I saw a small item on this on the CTV News-just a running headline at the bottom of the screen! And,I have neither seen or heard anymore on this subject. Why? Is it so common there that they no longer bother reporting bombings as news?
Reverend Blair
It wasn't a very good bombing apparently. The tower didn't fall down, the suspect is likely well-educated with roots and/or connections to South America. I can't remember the name of the group that took the credit, but nobody had ever heard of them before.
can some one explain the story to me
Reverend Blair
During Bush's visit somebody tried to blow up a hydro tower that supports the main lines supplying power to the US from Quebec. They issued a press release later saying who they were and that they wanted to bring attention to US involvement in South America.

Good cause, bad method.
i never hear of this but u see bad method but he didnt even get any attention.
Reverend Blair
I think all of us who oppose what the US is doing in South America are pretty glad it didn't get more press. It was a stupid, self-defeating action. Bombs and violence generally are.
i agree but is there aa thread for the US - SA issue on CC?
Reverend Blair
Not really. It's actually a series of issues mostly centering around trade. I could give you some links, but it's a lot of reading.

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