The Conservative record on strengthening Canada’s military


Peter MacKay, Julian Fantino and Steven Blaney, National Post

We wish to respond to Liberal MP Marc Garneau’s recent contribution to your newspaper titled “Supporting the Armed Forces” (June 8th). In his article, Mr. Garneau attempts to extol the virtues of the Liberal party’s support for the Canadian Armed Forces. But Mr. Garneau’s commentary fails to present facts that support his claims.

It is telling that Mr. Garneau himself identifies the Liberals as having made the willful decision to move forward with “sustained significant cutbacks” in support provided for our brave men and women in uniform. This confession undermines his argument. As he knows, while in power, the Liberal government slashed the budget of our Canadian Armed Forces by over 20%.

This negligence by the previous Liberal government was perhaps best reflected by their decision to send our troops into Afghanistan wearing green uniforms and black boots in a desert setting. It is simply unbelievable that a government would approach the management of our military with such irresponsible and careless abandon.


The Conservative record on strengthening Canada
See you at the war of 1812 festival, rofl
Marc's a reasonably smart individual so I have to assume he's had some sort of medical episode when he speaks about his Liberal party and National Defense in the same sentance.

He surely should have known that the very Canadians in the age group, of all probability, he garnered the bulk of his electoral votes from would easily remember the Liberals and their disdain for all things military from Trudeau's era on and perhaps well before that.

I got out of the navy when Hellyer had to open up our enrollment contracts due to his proposed service amalgamation. Anyone, at the time could see how bad an idea this really was and acted accordingly. Another idiotic move was fast tracking officers who were bi-lingual up the rank ladder well above their proven capabilities to end up with a military top heavy with staff who were ill equipped in either experience or training.

Much better qualified personnel were held back due to not being conversant in both languages.