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There are better deals in Feb just before fiscal year end.
I just got a nice 46in LCD tv out of an E bin and they even threw the remote in too.
(that's usually a good sign)

Just two little wedges of wood to bend the power control circuit board to close the made in china cold solder joints.( I have fixed hundreds of TVs that way during my pawn shop years)

All it cost me was my burned out toaster. Later today I'll be loading win7 into a 3.6 gig duo core Dell with 8 gigs of DDR3 ram that only needed a hard drive which I have a box of that was an even better find really. I run this all through an old 200 watt sony amp that I also found.

The TV has HD in.

The computer has HD out.

I'm thinking of hanging the fronts above the computer table and am hoping to find a subwoofer to go in the room corner with this system too.
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