A note from your Canadian Content staff:

The staff and administration of this forum have dedicated several long months to trying to find a mutually acceptable way to integrate a few members here who have done little more than wreak havoc upon this board. In return for the concessions given and the changes made to accommodate the presence of these members, the bulk of their contributions continue to be criticisms and backlashes that neither we nor our other members deserve. We will not tolerate this any longer. Any further attacks upon members or upon staff will be met with immediate permanent bans without further warning. Any posts dedicated to commentary or debate on those actions will be deleted without notice and subject to infraction if they persist.

We assure our loyal members that this moderation style is not one that has been necessary for quite some time now, nor will it become the norm in how we deal with occasional transgressions that can occur in the daily life of a forum - this is a last resort measure which we feel is necessary due to the extremity of the problem at hand, and the lack of positive response to all other attempts made to resolve this problem with the cooperation of the parties involved.

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