Morneau’s French villa controversy couldn’t have come at a worse time: Editorial 21/39. Toronto Star Editorial Board.

Just when it seemed Finance Minister Bill Morneau couldn’t be any less credible a salesman of Ottawa’s proposed small-business tax reforms, CBC News revealed last week that for two years, whether through inadvertence or something worse, the finance minister effectively kept secret a holding that provides his family significant tax advantages.© Adrian Wyld

(It is amusing that LIE-beral friendly Red Star news people should refer to new LIE-beral taxes as “reform” when they are nothing but a new LIE-beral raid on already over taxed Cdns! Calling the changes ‘reform” falsely suggests some sort of improvement when it clearly is NOT! Only vote buying LIE-berals and their gravy hungry Hog allies will benefit from the changes! AS I have said before I think it is a gross conflict of interest and unacceptable!)

The revelation that Bill Morneau failed to disclose to the federal ethics watchdog one of his private corporations – a company that, in a dreadful bit of optics, owns a villa in the south of France – could not have come at a worse time for the embattled finance minister or his government’s foundering project of tax fairness.

This news surely will not soothe the incorporated professionals who are understandably confused about why they, of all possible targets, have been selected as the first front in the push for tax fairness.

Rather, it feeds the narrative being proffered by federal Conservatives that there is something hypocritical about Morneau going after doctors and farmers rather than, say, large publicly traded companies like Morneau Shepell, the human-resources firm that the minister once ran.

(Something hypocritical about Morneau and LIE-berals? There is the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR! This French Villa crap is not a one off thing- it is STANDARD LIE-beral policy!)

(Consider the “Shawinigate” scandal and the Adscam scandal that rocked the LIE-beral Jean Chretien govt! Chretien was caught out lying about his connection to a Shawinigan Hotel owner with a criminal past- with Chretien helping to funnel govt loans to the guy- loans he had previously been turned down for by civil service Hogs because of his suspect/ criminal past! But Our Jean saved the day- got the guy his loan but Jean did NOT save any tax payer money! The hotel is struggling and the loan repayment in jeopardy at last report.)

(Chretien also handed out gobs of cash to Shawinigan area furniture makers- supposedly to buy new equipment and create jobs, market new furniture lines and and etc- and NONE of the money was used that way! ALL the money was used to subsidize shipping costs of existing products to send Quebec furniture into Ontar-owe and screw over Ontari-owe manufacturers!)

(And we can look at the vile LIE-beral Human Resources/adscam crap in which THREE BILLION DOLLARS of our tax money disappeared without a trace- although a bunch of LIE-beral bagmen were spotted around the country carrying GOBS OF CASH obtained- somewhere? But a couple of `former` LIE-beral friends went to jail! And the REALLY funny part of the adscam? When Chretien retired and LIE-beral Paul Martin took over, he assured the public the money would be found and he swore that “if any had been taken and used incorrectly- that the LIE-beral party would pay back that money- even if it was as much as one hundred thousand dollars”! Yes- three billion missing and Mr. Dithers is talking about MAYBE paying less than one percent of the LIE-beral THEFT!)

(And LIE-beral Martin does Not have clean hands himself! As finance minister under Chretien- Martin re-wrote a number of tax laws to hit Cdn corporations hard if they decided to bail out of Canada as it slid into recession. And Martin left enough loopholes in his own laws to let him move his Canada Steamship Line holdings worth hundreds of millions of dollars out of Canada WITHOUT the bother of paying any taxes- the ones lesser mortals MUST PAY!)

(And we have the fine example of more LIE-beral virtue as displayed by the Ontari-owe Wynne-bag govt! Wynne-bag is to be congratulated- its not every day that a large majority of Cdns publicly state you are running the most shamelessly corrupt govt EVER! With FIVE police investigations running simultaneously!)

(And what of Our idiot Boy Justin? That silver spoon socialist who daily escapes the fate of Pinocchio! Our idiot Boy tells all manner of fibs and yet his nose does not grow! The idiot has lied about his holiday at the private island of Aga Khan. Then lied about the cost. Then lied about lying about the cost. And now he is caught yet again and must spin a NEW web of lies about his Aga adventure!)

(Our idiot Boy seems to think that truth is detrimental to democratic govt since he employs it so seldom! He promised to “save the middle class” and hit them with new taxes and fees. Promised to “reduce small business taxes” and instead `froze` those taxes and then de-listed a whole series of business tax deductions. Promised to give cities cash to improve transit- and has only supplied a dribble of money for basic repairs. Promised a grand new overture to natives with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry- and turned it into a flop! Promised to be environmentally sensitive- and even David Suzuki has publicly lamented the TOTAL LACK of LIE-beral action! LIE-berals talk so bravely about being more kind and gentle than other politicians and then turn around and demand that poor retail workers pay taxes on that bargain bag of hot dogs made with mystery meat and yummy chemical Nitrites and a host of not good for you preservatives- as if it is workers fault that its all they can afford after paying all their taxes! And all the time Morneau was HIDING his tax free villa! And one has to wonder what other crap LIE-berals are hiding? Even as THEIR LIST of entitlements grows ever larger and as our national debt soars!)

In an attempt to get the largely sensible package of reforms back on track, Morneau is expected to announce a number of needed tweaks on Monday. But whatever good this does will no doubt be undermined in part by stories of the minister’s undisclosed company, its villa in Provence and the inheritance tax benefits they provide. As ever with this debacle, Morneau has made his important job much harder than it needed to be.

(Largely sensible? HAHAHA!!! LIE-berals are killing off small businesses with their greed! It is small business that creates most of the jobs in Canada! It is small business that takes the most risks to create and market new products! Small biz gets the least amount of govt grants compared to major corporations who threaten to leave Canada unless they get gobs of cash from govt! Bombardier has picked up over a BILLION DOLLARS IN GRANTS and the most notable thing they have done with that cash is give their senior people some spectacular bonuses! What a bargain! Especially since Bombardier seems so busy sucking up govt money that they have missed three separate deadlines for producing desperately needed new streetcars for Toronto! With a LIE-beral judge telling angry TTC chiefs that “NO, you cannot cancel the Bombardier contract and buy streetcars someplace else- you have to stay with Bombardier”! A cynic will ask: “Is this judicial choice based on law or on a need to cover LIE-beral backsides”?)

But the implications of this revelation go beyond the fate of the current package of reforms. Whether this was an ethical lapse or a more mundane oversight, whether Morneau sought to dodge his obligations or he simply holds so many companies that he’s unable to remember them all, this story feeds the lingering sense that this government is increasingly out of touch with ordinary Canadians.

(One mistake is just that- a mistake written off to being forgetful- but a whole series of “forgetful” issues is NOT a mistake- it has become a dedicated LIE-beral way of doing business in a fashion that ordinary Cdns think is dangerously corrupt!)

As trust in government declines, so, too, does tolerance for anything that looks like entitlement or corruption. The public trust depends not only on integrity, but also on the appearance of integrity. This is particularly important at a moment when, by necessity, the government is looking to close unfair and ineffective tax loopholes and thus ask certain people to pay more. Yet the Trudeau government has been consistently careless on such matters. In the best case, Morneau’s failure to disclose is another example of this.

(Unfair tax loopholes? The ones CREATED BY LIE-berals? The `loopholes` would not need closing if LIE-berals were not quite so desperate to BUY civil service Hog votes-their only loyal supporters- according to The Fraser Institute! LIE-berals are so desperate to cling to power at any price they are willing to bankrupt the country with their efforts to satisfy ENDLESS HOG GREED! It is madness that must not continue- for the sake of future generations already burdened with huge govt debts- before they are even born!)

Perhaps, when you’ve travelled in powerful circles for much of your life, as both Morneau and the prime minister have, surrounded by players and influencers, it becomes hard to see how such lapses are perceived by people outside the bubble.

(OR perhaps they have decided they are ENTITLED to do as they please because they are “anointed” and supreme beings - as described by Professor Thomas Sowell- and can ignore the whining, petty peasants?)

Perhaps that’s also why Trudeau failed to grasp the optics of taking a government jet to the Aga Khan’s private island for a family holiday last winter. Or why the government was so slow to realize that its cash-for-access fundraisers created the damaging appearance of privileged access.

(The LIE-beral cash for access crap is nothing but a retread of the Pierre Trudope economic policy of dealing with large corporations instead of small business! Get a few corporate CEO`s in the room and you can bribe them to see things your way. But get small business owners into the room and you have a mob with frequently competing needs and desires- its much harder to herd small business owners than large corporations as the Trudope family knows! Besides, large corps are quite often unionized and that extra layer of financial influence- go along with union policy or get fired- makes for even more control of large corps! It means that union heads and CEO`s are easily herded into LIE-beral corrals against the benefit of ordinary people- but LIE-berals do not care- just so long as they cling to power!)

This insensitivity is not simply a political problem. The resurrection of old questions about Liberal entitlement is dangerous not only for the party, but also for the country. For the essential project of tax reform to succeed, and indeed for government to be a force for good, Ottawa must seem to be worthy of the public trust.

(Tax “reform” would not be such a critical priority if we had not been spent into bankruptcy by LIE-beral/Hog greed! Bankruptcy is poisonous and iut makes people crazy when the money runs out-as it HAS for Cdns!)

When, on the other hand, more and more ordinary citizens come to feel their elected officials are out of touch with their concerns, tax reform is all but doomed, democracy is corroded and, as we have been reminded in recent years, demagoguery is nourished.

As Morneau fumbles, the stakes are truly high.

Good grief ....Not only are your post getting longer, now you have taken to shouting at us!!! Stop for Gawd's sake. My fingers get sore simply scrolling past.
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Perhaps you should read the message.
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Perhaps you should read the message.

You like right wing hate rants so much, you read the psychopath's rants.
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Perhaps you should read the message.

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You like right wing hate rants so much, you read the psychopath's rants.

Better than Fakebook memes!
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Perhaps you should read the message.

I think she prefers the messages tailored for the flock.
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I think she prefers the messages tailored for the flock.

Nope,,, his messages are only suitable for trolling American geese!!
Like I said... you want a tailored message fed to you.
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Like I said... you want a tailored message fed to you.

Yup..... being a snowbird and all.....
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Yup..... being a snowbird and all.....

Poor little bluebyrd- she is so entitled- she wants a bunch of those "birdie num nums from that old movie called "The Party"! She has her nickers in a twist because her beloved LIE-berals are flaming out!

And- because its Halloween- here is a little tale to consider- for those who wondered why Our idiot Boy Justin refuses to move out of Stornoway and into 24 Sussex Drive- the truth is he DID spend one scary Halloween night there and refuses to return! Here is why:

On this All Hallows Eve it seems proper to explain the REAL reason why Justin Trudope will NOT move into 24 Sussex Drive and prefers to remain at Stornoway- the traditional home of leaders of the opposition party. Its nothing to do with neglected renovations- its because 24 Sussex is HAUNTED by malevolent spirits that scare Our idiot Boy so badly his nice hair will go grey or fall out if he stays at 24 Sussex!

Our idiot Boy Justin is a master of small magic- how else to explain his ability to once again mesmerize and persuade civil service Working Family Hogs to TRUST ANOTHER set of lie-beral promises and buy another set of LIE-beral IOU`s- when the previous ones are already in default! One would think Hogs could have learned from experience in Ontari-owe that LIE-berals cannot honour their wild and extravagant promises- but no- hope springs eternal in the mesmerized Hog mind!

I pointed out prior to the 2015 election, that if Trudope was elected prime minister, he would perform a magic trick-he would make our jobs and money and civil service Hog pensions disappear! He is on track for that by the way. But Our idiot Boy miscalculated and was not aware of just how many VERY malevolent spirits were being held in check by Conservative Necromancy! Harper is gone- his influence faded and NOW the SPIRITS are loose!

It is whispered in some circles and staunchly denied in others- that Our idiot Boy DID spend one terrible Halloween night at 24 Sussex- and here is what happened:

The sun had set hours before and the Trudope children had been washed and brushed and put to bed after a joyful evening of trick or treat fun and Justin and Sophie were relaxing after another long day with Justin worn out from a day of making promises he will never remember. Sophie tired from a long day making lists of servants required and examining the qualifications of possible servants who might have the ability to be hired to honour self appointed royalty in a proper way.

As bed time approaches, it seems the wind is rising- howling through the eaves and echoing around the old mansion and through the grounds. Yet a glance through the leaded windows reveals the trees are not moving- the air is calm. It is puzzling and disturbing for no logical reason that Our idiot Boy can explain. Near midnight, the sound of marching feet grows from a vague shuffle to a mighty thunder-a great horde of spectral lichs is shambling up the drive. They are led by the rotten and worm eaten shade of Darryl Bean.

Bean was head of the Letter Carriers union in 1969 and he was foolish (and ARROGANT) enough to come on a radio interview to boast, after a particularly bruising mail strike, that Cdn letter carriers were now the best paid and most ENTITLED civil servants on the planet! Many foul and inventive curses where rained upon his head and now he does not rest easy in his grave....or anyplace else either!

Behind Bean comes all manner of vile and rotten shades and worm eaten things risen from the grave by the power of un-natural ENTITLEMENT! The shades march and wave signs printed with ancient union slogans-barely legible beneath the layers of unclean earth laced with the rotten leavings of the grave. And the creatures call out an unearthly chant: money, wages, jobs, entitlements, GRAVY; as they march up the drive!!!!

Sophie explodes in anger: “damn it Justin, do something! Those fiends will wake the kids”!

Justin can only shrug- he has seen the scarlet clad figures of his security detail galloping off into the distance- the Mounties are sworn to protect the prime minister from all earthly evil- but things from beyond the grave are not in their job description! And as good Catholics should when confronted with evil, the two nannies who should be taking care of the Trudope children, have decided they are entitled to take time off to seek sanctuary in the nearest house of God and will not return till daylight- the Trudopes are on their own!

As they are entitled- the spectral Hogs assemble in prominent places on the lawn. The foul fiends sing and chant and mock all LIE-berals. The light of un-natural GREED is in their eyes and the smell of corruption is strong in the air! And they are joined by other shades of the evil, un-hallowed night, each one representing another special interest group who will NOT REST until their un-natural greed- so long un satisfied is finally rewarded! Each of the evil dead calls upon Our idiot Boy to give in and grant ALL their desires and allow them to rest quiet in the grave! They make it clear there will be no peace until he does as he has promised!

These spectral Hogs are not the only spirits abroad on this night of restless undead. Away in the distance a great clamour arises from another horde of lost souls. Their cries of rage and horror are not understood by Justin or Sophie. Some cry out in Spanish, while others call in Mandarin and Cantonese and other Chinese dialects. Sophie gives in to despair and whines “what do those other ones want of you”? “They don’t even sound Cdn”? The marching throngs of non English speakers gather behind the spectral ranks of union Hogs as Justin shrugs and admits- “I don’t know what they are saying or what they want”.

A lich shambles forward- elbowing his way through the ranks of undead Hogs till he stands beside the house and glares up at Our idiot Boy. “Hola” the unclean thing calls and “buenos dias as well”.

“Who are you Justin asks, I don’t recall promising anything to you or your pals”?

The spectre smiles and it is not a nice thing to see. “I am Jacobo Timmerman, the creature exclaims. I am one of the many victims of your very great friend Fidel Castro”!

“What is the matter with your leg’ says Sophie. Cuba has a national health care system so why is your leg so mis-shapen”?

Jacobo smiles another fearsome smile with no humour in it and explains: Once I owned a newspaper in Havana. My great crime was in pointing out- in my editorials- the faults and failings of our great leader Castro and it did not help that I pointed out ways of mitigating the economic disasters that had our poor Cuban population on the edge of starvation thanks to the many failings of th socialist system that is beloved of your oh so greedy hubby! Malnutrition is not a thing that can be cured by penicillin you know!

As the faults of Soviet socialism became ver more apparent, Castro lashed out at his critics. Fidel is of a temperament rather similar to your Justin- he also believes it is his ENTITLEMENT to lead! Castro sent out his secret police and rounded up people such as myself and sent us to the Isle of Pines- a terrible place originally constructed by the Spanish a couple of centuries ago! Starvation, regular beatings and solitary confinement are the lot of those who live on The Pines! I limp because my leg was broken during “re-education” and no doctor ever set it and now it has healed in this distorted form.

Life at The Pines is a desperate thing. Much of my time there was spent in a black hole at the base of the old Spanish fortress- a dungeon that flooded with sea water at each high tide so that I was forced to struggle, with my broken leg, to avoid drowning. Conditions were made worse by the darkness and by the rats and scorpions that crawled over me seeking escape from the rising waters! On this Hallowe eve I am permitted to return to the world of the living to give testimony to the evil choices of your family friends.

“And who are those others that you seem to speak for” snarls Our idiot Boy. “What do they want with me”?

“Oh, they also are victims of your great family friend Castro”! Jacobo waves a gaunt and worm eaten hand and a shambling line of corpses passes beneath the window like rotting troops on review. Sophie gasps in disgust but Justin holds his ground- surely he would carry no blame for these ones? Some lichs are desperately pale and broken bones from beatings and horrible gunshot wounds from the firing squads are clearly visible!

Jacobo explains: “These are political prisoners who Castro had ordered to be executed- AFTER they have had 80-90 percent of the blood drained from their bodies. Cuban doctors have become very skilled at draining virtually all the blood from a victim- but not so much that the victim will faint and be unconscious when faced with the firing squad! It is the desire of the Leader that all enemies of the State should look Socialist Justice full in the face- so these ones were drained of blood- but left fully aware of the firing squad taking aim at them! And the blood was sold to countries such as Viet Nam- to aid its wounded soldiers fighting the Yankees” Castro profited nicely from murdering his political opponents!

Sophie cannot see the disgusting lich but she can hear his words and she is appalled at this selling of blood! It sounds like such a Capitalist thing to do? How can good socialists engage in such a trade? Surely Jacobo is LYING? But no, Jacobo produces several news articles- from Cdn media sources- in the air before her startled eyes- verifying the disgusting truth!

Our idiot Boy has no words for the fearsome specters, no assurances that will persuade them to pass by. HE KNOWS he spewed fake news about so many things! He knows there is no appeasing the dreadful spirits. He knows there is not enough gravy in the world to appease such as them. He knows that the Hog pensions are DOOMED because cdns do not have the resources. He knows that he MUST give with one hand and TAKE MORE with the other-this is the nature of the enchantment that he is under! He knows that debt is a form of slow poison and he has promised and SWORN to drink a FULL DRAFT! And to SHARE that disgusting drink with ALL Cdns!

The idiot Boy can run, can fight, can hide but always he is followed by the haunted specters risen and given vile and un-natural life by the power of his endless, unobtainable, impractical promises. In the dark of night with the cries of the restless dead echoing in his ears, the idiot Boy ponders: I will have to argue all this bullsh+t out again; come up with a convincing new line of bullsh+t in four years at the next election-people are counting on me-while union Hogs squeal of betrayal and THIS is the reward I get for WINNING the election?

And in the far distance...could it be the spectral, scornful laughter of Harris, Harper Ford and Manning? They knew-if you are a leader then sooner or later you MUST be called to account for your promises! Make too many promises, as did Our idiot Boy and the burden of proof can be a KILLER!

And now the night is growing old and the worst haunting has yet to appear. In the far distance a car engine howls- the deep bass rumble of a v-8 echoes through the land, the tires squeal on sharp corners, the horn blares an blasphemous sound and in the distance there is a flash of silver as the monstrous driver down shifts and turns into the driveway. Up the drive comes an antique Mercedes sports car, scattering gravel upon the restless dead, driven by the most decayed and rotten lich of all. The lich is so rotten it is hard to identify who it might have been in life but there are signs for the wise to see. The old gull wing car is one of only a few-the best known one having been once in the hands of Our PET-Pierre-the father of Justin! And just for effect the spectral lich calls a furious “FUDDLE DUDDLE” to his enemies, near and far, alive and dead, and hands out worm riddled Salmon Arm salutes to all and sundry!

In the passenger seat sits another shade that looks very much like Joe Clark. It certainly sounds like him. The miserable spirit whines constantly: I COULD have been a leader, I could have had it all, all I had to do was sell out and sell just a little bullsh+t the voters....but NOOOOO....I had to be halfway honest and got screwed for it! I got replaced by MULRONEY of all people and he was an exception to the Conservative rule- he was a bigger liar than any LIE-beral! And what sort of lesson is that for a politician anyway? Do Cdns REALLY want fresh, ripe BULLSH+T on a platter served up by their leaders? WHY did not more people come out to vote? They certainly bitched loud enough when Our Pet raised their taxes way beyond anything I had planned! And they cried just as loud when Our Pet was replaced by that dork Mulroney! There is a lesson in there some place- if only I could see it- Clark subsides into silent misery-lost in bewildered thought.

The Mercedes sprays gravel and lepas forward- only to squeal to a stop in front of Darryl Bean, and our PET gestures, its late, its time to go, my bullsh+t Boy needs his rest if he is to properly ruin the country. My idiot Boy is the legacy I bequeath to Canada! It was my dream to lead Canada from the past into the future via the route of radical socialism but the people proved resistant- and wiser than I expected! In the distance, the shade of that notorious Commie hater Lubor Zink capers wildly; “SEE! I told you so, the shade squeals, our PET was a fcuking COMMIE, just like I said! HAHAHAHA”!

The marching shades all know the power of the master of bullsh+t and they begin entering the car. More and more and more of the shades, like some sort of supernatural clown car, the shades and lichs keep crowding in until the lawn is clear of spectral things and yet the car is not crowded- it is a door to that other world that we fear to enter-its portal leads to the basement of LIE-beral headquarters where so much of truth and logic goes to die!

The mouldy lich waves to the house and grins at his shocked son; keep up your courage son and remember: BULLSH+T baffles brains and there are a LOT of stupid people in the civil service unions! Good luck boy! And remember- Don’t step in your own sh+t! With a click and a clack the car is shifted into gear and goes roaring off through the gate and disappears. And for Justin and Sophie? One evening at 24 Sussex and suddenly life at the `Cottage` looks a lot better!
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Still too long and boring
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Still too long and boring

OH BOO HOO! And you are LYING about your no party affiliation! You cannot slag ANY post that does not slavishly agree with LIE-beral policy and then convince anybody you are not `affiliated`!

Znd here is some more for you:
Here is an article illustrating the reverse racist poison being sponsored by our LIE-beral overlords. With some comments of my own in brackets):

BLM's bullying tactics solve nothing


Members of Black Lives Matter disrupt the meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board on Thursday June 15, 2017. (Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun)

Related Stories
BLM becoming 'perpetual police persecutors'
TDSB should have stuck by police

Civil discourse is a cornerstone of modern democracy. It presumes tolerance, respect and a willingness to hear another’s side and where absent, descends into vitriolic outrage, hostile confrontation, tantrum and divisive hyperbole.

That does not mean we won’t disagree, sometimes passionately, with one another.

However, we are surrounded by growing intolerance and incivility increasingly infecting politics, university campuses, social media, mainstream media and the actions of activist groups. Reason is progressively being displaced by feelings, usually hurt or otherwise aggrieved ones.

(Reason is also being displaced by grant money! The more aggrieved the bigotry group- the more money LIE-berals are willing to spend to buy their votes!)

Such was the case this week when Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters appeared before the Toronto Police Services board advocating an end to the city’s School Resource Officer (SRO) program, which places 36 police officers in 75 public and Catholic schools.

BLM objects to police in schools based on allegations black and marginalized students face harassment, brutalization and discrimination from police, even to the point of seeing “five-year-olds being handcuffed in schools.”

(School boards across the continent are wrestling with what to do with kids that are completely out of control! Teachers will be blamed if the berserk kid bolts out of school and into traffic and is squished! Teachers will be blamed if a berserk kid inflicts a serious eye injury on another kid while lashing out at everything! So teachers and cops use restraints as a solution to bad parenting and mental health issues! The restrained kid is a more or less docile kid! Too bad BLM bigots do not recognize this- no doubt Our idiot Boy Justin thinks teachers should just engage the wild things in dialogue! But LIE-berals seem not to be able to offer up any words and phrases that would be effective either in calming a kid who may be suffering from physical abuse or mental health issues and they certainly cannot offer any advice on how to calm drugged up adult mental health cases who are obeying the voices in their head and attacking phantom enemies with clubs and knives!)

BLM believes black kids are targeted for arrest and harassment; that they don’t feel safe having armed and “intimidating” police officers patrol inside schools and that the program targets schools “with a high concentration of Black children."

(Hypocrite BLM bigots refuse to believe the scale and scope of Black criminal activity. They also ignore police records that show white people who do stupid things get shot just as often as idiot black people!)

They are serious allegations that deserve to be investigated and if merited acted upon.

However, that’s not what BLM wants. They rejected the decision by the board to instruct Police Chief Mark Saunders and two other board members to review the program.

They reject a third-party academic review by Ryerson University to study the program's effectiveness and look at alternative solutions in place elsewhere.

They also rejected, during Thursday’s board meeting at Police Headquarters, any suggestion by students, teachers, principals or police who support the program that there is tremendous even “life-changing” good associated with having police officers in schools, that it makes schools safer or that students feel safer having police there.

Instead, BLM supporters shouted down speakers who disagreed with them, badgered and intimidated students who told positive stories about their interactions with SRO officers and did their best to hijack the meeting. In short, as they did with Pride, BLM turned a public forum into a circus.

(LIE-berals and BLM bigots are engaged in a creeping political coup that will -if left unchecked- completely alter the legal and social fabric of our country! They do this in the name of POWER AND GRAVY for themselves! Why break a sweat to earn your daily bread when you can sit in a nice office pontificating on how badly you are treated while flunkies wheel in those gross gobs of govt gravy? LIE-berals and \blm bigots are wildly enterprising in their racist way!)

But they presented little hard evidence of the problems they contend justify shutting down the program immediately.

In the end, the board wisely followed the public suggestion by Mayor John Tory to have Chief Saunders seek public input and review the SRO program by August.

We believe the evidence will show parents and students want police in their schools, that schools are safer with police there and that police are doing tremendous and necessary work in our schools.

(One has only to think of the sex assault that was uncovered by cops during the murder investigation into the stabbing death of Jordan Manners at C. W. Jefferies Hiogh School! A Muslim girl was dragged into a bathroom by a group of black kids and forced to perform oral sex on the guys. After they released her after regular school hours- she was found in a distraught state by a female teacher and taken to the principal and she decided the best thing to do was say nothing! To anybody! About any of it! Yes- two female teachers- fully indoctrinated in LIE-beral values decided that the best thing to do about a pack of sexual predators in their school was to HUSH IT UP!)

(Which do you suppose the two Hogs were more afraid of: that the lie-beral legal system would do NOTHING about the boys and they would then target the teachers? Or that LIE-beral superiors would be furious at having their crap legal system, messed up immigration garbage and general hug a thug madness might be exposed to public scrutiny and hostile debate? After all- one does not simply wake up one morning and decide to snatch a girl off the street for some very rough `fun`- one generally has to build up to these things- starting small and growing bolder with each lack of LIE-beral response! One has to ask what manner of sexual reign of terror those boys had previously been indulging to get so bold?)

BLM should contribute specifics about any concerns, but the time is long past to entertain their hostile, divisive, self-serving and bullying tactics.

Instead, we must reject divisiveness that masquerades as social justice and learn to solve our actual problems and differences together.
On human rights and climate change, Justin Trudeau’s actions don’t match his talk
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Quote: Originally Posted by EagleSmack View Post

On human rights and climate change, Justin Trudeau’s actions don’t match his talk

When you lose The Star you know you are in trouble . I wonder what our resident climate accepters think about the 30 million tonnes of coal we exported mostly to Asia last year ? They told me coal is dead .
Quote: Originally Posted by pgs View Post

When you lose The Star you know you are in trouble . I wonder what our resident climate accepters think about the 30 million tonnes of coal we exported mostly to Asia last year ? They told me coal is dead .

Here is a nice article illustrating ALL that is wrong with LIE-beral energy policy, along with some comments of my own in brackets):

General Motors Co. stands to lose as much as $9,000 on every Chevrolet Bolt that leaves a showroom once the all-electric subcompact starts rolling out. Sounds crazy, but the damage makes perfect business sense under the no pain, no gain policy driving the electric-vehicle boom in the U.S.

(Yes, its LIE-beral logic to TRY to force people to buy something they don’t want and which they cannot use as necessary because the piece of crap lacks the range or cargo carrying capacity necessary for Cdn living!)

California crafted the doctrine, with tough clean-air rules and a mandate that automakers sell some non-polluting vehicles if they want to do business in the Golden State. Nine others have adopted it, New York and New Jersey among them, and all told they make up close to 30 percent of the U.S. market. That goes a long way to explaining why zero-emissions models from more than 10 brands are on the roads, with more on the way. Most are destined to be loaded with red ink for their makers, but they’ll be great deals for consumers as companies unload them to meet their targets.

(Lets consider some of the things electric cars WON’T do: We have all seen gas cars towing trailers, all seen gas cars with bicycles strapped to roof or trunk, all seen cars with cargo carriers strapped to the roof-and WHO has done ANY REAL calculations regarding how far your electric car will go on one charge AFTER you screw up the aerodynamics and load it for a holiday? Then there are all those questions about how to car pool with something that WON’T hold a group of kids because there ain’t enough room for kids and sports gear etc? That translates into MORE cars on the roads. )


While the Trump administration may dilute federal programs that take aim at carbon-dioxide spewing cars, California won’t be backing down, certainly not during Governor Jerry Brown’s term. The most populous state is such a powerhouse -- roughly one in eight new vehicles was registered there in the first half of the year -- that companies will keep spitting out electrics for the privilege of selling everything else in their lineups.

“California will continue to act as the ballast, as the center of gravity, for clean air and climate policies in the U.S.,” said Levi Tillemann, author of “The Great Race,” a book on the future of automobile technology. “Trump will thrust the state back into the role of clean-air crusader, and that’s a banner a lot of people in California don’t mind carrying.’’

Ludicrous Idea?

(I say yes! Airplanes currently produce 75 percent of all pollution related to transportation-that means, trains, buses, ships, cars and trucks-whether hauling people or cargo. We can clear the air simply by discouraging people from flying so often and we do that by cutting back on civil service Hog gravy-NO NEED to screw up the lives of countless people over this electric car crap since the only people who will buy electric cars are the wealthy Hogs who have the shortest commute anyway! What Cdn would buy an electric car knowing that his commute was very close to the maximum range of an electric car and knowing that batteries become less efficient as they age? If your gas car runs out of fuel you can get a gas can to refuel easily-but if you get caught in a snow storm or road closure due to accident ahead and your battery dies then what? Other than to call a tow truck and wait while YOUR dead car blocks the road and screws up the commute for others in THEIR electric cars with wilting batteries-talk about a domino effect! Nobody is asking: what happens if you run the heater/defroster and headlights for a extra hour or two as often happens in Toronto on snow days?)

Where it’ll get interesting is over the next decade or so. The states’ rules are set to tighten so that zero-emission vehicles, or ZEVs, will have to rise to an estimated 15.4 percent of sales by 2025, some five times the current level.

(There is the BIG LIE-zero emission cars that actually have a substantial carbon foot print! LIE-berals are touting their green energy bullshit as a way to clean the air but its carbon crap they are producing-green energy actually has a HIGHER carbon footprint than natural gas fueled electric generation thanks to how unreliable green energy is-LIE-berals must keep natural gas plants fully fueled and ready to take over when green energy fails-the sun behind a cloud or a gust of wind fades. LIE-berals are trying to FORCE a ZEV market into existence so they can use green energy as a giant slush fund to reward their pals! It was NEVER about the environment-its ALL MONEY FOR HOGS!)

The hurdles may go higher: Brown, a Democrat with two years left in his term, signed a law ordering greenhouse-gas emissions be 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. To get there, ZEVs, plug-in hybrids or fuel-cell cars like Honda Motor Co.’s Clarity may have to comprise 40 percent of sales, up from about 3 percent now, according to California Air Resources Board staff projections.

(That`s nice-LIE-beral Dalton McGinty signed a law saying “NO MORE tax increases” and then hit us with the health levy-the biggest tax hit in Ontari-owe history! And it’s a levy that HOGS DON’T PAY-its in their govt contract!

Can that really happen? “The idea that automakers will sell 40 percent of their vehicles at a loss in California is ludicrous,” said Eric Noble, president of the CarLab, a consulting company in Orange, California, who reckons most electric cars lose at least $10,000 per sale.

(Somebody ought to warn these LIE-beral morons that Lithium batteries are highly flammable-crack the battery case in a car crash-or the battery case in your now recalled SAMSUNG PHONE-and the exposed contents burst into flames-with NO fire dept currently equipped or trained to deal with Lithium battery fires! Right now-Tesla Motors is experimenting with battery cases to find out how THIN and CHEAP and LIGHT can they be made without causing too many fire balls when cars crash-as they inevitably do! Anybody happy about buying the 21st century equivalent of a Ford PINTO?)

(Even worse-Lithium is HIGHLY toxic and it appears we are simply replacing oil pollution with the Lithium version-at HUGE COST!)

The industry’s willing to take the hit on a small scale now. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s battery-powered Fiat 500e is made for California alone, and Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne said in 2014 that it was losing $14,000 per sale. The company’s pretty much giving it away, at a monthly lease-rate of as little as $69. Nissan Motor Co. has advertised lease deals for the Leaf at as low as $149.

Of course, the industry might figure out how to make ZEVs into money makers, once the charging-station infrastructure is built out and as battery costs fall. Global demand seems sure to rise, with major economies, including China, having recognized climate change as a threat and tailpipe-emissions from gas-powered autos as a chief contributor.

(Sadly, battery costs are NOT falling at this time. Lithium is a rare element and with increased demand comes increased cost. Add in the extravagant engineering needed to make an ultra light battery and ultra light car for maximum range and you have HIGHER COSTS! Think of a highway speed collision between a Smart Car and a pickup truck-any guesses on which driver will be safer? And which driver maimed or dead? The smaller and lighter the electric car-the better the range and the POORER the crash safety rating!)

The U.S. has a ZEV incentive of its own, offering a $7,500 tax credit to buyers, and also gives credits to manufacturers to reward them for cars that meet greenhouse-gas reduction targets set by the Obama administration.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the industry’s main trade group, has asked Trump to consider their state ZEV costs when evaluating the feasibility of rules set under President Barack Obama to boost average fuel economy standards by 2025. Over the next eight years, the electric-vehicle demands will impose costs of up to $40 billion on companies that they’ll pass on to customers, according to the group. The miles-per-gallon standard, which is 35.3 for 2016, will under the rules go to 50.8 -- a number the industry contends could make cars prohibitively expensive.

(Sadly, the current generation of Ford pickup trucks has FAILED to meet the 2016 fuel ratings-admittedly by a quite small margin-but a fail is a fail-Dodge DID meet the fuel requirements for its trucks but did so using 8 speed transmissions and this maximum use of many gears to keep engine revs low seems to be the way of the future. Too bad Ford hasn’t learned this yet!)

On Wednesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took a formal step that makes it harder for Trump to undo the Obama targets. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announced a preliminary determination that Obama’s 2025 targets are achievable, affordable and appropriate. If she finalizes this decision before leaving office, she’ll force Trump into a formal and protracted rule-making process to revise the rules.

(Yeah, so what if the vehicles being produced won’t carry the cargo you want or haul the gear you need! Nor travel as far as you want without the risk of being stranded with a dead battery!)

(And Ontari-owe LIE-berals have just “partnered” with private sector-meaning HANDED OUT MORE SUBSIDIES-to encourage a few businesses to install car chargers on their property for their employees and customers. If electric cars were such a useful deal then WHY the need for so much govt legislation and MASSIVE SUBSIDY? As gas cars became more efficient, people willingly bought them. That electric cars require legislation and govt money to get even a few of them bought indicates how NOT READY the ZEV is!)

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On human rights and climate change, Justin Trudeau’s actions don’t match his talk

True dat!
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When you lose The Star you know you are in trouble . I wonder what our resident climate accepters think about the 30 million tonnes of coal we exported mostly to Asia last year ? They told me coal is dead .

Every one talks about "Coal", but I don't see any references to Lignite, Bituminous or Black Anthracite. There's a vast difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLM View Post

Every one talks about "Coal", but I don't see any references to Lignite, Bituminous or Black Anthracite. There's a vast difference.

Yes, yes. WE KNOW there is significant difference in sulphur content in different grades of coal- but nobody cares!

Here is an article exposing the usual LIE-beral greed- masquerading as environmental concern! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Carbon tax gouged Ontarians out of $1.5B so far in 2017


All the Wynne government is interested in when it comes to carbon pricing is to take more money out of the pockets of average Ontarians through its $1.9 billion a year cap and trade scheme, and blow it on vote-buying subsidies like this one.

Did you know Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government has taken $1.5 billion extra out of our pockets since the start of this year? By “extra” I mean money her government wasn’t taking from us in 2016, from all sources of government revenue. This $1.5 billion extra — $1,501,908,017 to be precise — comes from Ontario’s new cap and trade carbon pricing scheme.

(AS all sensible and honest reviewers of LIE-beral policy know the Carbon crap and trade garbage is nothing more than a fiscal scam to raise more money for the LIE-beral/civil service vote buying gravy train! It has NOTHING to do with clean air!)

It’s money Ontario businesses have paid the Wynne government to date in 2017 for carbon allowances in three government-run auctions held March 22, June 6 and Sept. 6.

(The money taken by Carbon crap and trade is money that might otherwise have been used to give raises to employees or might have been used to invest in new equipment for increased company productivity or might have been offered up as dividends to stock holders trying to survive on a fixed income in our LIE-beral debauched economy! There is a huge batch of people out there who have been forced to take early retirement and live on those crappy little buyouts after their jobs were taxed into oblivion!)

These allowances, with a fluctuating market price per allowance of $18.03 to $18.72 per tonne of emissions, permit businesses to emit greenhouse gases linked to climate change.
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So Canadian are liked USA more than Canada president's....

Maybe you better let the effects of that drug wear off before you hurt your brain wracking it like that ti come up with an articulate answer!

Or are you a Muslim practicing your English and trying to spew crude Islamic propaganda?
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Meh, he spilled his beer and hasn't stopped whining about it or blaming other people for it in the entire length of time he's been here
lone wolf
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And you are?...
Free Thinker
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Meh, he spilled his beer and hasn't stopped whining about it or blaming other people for it in the entire length of time he's been here

I think spilledthebeer needs some Pepto Bismol to slow down his verbal diarrhea and a Valium to calm his hate-on.
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Hates near nothing.

I am 31 years old.

As you'll know.

What is the problem? Why- here it is:

Somebody put out a post a while back called "What is the problem" and I thought it was pretty good and decided to save it and in light of the recent murder of 14 people in California by jihad jerk-offs I think the post should be presented again. Just to remind people that Our idiot Boy Justin is really an imbecile and his `plan` to bring tens of thousands of Syrians here is spite of his empty words and ridiculous assurances that "security measures will be in place"!!!!

And we now have much more information on the Muslim married couple who murdered 14 people and wounded many others in California. He was BORN in USA-HE WAS A CITIZEN so no security check for him! She came to California on a spousal visa-an arranged marriage to him-so no real screening for her either as she was being `vouched` for by an American citizen! Prior to the marriage, she spent time in a Muslim school in Pakistan noted for its radical thinking. That school has branches (AND STUDENTS) located AROUND the World-including in Canada and USA. There is NO guarantee that these other students are any LESS radical (or less dangerous) than the California killers!

Silly Lie-berals and their civil service Working Family Hog supporters (always willing to sell out the country in exchange for MORE ENTITLEMENTS) take issue with anybody who opposes bringing MORE Muslims here and they attempt to distract by talking about other terrorist actors such as: Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, Pol Pot, the German pilot who deliberately crashed an airliner into a mountain and killed hundreds, the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes if atrocities were something we should become used to like snow storms and Lie-beral govt tax madness and Lie-beral inspired Cdn national bankruptcy!

Lie-berals and Hogs simply do not wish to admit that there is only ONE guarantee when it comes to admitting Muslims into Canada-SOONER OR LATER WE WILL HAVE MORE MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS-right here in Canada. We have already had Muslim terror here-an Iranian born and newly created `Cdn` citizen committed arson and burned down a Jewish school in Montreal a few years back! There was also the recent attack on Parliament in Ottawa where two Cdn soliders were killed. Not to mention an array of PLANNED attacks that were thwarted by security people so we can say with CERTAINTY that Muslims are dangerous to our health. Sadly, in spite of the blind hope and grotesque greed for power and friends of the nice hair boy there is NO WAY to predict what a Muslim who is smiling at you now may think or do later!

WE MUST deal with home grown idiots such as FLQ but there is NO reason why we should be importing foreign born imbeciles! Except that Lie-berals and prime minister boy with nice hair like to BUY friends and allies since they know they their tax and spend madness cannot appeal to ordinary Cdns-bribery and vote buying are the order of the day for Lie-b erals.....even if it kills us!

Now, I hope the writer of the original "What is the problem" post does not mind seeing his words in public again.


We Can't seem to Pinpoint The Problem

The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
The Kenyan US, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims

(And I would personally add to his list-the Jewish school arsonist in Montreal a few years back was an Iranian born Muslim `Canadian`)

And then there's....

Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
Confucians living with Baha'is = No Problem
Baha'is living with Jews = No Problem
Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem

Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem

Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem

Hindus living with Baha'is = No Problem
Baha'is living with Christians = No Problem
Christians living with Jews = No Problem
Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem

Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
Muslims living with Christians = Problem
Muslims living with Jews = Problem
Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
Muslims living with Baha'is = Problem
Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
Muslims living with Atheists = Problem


So, What are their Major Organizations?







And that stupid Boy Justin that our union Hogs appointed to `lead` us cannot figure out WHY so many Cdns are nervous about bringing Syrian Muslims here?
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Trump > Trudeau
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What in the world do you mean in this sense?!?!

Tackle the calendar many times over head... get it now?
I do pen the frank whole slide.
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In the fanhood, do you say a female body part to me?!?! Let the body reach the floor.

Trump > Trudeau
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Trump > Trudeau

Big time.

Its all about the carbs Donny.

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