Clifford Olsen DEAD!

this is the first I'd heard about this...and it's 3 years old!

Clifford Olson ‚€” Canada‚€™s national monster ‚€” dead at 71

Canada's first true bogeyman, Clifford Robert Olson, is dead.

The country's pioneer serial killer, whose crimes terrorized the British Columbia's Lower Mainland, died Friday in Quebec.

Olson's death was confirmed by the Correctional Service of Canada in a release Friday afternoon. He was 71.

It was learned on Sept. 21 that Olson was apparently dying of cancer with only days or weeks to live, according to families of Olson's victims.

Maple Ridge resident Ray King, father of slain teen Ray King Jr. said: "It's over, that's all I can say about it.

"Time to get on with the business of living," King said. "For 30 years I haven't really had a chance to heal some wounds because of him. Now it's onwards and upwards."

Olson was a middle-aged habitual criminal and informant when from January 1980 until August 1981 he stalked, tortured and killed at least 11 youngsters. He sexually abused scores of others.

The heinous nature of his crimes ensured infamy. But more than that, Olson is reviled because he blackmailed authorities into paying his family $100,000 for the return of his victims' remains - a macabre cash-for-corpses deal that destroyed careers and tormented survivors.

Before kinky sex killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka, before the Pig Farm Butcher, there was the "Beast of B.C." a.k.a. "the Rent-a-car Killer" because of his penchant for hiring another new car for each slaying. He savoured kiddy porn, was a recognized sexual deviant and lived most of his life in a steel and concrete cage.

Back in 1980, however, Vancouver was a truly provincial city - Expo 86 was six years away and newspapers from other provinces or countries still could take days to arrive.

The Lower Mainland was a patchwork quilt of nascent municipalities and a hodgepodge of police jurisdictions. There was little coordination among the different RCMP detachments and autonomous civic police forces, and the computer revolution had yet to occur.

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Don't let the gates of Hell hit your *** on the way down Cliff.
lone wolf
Would that be cremation or pre-heating?
Pizza oven like in Surrey.
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Pizza oven like in Surrey.

EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I remember hearing about that story.
On 104 x 142.
Clifford Olsen became a synonym for any evil child killer. During his heyday we walked our children to school. For a time it seemed there was a new victim every few days. We sure as hell cheered when they caught that bastard.
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On 104 x 142.

Found this. Thankfully I did not live in Surrey at the time...

The Bulletin - Google News Archive Search
I did.
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I did.

You didn't order from that place did you? Did they ever find out whom did the deed and whom the deed was done to?
next up, luka.
Puka Fagsnotta.
Its too bad there isnt a hell for some people to go to.
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Its too bad there isnt a hell for some people to go to.

If you believe in reincarnation there is. Olson should come back as a child sex slave or maybe a slug for several generations to redeem himself.
"Canada's National Monster", LOL.
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"Canada's National Monster", LOL.

Those who are mean to dogs come back as fire hydrants. There has to be a special
place in hell for people like this.
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Canada should bring back the death penalty..

He had many good years in prison, TV, Free Medical and Dental, good meals at the tax payers expense.

They should have hung his azz. But there are too many Liberal pansies in Canada.

"this is the first I'd heard about this...and it's 3 years old!"

No problem, Twila; good news never stops being good news.

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