Why is Canada so soft?

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This whole Huawei thing however it turns out with Mcacallum looking all weak and stuff really shows me how weak we look internationally. We hold this one lady due to an international incident and China goes full retard in its treatment of Canadians in China all the while we look like idiots for thinking our allies will help us. What would be great for Canada is if our politicians grew a back bone.
Kind of hard to be as owned as they are of they resist, No?? Resistance does not come with any rewards.
It would be awesome if you understood the story or even knew the actual course of events.
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They fired his ass. I hope for looking like a big weakling.
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Just a throw away lizard's tail man.

Like Hoid - just to protect the truly guilty.

Take note of his fate Hoid
Canada sanctions more Russians over Ukraine


OTTAWA - Canada is restricting the finances of another 129 people, companies and organizations over Russia's treatment of Ukraine.
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland announced the new sanctions today, calling the measures a response to the ongoing occupation of Crimea and the Russian arrests of Ukrainian sailors in the Black Sea last November.
The targets include a former deputy prime minister and current chairman of Russian's state oil company, wealthy friends of President Vladimir Putin and mid-ranking public officials, and industrial concerns such as aircraft corporations and a shipyard.
Global Affairs Canada says the list of people and entities sanctioned over Russia's aggression toward Ukraine has now reached 429.
The relationship between Ukraine and Russia has grown ever more tense since protests drove Ukraine's Russian-backed president Viktor Yanukovych from office in 2014.
Russia responded by occupying Ukraine's southern Crimean Peninsula and helping separatists in eastern Ukrainian provinces close to the Russian border begin a violent rebellion.


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