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Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, who rose to prominence during 2014 protests, is arrested

He was arrested Friday morning as he was walking to a subway station, his organization said in a statement, and was being held on three charges. A spokeswoman for the Hong Kong Police Force could not immediately confirm his arrest and the circumstances under which he was detained.

Wong rose to prominence as one of the young leaders of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, a 79-day street occupation aimed at securing universal suffrage for Hong Kong. He was previously arrested and charged in relation to those protests, and he was released from jail in June.

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Hong Kong leader fully withdraws China extradition bill, meeting one of protesters�� five demands

In a video address, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announced a full withdrawal of the extradition bill that has sparked months of sometimes violent arrests on city streets to ��fully allay public concerns.�� Protests erupted in June in this semiautonomous city after Lam put forward a bill allowing people to be extradited to the mainland to be tried by the justice system there.

What's happening for protests in China proper?
H.K. councillor has ear partially bitten off in knife attack at mall during clash with cops
November 3, 2019
November 3, 2019 11:10 AM EST
Riot police are seen after Andrew Chiu Ka Yin, district councillor of Taikoo Shing West, was injured in a knife attack during anti-government protest at a shopping mall in Hong Kong, China, Nov. 3, 2019.Tyrone Siu / REUTERS
Warning: This story contains graphic content!
HONG KONG — Hong Kong anti-government protesters crowded a shopping mall in running clashes with police on Sunday during which a man with a knife slashed several people and apparently bit off part of a local politician’s ear.
A human chain in Cityplaza, in the eastern suburb of Taikoo Shing, turned into a face-to-face conflict with police, running up and down escalators where families with young children had been window shopping just minutes before and watching skating on the ice rink.
Hong Kong protesters vandalize buildings as streets turn into war zone
Police said protesters had vandalized a restaurant in the mall after a peaceful chanting of slogans in the 22nd straight weekend of protests by Hong Kong people furious at perceived Chinese meddling in the former British colony which returned to Chinese rule in 1997.
Several people were wounded, with one man in a white T-shirt, believed to be the knifeman, being beaten with sticks by protesters. Another man lay in a pool of blood on the pavement outside the mall.
Democratic district councillor Andrew Chiu was among the wounded, blood dripping from his ear. Democratic Party lawmaker James To told reporters the knifeman had bitten off part of Chiu’s ear and slashed other people.
Andrew Chiu Ka Yin, district councillor of Taikoo Shing West, receives help from first aid volunteers after sustaining an injury in a knife attack at a shopping mall, in Taikoo Shing in Hong Kong, China, Nov. 3, 2019. Stringer / REUTERS
He said the other wounded were in more serious condition than Chiu who was seen on TV holding the piece of his ear in a plastic bag with bloody hands.
A kitchen knife lay on the ground outside the mall.
Police made several arrests as protesters shouted “black police!,” a reference to their perceived brutality. The standoff lasted into the night, with residents jeering police from the roadside and balconies of nearby apartments, chanting “leave now” and more colourful Cantonese expletives.
An anti-police resident is detained by riot police during a rally on Nov. 3, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Anthony Kwan / Getty Images
Police fired tear gas, outside the East Hotel in Taikoo Shing, to try to break up the crowds. They then left.
“These police are not what they used to be,” said Julie, 24, giving police the middle finger. “They come in here and push us around. It is not right.”
Police fired pepper spray at reporters when they got too close. One journalist was arrested.
“This is out of control. This was a peaceful protest. And these people are just local residents, we live around here,” said Desmond Fong, 28, who works in marketing. He was out shopping for sneakers when the protest erupted.
Taikoo Shing is an office and high-rise apartment development dating back to the 1970s, with the newer office, bar and restaurant district of Quarry Bay next door. Police said they were investigating the knife attacks.
Police try to detain a man (R) inside a MTR station in Sha Tin district of Hong Kong on Nov. 3, 2019. PHILIP FONG / AFP via Getty Images
There were also running battles, vandalism and scuffles in and around malls in the New Territories towns of Tai Po, Tuen Mun and Sha Tin, where police fired pepper spray as protesters hurled abuse. Protesters built a street barricade in Tai Po.
Pro-democracy protesters battled police across the main island on Saturday, furious at Communist Party leaders in Beijing and perceived Chinese meddling with Hong Kong’s promised freedoms, which China denies.
They have vandalized Hong Kong businesses seen as being pro-China and in July daubed China’s Liaison Office, the key symbol of Chinese sovereignty, with graffiti.
A security guard helps to sweep up shattered glass inside China’s Xinhua News Agency, after it was damaged by protesters, in Hong Kong on Nov. 2, 2019. ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP via Getty Images
Cleaners swept up broken glass at the Hong Kong office of China’s official Xinhua news agency on Sunday, one of the buildings vandalized as activists hurled petrol bombs and set fire to metro stations.
Xinhua condemned the attack by what it said were “barbaric thugs” who broke doors and security systems and threw fire and paint bombs into the lobby.
“The practice of the black rioters once again shows that ‘stopping the violence and restoring order’ is Hong Kong’s most important and urgent task at present,” a spokesperson for Xinhua said in a Facebook post.
A riot police officer scuffles with protesters as he tries to detain a protester at a shopping mall in Tai Po in Hong Kong, China, Nov. 3, 2019. Kim Kyung-Hoon / REUTERS
Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and a water cannon at protesters on Saturday and early Sunday as the violence spilled from Hong Kong island across the harbour to Kowloon. One of the protesters’ key demands is an independent probe into perceived police brutality.
There have been several injuries during five months of unrest, including a protester shot in the chest and a policeman slashed in the neck, but no deaths since the protests began in June.
Hong Kong returned to China under a “one country, two systems” formula which guarantees its freedoms for 50 years. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has a garrison in Hong Kong but troops have remained in barracks since the protests began.
Protesters last month targeted a PLA barracks with lasers prompting troops to hoist a banner warning they could be arrested. Senior PLA officers have said violence will not be tolerated.

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God help that country if they ever have pro-sports celebrations.
I'd like to see this happen to some of our Remainer politicians: http://kaotic.com/video/IZONmO89_20191204095858_t
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How can protesters be protesting every day for 5 months, wreaking havoc and destruction, when it cost 969,000.00U.S. for a parking spot?
Everybody got sugar daddies?
Imagine closing down LAX for a month or three?
No one killed, amazing..
Some thing doesn't add up.
What could it be, now?
WATCH: Man who reportedly argued with Hong Kong protesters set on fire
Eddie Chau
November 11, 2019
November 11, 2019 1:53 PM EST
A Chinese man who apparently disagreed with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong was set on fire on Monday. (Twitter)
WARNING: Video is of graphic nature
A man who confronted a group of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire in a graphic video that spread on social media.
In the video, an unnamed Chinese man wearing a green shirt can be seen arguing and hurling profanities at black-clad radical protesters.
“You’re all not Chinese,” the man screamed at the protesters before a flammable liquid is thrown on him.
The arm of a protester is then seen igniting the liquid and the man becomes a human fireball.
Story continues below
In a follow-up video posted on social media, the man is then seen chasing after his alleged attackers.
The man survived the ordeal by ripping off his shirt. According to CNN, the unnamed man is in hospital in critical condition.
The incident reportedly took place at the Ma On Shan subway station in Hong Kong’s New Territories.
Hong Kong protester shot by police as chaos erupts across city
Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters rally for Catalan separatists
Hong Kong protesters boo Chinese anthem, leader warns against interference
The incident comes just hours after another protester was shot by police with a live round. The wounded 21-year-old man was in stable condition in hospital after undergoing surgery.
Clashes between protesters and police have grown increasingly violent as demonstrations in Hong Kong enters its sixth month.

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Hong Kong police move on university campus, begin mass arrests, threaten live fire

The standoff began early with police pummeling front line protesters with water cannons firing irritating blue liquid.

source: WAPO
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Cant the Chines fellas hire the I.D.F. sniper club to deal with these trouble makers?
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Hong Kong’s pro-democracy parties sweeping pro-Beijing establishment aside in local elections, early results show

Figures compiled by the South China Morning Post newspaper show pro-democracy parties winning 108 seats and pro-Beijing parties just 12 out of a total of 452, with many swinging to the pro-democracy camp. The results appear to be an indictment of Hong Kong’s political leaders and an endorsement of the protest movement.

source: WAPO
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Trump signs legislation designed to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong after previously suggesting he might veto measure

The legislation authorizes sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials involved in human rights abuses and requires the State Department to conduct an annual review of the special status that the United States grants Hong Kong in trade matters. President Trump has recently suggested that he is being cautious with his approach to Hong Kong because of the sensitivity of trade talks with China, which opposes the bill.

source: WAPO
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Hong Kong protests: China warns US over Human Rights and Democracy Act

Notice no news about Hong Kong since the outbreak of the corona virus.
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Notice no news about Hong Kong since the outbreak of the corona virus.

No one I know much cares about Hong Kong.
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No one I know much cares about Hong Kong.

Xi does.
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Like I said..
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Who finances the Hong Hong Protestors???
Hong Kong police seize $10m in donations intended for protesters
Hong Kong police have frozen HK$70m ($10m) from a major fund to help pro-democracy protesters, and arrested its four members, accusing them of money laundering.
Police said their investigation focused on Spark Alliance, a non-profit online platform formed in 2016 that collects donations to provide support to political critics of the city’s pro-Beijing authorities.
It is one of two crowd-sourced funding platforms that have collected millions of dollars to provide legal and other help for people arrested in pro-democracy protests that have upended the city since early June.
In a statement on its Facebook page, Spark Alliance described the police allegations as “smears”. The fund said the four arrested had legal representation and that it would not comment further given pending legal proceedings.
Police alleged on Thursday some of the donations were used by the fund owners for other investments. Senior Superintendent Chan Wai-kei said: “We found the donated money was transferred to a shell company and a significant portion of this money was invested in personal insurance products.
“The beneficiary of these products is the person in charge of the shell company.”
Four people – three men and one woman – aged between 17 and 50 were arrested on suspicion of money laundering.
Chan did not respond directly to questions about whether donating to legal defence funds for arrested protesters could count as money laundering. “Money laundering means you continue to handle the money even when you know it’s gained from unlawful activities,” he said.
He added people could risk committing offences of inciting or facilitating crimes if a person knowingly financed unlawful activities. Last month, Spark Alliance said it would stop receiving donations to its HSBC account, without giving further details.
Hong Kong has been battered by six months of increasingly violent demonstrations in the starkest challenge the city has faced since its handover to China from Britain in 1997. Millions have hit the streets in protests fuelled by years of growing fears that authoritarian China is stamping out Hong Kong’s liberties.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Friday said that foreign forces would not be allowed to meddle in China’s domestic affairs. At a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the return of Macau, a former Portuguese colony, to Chinese control, Xi said patriotism was key to the success of the city, a gambling hub that also falls under the “one country, two systems” framework.
Xi said: “I must emphasise, since Hong Kong and Macau’s return to the motherland, dealing with these two Special Administrative Regions’ affairs is entirely China’s internal affairs and none of the business of foreign forces. We do not let any external forces interfere.”

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