Would You Trade Canadian Citizenship For A Greencard?

T. Rex
While I do support some form of basic universal health-care, I am also a strong supporter of a UNA. Devore's statement has an element of truth to it, but not the way he presents it. I know that an awful lot of Canadians would be perfectly happy to trade-in their wonderful socialized medicine for a green card.

Think about this. What kind of person would willingly cut him/herself off from 90% of the economy and people of North America, for the privilege of paying higher taxes, and maybe getting some "free" health-care in return? I'm sure some people would. When someone has limited resources, is in poor health, or is past his most productive years, the temptation to kick back and let someone else look after you may be strong. However, for everyone else, the restrictions imposed on Canada's economy by the US border, increasingly become a losing proposition. The border starts to represent a line which prevents you from accessing all the opportunities of the continent, and keeps you poorer than you otherwise need to be.

Most Canadians who find themselves in the latter situation, feel they have no choice in the matter. Rather than make themselves unhappy over it, they justify their situation with the "at least we have free health-care" argument. That's all it is. A mental justification for what they know in their hearts is not an optimal situation for them. If they truly had the choice of getting a green card or voting for a UNA, I suspect the feelings they would display then would be quite different.
Haggis McBagpipe
You're kidding, right?
Is this April 1st?

Trade in my Canadian citizenship?

Ya gotta be kiddin', eh!
Rick van Opbergen
So you are discussing the matter whether Canadians are willing to give up their nationality for an American green card? (that's what you mean, right?)
Would You Trade Canadian Citizenship For A Greencard?

Without second thought man.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Giraldi_Theirrey

Would You Trade Canadian Citizenship For A Greencard?

Without second thought man.

Hmm, I think you are a bit confused, Giraldo. Think about it and maybe you will figure it out.
Free Thinker
I think I'd never trade my Canadian or European citizenships for an American one.
Trading my canadian citizenship for a green card?

One more thing, is it really all that we represent to others, a free health care system? I think there's a bit more than that in Canada. Sure we are not the land of the "Free" aheemm , but c'mon, get out and look around, read the papers or watch tv, I dunno but do something other than what you're doing.

...is it really all that we represent to others, a free health care system?

We have igloos, too.
Oh yah! Forgot about that! And here in Quebec we have Poutine, miam miam!
Trading my poutine for a green card, gotta be crazy!
Crazy, sure.

Uh, you meant for the guy with the Green Card, right?
Of course I did!
Reverend Blair
Why would anybody want to work in the US?

BTW, T. Rex, our taxes go to pay for much more than medical care. Education (including subsidised post-secondary education), environmental programs, policing...the list is endless. Plus Canada isn't running a huge deficit.
Haggis McBagpipe
I can live either side of the border, my call, no immigration process needed. I've lived both sides of the border, and Canada wins hands down in virtually all respects.
That's right Haggis you don't need to trade your Canadian Citizenship for a green card. There are a lot of people who live down here from various countries, who never apply for US citizenship.
Only over my dead body and if they force my dead body to move to the US, then it is OK. For now, NO WAY IN HELL. They could keep their Green piece of **** (censored).
I would NEVER trade my Canadian citizenship in for a green card. I've checked into working and living in the US, we got it way better up here, even in spite of the tax difference. Quality of life is where it's at.

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