A bit extreme but it mkes sense.

A family from Quebec drove home from Florida with a dead body in the backseat

The family's patriarch had apparently died of a heart attack and they didn't want to deal with American hospitals and health care

A vacation to Florida ended tragically for the Drapeau family of Quebec, whose patriarch Fernand, 87, died on the drive home.
His wife and son, wary about the cost and hassle of going to an American hospital and getting Fernand’s body repatriated, decided to just keep driving to their Ormstown home, in Quebec’s Montérégie region.
It wasn’t until they got to the Canada-U.S. border at Hemmingford, Que., that the Drapeaus were stopped and searched. It’s unclear at what point in the road trip exactly the man had died. Authorities believe he had been dead for at least a day before the family reached the Canadian border.
A border official called it a “first.”
Fernand Drapeau apparently began to experience health problems near the beginning of the trip and died on the road. The 2,500-kilometre trip from Ormstown to Florida would take 24 straight hours of driving to complete. Fernand and his wife lived just 15 minutes from the border where his body was found in the back of the family car.

More: https://vancouversun.com/news/canada...1-76b032748dfa

Yup, Canadians are rushing to the US for medical treatment, eh!
Dead people don't require healthcare or a hospital.

They didn't want to pay for the refrigerated freight costs by going the legal route.
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He's also 8 hrs late........................ http://forums.canadiancontent.net/sh...d.php?t=163111
That article confirms it was the cost of flying the body back or ground shipping in a reefer.

I guess they were too cheap to buy grandma and grandpa travel insurance which is dirt cheap to begin with.

Quelle suprise.
Yup, Canadians are rushing to the US for medical treatment, eh!

As a matter of fact many are. Except for the freeloaders from Quebec that are in such a rush to inherit they would rather let a parent die than pay for travel insurance or pay a few bucks for a dr.
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