Elizabeth May furious

furious I tell you. anyway, fringe parties are called that for a reason.

Liz has a lot to be furious about. The global warming scam is pretty much dead, temperatures aren't rising, even the Arctic ice cap is growing. What's a modern day rent-seeker to do?

Memo to journalists - Small Dead Animals

NDP says Tom Mulcair won’t debate if Harper won’t

OTTAWA — The NDP says Tom Mulcair won’t participate in any leaders’ debates during the election campaign if they don’t include Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In laying down that condition, the NDP has likely driven the final nail in the coffin of the traditional debates hosted by a consortium of the country’s largest broadcasters.

The Conservative party has already ruled out Harper’s participation in the consortium debates — one French, one English, proposed to take place less than two weeks before the Oct. 19 vote.

And unless Harper changes his mind, now Mulcair won’t take part either.

It’s doubtful the consortium will press ahead with its proposal without two of the three main party leaders.


NDP says Tom Mulcair won’t debate if Harper won’t; Elizabeth May furious at ‘doublecross’ | National Post
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The Greens are a shrill voice that would eclipse even a Tory Government
for being oppressive. They are the ones who would implement what they
thought the answer should be without regard for economy or our lifestyle.
To say they are not a fringe party would be to ignore reality. Green is a
movement not a political party. The Conservatives the NDO and the Liberals
have differing views but reality is still part of their platforms
The Greens not so much Dr David and his friends would have us foraging
for berries in the woods to eat before they were done.
no wait the bears would have rights and we would be competing for food.
She is a tinfoiler.
Quote: Originally Posted by petros View Post

She is a tinfoiler.

Probably invented the stuff.

More read about May or Mulclair, the more I might vote Con - then cut my own throat - or something.
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May is passing amusement at best. I will support Mulcair in this one simply
because I am piss*d with the Tories and the Liberals supported C-51 which
is a nasty piece of legislation.
During the campaign when the moms figure our how much tax they are going
to pay for the child care check and the fact they lose more than they gain I
think there might be hell to pay.
Then there is an early election call and we get to pay damn near double for it
that won't make a lot of old folks happy Normally an election cost 370 to 400
million dollars that will nearly double if the writ is dropped sooner.
Think Liz will be talking to herself and Justin or maybe not at all.
The thing is she is claiming the Tories and NDP have colluded to keep her off
the airwaves. The last time I saw her she was tipsy wasn't she?
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When the moms figure our how much tax they are going
to pay for the child care check and the fact they lose more than they gain I
think there might be hell to pay.

Impossible to loose more than you gain...........

Federal tax rates for 2015

  • 15% on the first $44,701 of taxable income, +
  • 22% on the next $44,700 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $44,701 up to $89,401), +
  • 26% on the next $49,185 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $89,401 up to $138,586), +
  • 29% of taxable income over $138,586.

And the highest provincial tax rate is Quebec at 25%
That would mean that the highest possible payback at tax time would be 54% of the child benefits received...
So you are being disingenuous or being fooled by what you read in liberal print....
What is the pay nothing line these days?

Even GST/PST quarterlies rebates would go up for those in the lower spectrum who get such beasts.
The green party(s) are kind of like lightning rods for kooks, and they help keep the more realistic political movements on track toward environmental issues.

Best to just smile and nod.
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Man, I'd forgotten all about her with an election coming on and all.
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Bloc Québécois
Ms.May is furious the Green Party is excluded from the T.V debate,and more so she is furious the NDP has been idle on this decison.
i think Ms. May has a right to be furious.
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THings can;t be too serious if she is only furious. When she is shocked and furious look out.
Ms.May and her coven are a tiny irrelevant zit on the backside of Canada.

I see Harper is going to see Lizzy's pet monkey at Rideau Hall so the election campaign is on.

For the first time in over 50 years, I will not vote. Harpo is probably the least objectionable but he has pissed me off one time too many.

The Liberals led by Little Chief Shiny Pony don't seem to know what they are doing, and The NDP will do to Canada what Notely is doing to Alberta & Rae did to Ontario.

I think I will hibernate for a century!
Watched the CBC interview and she was liberally throwing out claims of collusion and talking about wikileaks?

The Green Party in Canada operates like they removed all the rational arguments about environmentalism, but kept the potheads.

All she had to do was play the sympathy card about how she was barred from debates and then state a compelling platform.

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