The man who KO'd ranting, Left-wing Scottish MP George Galloway after throwing a stress ball at him in London (Galloway was Saddam's best friend and in his Daily Record article this week accused the Royal Family of being "sectarian" as it bans Catholics from become Monarch even though the Monarch is the head of the Church of England and therefore can't be Catholic - it'll be like having a Protestant Pope) has been called a hero.

Galloway ball man is a 'hero'

The Sun

Play the "Chuck a Stress Ball at Geoge Galloway" game - http://extras.thesun.co.uk/flash/galloway_stress/index.html

Scottish politician, George Galloway, was once a friend of Saddam. Once a member of the Labour Party he's now the leader of the Respect Party and his constituency is the Bethnal Green area of London - an area with a large Muslim population. Whilst campaigning in London ahead of next week's local elections earlier this week, he was hit by a stress ball as he ranted from an open-top bus

THE man who KO’d rebel MP George Galloway with a foam ball was hailed a hero yesterday by Sun readers.

You rushed to back Tim Heald, 32, after we told how he hurled the ball at Galloway as he ranted away on an open-top bus.

David Stevens, 29, from London, said: “It must have been a great shot. Tim’s a proper hero.”

James Fielding from Birmingham added: “He should get a medal.”

Tim was ordered to work at home after being arrested at his office in Holborn, central London, and cautioned by cops.

But he emerged to buy a copy of The Sun.

Bosses at research firm ID Factor told commercial director Tim to keep quiet, and he may face disciplinary action.

Respect boss Galloway, 53, was treated by medics.

An aide said: “George is certainly not asking for Mr Heald to be sacked.”