How to get a still picture from a DVD?

Do I need some special software to grab a still picture from a DVD? We bought a DVD of ourselves on a tour in Mexico recently, and they told us we could get a still picture from it, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to do that. Ctrl V doesn't work, it just shows up as black.

Appreciate any help, and hope it's not too technical, lol.
I'm pretty sure you need a piece of software to do that.

I have a TV tuner for my PC, and the software that comes with it will grab frames from anything I run through it.
Ah... okay thanks, maybe I can find someone who can do it for me then.
Or find some frame grabbing software for your can't be to expensive, and once you have it you can grab all the frames you want.
Thanks very much.
Just a question. What's on this DVD? Is it like a slideshow of the pictures you took in Mexico which you can play on your DVD player or is it actual video?

Reason I'm asking is that if it is a slideshow of pictures, the original pictures *may* be on the DVD in a folder somewhere. .. in which case, you can use windows explorer to download them.

If it is just video, then you will have to follow Jay's advice. In which case, you need to remember that the pictures you grab will only be 720x480 pixels in size. Not big enough to print good pictures with.

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