'Kramer' actor apologizes for racist rant

CTV News
Michael Richards, the actor best known as Kramer from "Seinfeld," apologized on Monday for a racially charged tirade at a Los Angeles comedy club.

Boy, this incident has legs. Even Jesse Jackson has got some mileage here and - hold your breath - Al Sharpton! I just hope Jesse still isn't molesting his staff and Al isn't helping black girls make up macabre rape stories. If these were white community leaders they would have been finished long ago. It's embarrassing.
But it is good to see the N word issue getting some air. It, much like terms like 'retard,' have become fashionable again.
I had a discussion with my niece a few weeks ago about the myspace phenomenon and she showed me her site there and gave me a tour. It wasn't hard to spot the N word. Lots of teens post phrases like " so and so is the sex," and " so and so is my nigger." I haven't heard the media complain about that yet. I have heard some concern about the rap artists who use the N word routinely. But I've yet to hear any of them apologize.
There's a broad disconnect in our society between what's actually happening and what the media is willing to admit.
Sheesh, I wish they were smarter. I might watch more often.
The Kramer incident still dominates the news journals tonight. Amazing. Given the N word has been at the forefront of pop cult for years now, it's headshaking to hear all the talking heads yammer about this latest incarnation. Maybe we're so afraid of what's happening in the larger world around us we need these diversions to keep us sane.

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