Wet Cell Phone

Hey gang:

I ended up putting my Motorola PEBL through the wash and rinse cycle a few days ago. There's no life left in the phone. However, last night I tried recharging the battery and a green light appeared on the phone.

Any tips or comments on how to bring a soaked cell phone back to life? One website suggested soaking it in alcohol.

One of my neighbors dropped a cell phone into a pot of boiling pasta. He managed to get the phone out of the hot water fairly quickly and to his credit, removed the battery. After drying the phone with paper towels and Kleenex he hung the phone in front of a small heater with a fan for about four hours. He put a new battery in the phone but it never worked again. What he did get was a new phone under the warrantee. I can only assume he didn't tell the store that he had boiled the phone in a pot of pasta..........
My daughters cell phone got wet in a hot tub. We took the battery on, let it dry out in the sun for a few days (on the window ledge), eventually it came back to life. She does complain how once in awhile it will turn on at school. Give it a bit more time see if it fully comes back before getting rid of it.
As stated, let it dry for a few days. Even take it apart as far as you are comfortable. If it isn't already shorted out somewhere then turning it on when there is 'any' moisture in there it will short then. Try the sun method and be patient.
Don't try to power up the phone. Leave it to sit and dry in a warm dry place for a few weeks and try your luck. Often it will work as usual if the guts are dried out and never shorted out. A problem down the road may be that the innerds will rust at some point.

My daughter's fell into a pool and I brought it back to life after a month or so. Works fine now.
Thanks for your input. I put a hair dryer to it for awhile. I think waiting for a week or so might be the best approach.
I'm not an electronic expert of any kind but I'm told the boiling water would have blown the LCD display right away. Hell, with some of the new cell phones I can't read the numbers anyway.
I dropped my cell phone in a stream this spring while fishing. I got it out immediately and towelled it dry. That evening I tried it and it worked fine.
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Always remember to remove the battery immediately, when ur cell phone gets soaked. After that open ur cell phone and dry the board with a hair drier. Ur phone will not undergo any damage.
I took it out of the drawer the other day and tried to charge it again....no luck. Anyway, I have a new one from Fido. It's all good.
A friend of mine went sailing with his blackberry. He wound up getting a set of torx bits, taking the case apart, and using a hair dryer on it. Still works fine.
Rice. Just leave it in a bowl of uncooked rice for a day or two and it'll be as good as new. Just don't try to power it up. It's worked for Ipod touches, cell phones and other things.
I had tried all of the "drying" tricks, but my phone was still not getting past the welcome screen. A very astute phone repair guy at my local shop suggested I bring it into an "unlock" service, since they also do software reinstalls. Well, an hour and 35 bucks later, my phone was good as new. Who would have thought that water could have wiped out the software!

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