guilty pleasures

You all know you have them. What's the skeleton in your closet? What thing would you never want anyone to find out about you ever??!! What is it that you do when your alone at night with no on else around (NOT THAT YOU PERVERT ), that you wouldn't readily admit?

I like to drink milk right out of the carton, no glass, nothing...just straight out of the carton. It really bugs people, I don't know why :P
Reverend Blair
I like to paint eyebrows on my dogs with White-Out. It makes them look like gnomes.

Well I have three resident squirrels. They are fat happy squirrels as they have a abundant supply of peanuts. They really freak out when you put one of those battery operated bunny toys around their peanuts. You know the ones that walk and bang a tiny drum. Oh man the squirrels get so mad. They stand upright on their haunches trying to figure out what the rabbit is, and making sure he does not get any peanuts...yes I am easily amused
Reverend Blair
We have a rat with nun-chuks who sings "Kung-Foo Fighting." He scares the hell out of the cats.
Ya sure you do rev :P Another guilty pleasure is having a hoot, and watching the bats that visit my garden..bats are very interesting critters. :P
Reverend Blair
We also have a little chicken that did the bird dance, but the dogs took him outside and now he just convulses a bit.

I was thinking of building a bat house to help keep the mosquitoes down. Does anybody know where I can get a decent plan for such a thing? I thought I had one, but apparently not.

We have a rat with nun-chuks who sings "Kung-Foo Fighting.

yup, got the same one rev. we also have the 'cat in the bag' where only a tail is sticking out and the cat is just screaming. our cats are rather amused but the dogs go crazy near it!

guilty pleasure - chocolate (dark, organic, Denman Island preferred) with a big glass of red wine. pure heaven. and pedicures. i love them, and can never have them done too often.
hehehehe galaniomama how's it going?? well come over to my house tonight and I will give you both.

Another guilty pleasure is feeding galaniomama wine, than watching her fly around the neighbourhood in her cape
Reverend Blair
I'd like to see that, Peapod.
ackk, i am overcome with the burden of work here, and just checked in.........pea, i didn't think you would bring up the 'cape'. watched the incredibles last night, and you know what can happen if you wear a cape, so i think i am putting mine into mandatory retirement.

another guilty pleasure, sitting under the grape arbour with good friends on a hot summer night. doesn't happen too often here, but when it does, you savour it! pure magic.
oh its something else rev...well worth the purchase of a case of cheap wine :P I think zen and edge will tell you all about it...if they ever say when they are coming to visit
hey pea, with the promise of wine, not to whine too much, but what kinda wine is it?????
Well ehm..its two bottles of painted turtle. Don't ask me about it, I have no idea if is good or not. But it will do the trick nicely for you Well thats to bad, I knew you were busy so I did not invite you to our patio party last night...besides I gotta live in this neighbourhood. :P We even had a telescope

Yes that is a guilty pleasure, sitting under galaniomama grape arbor watching her husband in the garden...truly a man in love.
yeah, i know about your tuesday night 'rendevous'.....i have witnessed one, and my poor son had to witness also. poor child. he will never be the same. enough said that i probably will not partake on the tuesday rituals. too crowded, too loud and ugly. those brawls are way too much for me. too tuesday. ha ha!!

now painted turtle if i recall, is it not a bc or an australian? i think it is australian. anyways, sounds good to me honey, i'll be there with my mug!!!
HA! Max is to busy stuffing his face whenever he comes over to notice a dam thing "tuesday night" is neighourhood night. Its quite the little gathering now. So yes its a guilty pleasure now. :P never mind the mug bring a stein. It canadian wine.
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

I was thinking of building a bat house to help keep the mosquitoes down. Does anybody know where I can get a decent plan for such a thing? I thought I had one, but apparently not.

You should find what you want here, Rev.
Reverend Blair
Cool. Thanks.
hello! Heum...what's my guilty pleasure?...Well, I tell people that I'm dieting and then, I go home and stuff my face with mini chocolate bars. Then, I eat a salad and say that I've been good. tehe.
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by HockeyBabe

Then, I eat a salad and say that I've been good. tehe.

Yeesh. Sounds like the same thinking as "This machine is just about to hit the big one; I know it!"
lol hey, I like the little white cat on your signature. It's cute.
Duran Duran....there I said it. It's my very secret guilty pleasure.

I had a bean burrito and two sugar cookies today...I ruined my diet plus...I had more oh well. I'll go play some hockey or
Ten Packs
My guilty pleasure (at least one I'm willing to discuss) is MacIntosh's Toffee - in the freezer for a day or more - then smashed on the counter into dozens of "pop-in-your-mouth" pieces.

Great for Internet surfing.....
Reverend Blair
Not great for denture wearers though, Ten Packs.
I'm a proud Duran Duran fan! Corey Hart though.....Sunglasses at Night is a cool song. Because of being a fan of both, when I was in grade 4 I had a mullet and spiked hair! As soon as I became a fan of Motley Crue did the hairdo go. Alas, my grade 4 picture has immortalized that hair cut, which is proudly displayed at my Mom's place.
that's cute Gonzo.

I've gone out with a guy out of pity before... (wasn't really a pleasure, but I felt a little guilty)

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