The OFFICIAL Fake News Thread

most use that fake-speak like cucklefloss...the rest pretend to know what's going on like cancuck.

they're flopping and flailing. mad as hell. comical to watch.
Without Fake News they are lost
I think we can all agree that there has been plenty of fake news coming from both sides. Fake news is usually intentional, although in some cases it is the result of honest mistakes. But lately we are seeing an entirely new type of untrue news. I call it Imaginary News. Here’s a good example from the Huffington Post.

I watched President Trump’s press conference with the alleged “meltdown,” and all I saw was Trump talking the way he normally talks. The Huffington Post watched and apparently saw some other set of circumstances. That means we have three possibilities to consider:

1. Huffington Post saw the situation accurately while I was hallucinating.
2. My version of events is accurate and Huffington Post hallucinated.
3. Both the Huffington Post and I were hallucinating.


Imaginary News | Scott Adams' Blog

Imaginary News

By Kate on February 18, 2017 12:32 AM | 3 Comments
You might recall that the Huffington Post made a big deal of refusing to cover Trump on their political pages when he first announced his candidacy. They only carried him on their entertainment pages because they were so smart they knew he could not win.
Then he won.

have a trumptastic day.
Curious Cdn
So, if the report on the scourge of fake news is a fake, does that mean that there really is no "fake news"?
In 1905, the #fakenews @nytimes was running stories about Martians building canals. More accurate than their climate reporting in 2017.

Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by Locutus View Post

In 1905, the #fakenews @nytimes was running stories about Martians building canals. More accurate than their climate reporting in 2017.

Does Trump know that these canal building contracts went to foreigners?
I think the term "fake news" is the worst phrase to come out of 2017
some dandy's on this list kids:

Phony baloney: The 9 fakest fake-news checkers

Phony baloney: The 9 fakest fake-news checkers
Who is going to invent the scorecard for all the various headlines? Most are solved within 7 days but it hardly ever turns out to be who was originally to blame so that amount of delay is needed. True or false (and why)
How about it get a rating from (1-9) based on this scale??
9 Signs You
(in part)

width: 0px; "> </ 1 . They undermine your faith in your grasp of reality . Emotional manipulators are incredibly skilled liars . They insist an
incident didn’ t happen when it did , and they insist they did or said something when they didn’ t . The trouble is they’ re so
good at it that you end up questioning your own sanity . To insist that whatever caused the problem is a figment of your
imagination is an extremely powerful way of getting out of trouble .
2 . Their actions don ’t match their words . Emotional manipulators will tell you what you want to hear , but their actions
are another story . They pledge their support, but, when it comes time to follow through, they act as though your
requests are entirely unreasonable . They tell you how lucky they are to know you, and then act as though you’ re a
burden . This is just another way of undermining your belief in your own sanity . They make you question reality as you
see it and mold your perception according to what is convenient to them .
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by Locutus View Post

"Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr. is an American author and gun rights advocate. He is best known for his position as the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association and for his criticism of gun control policies."

In other words, he's one of the key leaders of the unlimited guns-for-all freak show that will ultimately destroy the American civilization.
Yes, and he's coming for you! Just you.

Okay, and Cliffy too.

Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by Murphy View Post

Yes, and he's coming for you! Just you.

Okay, and Cliffy too.

No, not for me ... just for the idiots to the south.
But the media swears by them.

By lance on March 5, 2017 10:47 AM | 8 Comments

Snopes, not so transparent. It's always the same; hire partisans, get partisan.

They should have stuck with Nigerian email scams and urban legends.

Snopes revises misleading fact check on the standing ovation for Carryn Owens

Snopes has completely rewritten its fact-check. A new author is listed in addition to the first author, though there doesn’t seem to be any other note that the piece has been heavily revised.
When you want to spread very fake news, but don't want to be held accountable in the event that it blows up in your face.

"The Burgeoning Market For Anti-Trump Hoaxes"

The Burgeoning Market For Anti-Trump Hoaxes | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD

Trump Organization: Cease-and-Desist Letter Over Cat Website Is Fake | Hollywood Reporter
Quote: Originally Posted by Locutus View Post

The Burgeoning Market For Anti-Trump Hoaxes | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD

Trump Organization: Cease-and-Desist Letter Over Cat Website Is Fake | Hollywood Reporter

Trump is a hoax and the biggest source of fake news.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cliffy View Post

Trump is a hoax and the biggest source of fake news.

If you're right Cliffy, and I'm not committed to any personality yet anyway, then the people should rise up and hang the mother fukker in front of the White Hoar House. If they have any back bones left.
No repeal for 'Obamacare' - a humiliating defeat for Trump - Winnipeg Free Press
So he's either faking he's nuts for his nutty followers or he is nuts. Even he can't decide.........

Attorneys for Alex Jones’s ex-wife presented a series of InfoWars videos to an Austin court on Tuesday, highlighting some of Jones’s shirtless or slurred rants and claiming he’s unfit to retain custody of the couple’s children.

Kelly Jones’s attorney Bobby Newman argued that the Infowars founder is fond of disrobing off air as well, including during counseling sessions.

The clip in question was one of Jones disrobing to speak about “male vitality” and his claims that the FBI is spying on U.S. citizens. Alex Jones’s attorneys responded that the rant was part of his show, and thus merely political satire unrelated to parenting.

Judge Orlinda Naranjo debated which videos were admissible, disallowing one in which an apparently drunk Alex Jones said “1776 will commence again,” arguing that the statement had political overtones.

She said it was unclear what he meant by “the age of man will commence,” and no one on either legal team could help. The judge allowed it anyway.

Other clips included one in which Alex said “I can drink a whole jug of Jack Daniels and not even show it,” a clip which attorney Wilhite said was “taken out of context.”

Jones’s attorneys are attempting to argue that America’s most foremost conspiracy theorist is practicing “political satire” that does not reflect his off-stage persona or his fitness as a parent in the trial.

“This is political satire, it’s part of his show, it has nothing pertaining to the parent-child matter,” attorney Randall Wilhite said at the Travis County Courthouse.

Wilhite’s defense of his client echoes one made at an earlier hearing in the case, in which he was quoted by the Austin-American Statesman as saying his client is a “performance artist” and that assessing his fitness to be a parent based on his on-air persona “would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in ‘Batman.’”

In a video from Monday night titled “Alex Jones’ Crucial Message to All Centipedes,” Jones tried to tamp down his own lawyer’s message.

“They’ve got articles out today that I say I’m a fake, all of this other crap. Total bull! People ask, ‘What about when you’re in a Joker outfit, is that what you really think?’ No, I’m being an actor there,” he said.

“The media is deceiving everywhere. I 110 percent believe what I stand for. We’re changing the world with you. The globalists are panicking and trying to shut us down and calling us fake news, just like Communist China does because we’re kicking their ass.”

Lawyers for Alex Jones

Yeah, a domestic affair - reporting that type of stuff like its news is kinda low

How about how google and youtube are taking away the alt news (that has proven itself correct) advertising and listings
in their attempt to force proven fake news on the peeps?

Quote: Originally Posted by darkbeaver View Post

If you're right Cliffy, and I'm not committed to any personality yet anyway, then the people should rise up and hang the mother fukker in front of the White Hoar House. If they have any back bones left.

In such a case every president should get JFK'd by the peeps.
...and in HITLARY's case, every wannabe presidunce too.

Trump was on the level till the deepstate that actually runs the country put the screws on him.
Just look at Kushner and who funds him: SOROS the nazi:
Funny how that most atrociuos deausch is OK with the leftii
Fox News limits hosts to 5 sexual harassment scandal maximum

NEW YORK – Following their decision to fire popular pundit Bill O’Reilly, Fox News has announced they are setting a “hard limit” of 5 sexual harassments for all remaining on-air talent.

After spending $13 million dollars in settlements to female employees who allege the O’Reilly Factor host harassed them, the cable network reportedly felt compelled to set a clear maximum. Going forward, Fox News execs have made it clear that after 5 harassment-related incidents they will take harsh measures, by refusing to pay settlements to accusers any longer.

“Fox News has always been an industry leader when it comes to sexual harassment,” said Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch. “We take full responsibility for being overly vague with Mr. O’Reilly, and going forward we’ll be much clearer as to how long our anchors can get away with this type of behaviour.”

Fox’s bold new industry standards have been lauded on several news programs, including Fox & Friends, Hannity, and The Sell Your Gold For Doomsday Supplies Fox News Hour. Receiving the most praise are the warnings Fox News will dole out following harassments 1 through 4, including a high five for the first sexual harassment, up to a stern look for harassment number 4.

Murdoch insists upon breaking the “5 harassments” rule, anchors will face the same zero tolerance policy as O’Reilly. “At that point, any anchor who has harassed more than 5 female subordinates will leave with only the millions of dollars he has earned over his years at Fox, as well as with a generous multi-million dollar severance package and countless opportunities to work elsewhere in right wing media,” explained Murdoch.

“Like I said – zero tolerance.”

Behind the scenes at Fox News, the tough new rules have many of the network’s anchors talking. “Is that 5 sexual harassments total, or 5 separate women,” asked Fox host Tucker Carlson. “Also, it won’t count towards my 5 if they don’t come forward, right?”

Asked whether outlining the 5 Harassment Limit earlier could have saved the job of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who was fired last year amid similar sexual harassment accusations, Murdoch burst out laughing. “A 5 harassment warning maybe would have helped Roger if we’d warned him in 1998. Maybe.”

Meanwhile, left to find new employment in light of the sexual harassment allegations against him, Bill O’Reilly is reportedly considering running for president.

White House: Mueller has not subpoenaed Trump
CNN found to be Fake again.
Fox News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos
Cliffy are current President of America the Trumpster in possible activism.

But other are Democratic Party or from Canada or from Middle East. Self I am from Europe.

Self I prefer Macron top European leader.

Trudeau and the Trumpster also cool and holier than UK, Germany and rest of European outside French leadership this Macron really centrist and socialist Putin in eastern Europe. Putin were he in whining election in Russia or is it 2018's or when it is??

Trudeau > Trump.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cannuck View Post

Non-progressives aren't racist. Racists are racists. I'm neither a progressive nor a racist. You need to stop being so silly

15 per cent racism.

30 per cent progressives.

Just my believe with Americans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cannuck View Post

You mean Clinton isn't a crook?

Of course not, she only gave Russia ownership of 5 US based uranium mines but hey, you know, Russia is the enemy and all that shit.
Current big powers:


2.Russian Federation





According my visdom with current leaders and economics plus military power for example.
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