FireFox 0.9 RC 1

Mozilla has released a newer version of FireFox 0.9 RC 1 which comes with new updates and what not....

Of course this is beta software but it should be stable. More to come from me with this issue....

Please note that the help -> about might say its 0.8 but hey that's ok
I call this software 'rubbishware'. Yes, yes, it's open source. Who cares.

Firefox is slow and incompatible with certain CSS STILL! I mean, you can understand why it wasn't compatible with CSS, DHTML and other new html elements. But it's still falling behind!

By the way, you thought dialup was slow... You'll be experience like-dialup-speeds with Firefox because the software is just so slow.

Stick with Opera or IE
That is so horsefeathers, maybe if Rogers had a better internet connection you would notice that websites actually load faster...

Opera is somewhat of a pain in the ass but I prefer it over IE any day of the week (excluding weekends )
Well, Rogers seems alright to me. It's much much better than Vidéotron. Actually, it's like a rabbit and turtle when you compare the two companies. The rabbit would be Rogers.

5 MBPS / 900KBPS isn't too slow. Everything loads quickly in Opera and IE, but not in Mozilla/Firefox.
firefox isnt that bad guys. it is basically netscape with less junk added onto it. its open source so it does not have to be controlled by america online like netscape is.

seriously though, give it some time and you will have yet another viable option for a different browser
Still most users of the net use IE 6 for their browsing activity.

Opera isn't bad except I couldn't stand how it took over some things once installed.

Opera 7.51 is the latest version of the browser and has a security fix from 7.50.

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