New forms

The Left
The Canadian Content having more funny meal in struggling without 6 of 7 part in under regional chat .. one by technology and sports remainings in the beaty forum .. only not in theme under regional chat remainings my best part across there technology or sports .. Thern maybe we will fixout a thread with 'family' more likely in CC??

This only mine expectation thing with CC.
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This only mine expectation thing with CC.

I have higher expectations for 'the place' based in the chosen name rather than the content of the 'comments by the local fuktards' although there should be a bevy of Shrinks going over what goes on here as psychopaths should (clearly) not be allowed to 'group up' in any number greater than 3.
I've noticed a local concrete forming company ha expanded operations and obviously must have gotten new forms to increase their production.

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