Edumedicated-" To Be Highly Medicated on Education"-Education is Medicinal "-

Edumedicated - " To be get Highly Medicated on Education .." - After all ...Education IS Medicinal ...

So Let's Pick a Subject ..Something, Anything , Anyone ..Learn/Research as much as we can about it, in an attempt/With the idea in mind/With the Goal being,.to make education more entertaining, interesting , and perhaps even...Dare I say .... Fun....Ultimately ...An Uplifting Experience...

Who knows maybe even learn something ...

------------------------ Just to add a supernatural aspect, for some Bizzare/ Strange/Twisted Fun...I was thinking we could research perhaps some historical figures , maybe, even some figures from the present( if we get edumedicated enough ) and attempt to figure out, what that, researched subject, would say or do... Now....Next.... In the fuuuuuutuuuuuure..-------------------------

I believe this ... " act or practice of serving as a medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with living persons" ... In the spiritual ...Supernatural world called - ....Channeling ..(.oooooooooooooo Spoooky...)

However , in more realistic, scientific terms ...I think it's more accurately called ...Research ..Study...Putting yourself in someone elses shoes..Finding out as much as you can about a subject....You know , Ask a question, then try to find out what that Subject has to say about it ....

Not to Underestimate or Discredit The Awesome Powers/The Supernatural Energies, or the other ( more scientific) Energy Transfer Phenomenons, that be, of course....That Could/Would/May/Might Prove To Be ..Ah ...Detrimental to Ones Well being..

Anyway ...All that Eerily Freakish Mumbo Jumbo aside ......Let's just get Edumedicated and see where it leads......

Who knows ...Maybe We'll get Edumedicated to a Whole new level of understanding .....


Whatever ...

Just gonna try it for something to do ...Need a New Thread..Something different ..With a Twist..

So, let's get EDUMEDICATED and see what happens...

Wanna start with the Marquis De Sade?
Allow me to start with a few examples

.Edumedication - ( Medicinal Education )

- Turning the Channel to - Theodore " Teddy " Roosevelt ...
- " The Indomitable Teddy Rooselvelt "

- " The Government aught not, to conduct the business of this country, but it aught to regulate it, so that it shall be conducted, in the interest of the public..........."

- " Eye to the Stars, Feet on the Ground "


Feet on the Ground, Head to the Stars....


Teddy Roosevelt Quotes | - Thank you for your Wise Words ..Mr.T.(T)Roosevelt ..-

Edumedication - ( Medicinal Education )

- Turning Channel to - Albert Einstein - - Einstein's Soul/Spiritual Energy is Far larger than Even Einstein, himself, could ever have imagined...

God is/of within, as we are, within it all, as 1 ..God.


Everything is Energy and Information ..he rest is recyclable Waste...


His 1st relatable answer( to my Quotes ) - " A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be "

- Sorry Mr. E(=mc^2) - I'll try to remember that ....( this channels gettin kinda spooky ..oooooooo

" Before God we are all equally wise, and equally foolish "

" Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. " A. Einstein

" Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

Think I may have Over Edumedicated....Gonna make for some Bizzaro ( Lucid) dreams tonight .......

Had a dream with Obama in it the other night ...Can't tell you what it was though ....It was top Secret
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Wanna start with the Marquis De Sade?

Do the dishes! NOW!
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Wanna start with the Marquis De Sade?

I think he would have blown his load if he saw Gaddafi's death video.
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Wanna start with the Marquis De Sade?

Oh sorry Cdn Bear ...Didn't think I'd get a response so De Sade...Ok .sure cool ....Let me just add what I already have .first if you don't mind ...Won't take a minute ( provided everything goes smooth ) ....
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Do the dishes! NOW!

You have yer genders mixed up pumpkin.
You're right. I don't do dishes. What was I thinking?

Count of Monte Cristo...

one.. two...three...four...five...six...
Right let see ...Marquis de sade -- Who I can honestly say ( respectfully ) I know little about, so this will be educational for sure , in the least

Turnin the channel to Marquis de sade...(

Already Don't know if I want to go any further with this guy...Just started and he seems pretty twisted to say the least..
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Already Don't know if I want to go any further with this guy...Just started and he seems pretty twisted to say the least..

Pretty dark fellow.

You did say you wanted interesting and entertaining.
Marquis de Sade Biography - Donatien Alphonse François, Comte de Sade, better known as the Marquis de Sade (June 2, 1740 - December 2, 1814) was a French aristocrat and author of several pornographic books, many of them written while in prison. His name is the source of the word sadism.

His name is the source of the word ...Sadism ...oh wow...that's educational ..In a twisted perverse way

From Prison , sentenced to death ,before it was over turned ( since he had ties to a rich aristocratic family ) prison again Mental institution , serious relationships with three different women + more + men ..He hated himself .....political and spirtual beliefs all over the map.. mostly an athiest.. .He died a horny ol' fat man..He is now in hell ...Where he belongs...burning with his books...Although many french continue on with his works ..He has for some reason become somewhat of a french icon .To Ol' overweight perverted horror/porn fans.apparently iconized for this idea of freedom...

...if Marquis de sade's work will stop them acting it out in real ...Well I say ...each to their own ...and they can Keep all that to their own ... Wonder if any of his readers ever got past the first 3 minutes..

Well , here's What he might say in response to my comments about him if he would cared at all about what anybody thought ..(...about anything, other than his own chauvinistic arousal, and instant gratification .......He was a Barbaric animal ..Not a civilized Human Being ...)

." In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice. "
" My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others "
" Sensual excess drives out pity in man. "
" One is never so dangerous when one has no shame, than when one has grown too old to blush"
" One weeps not save when one is afraid, and that is why kings are tyrants. "
" Truth titillates the imagination far less than fiction. "

A truly sick and twisted individual indeed..He's got me burnin red , don't think I want to go any further with this..Unnaturally, warped , individual ....Best left to burn in his own hell along with all, but the best of his work ...

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You did say you wanted interesting and entertaining.

More interesting and entertaining than:

Yeah, thanks for that CDNbear... No more requests please..You got me seein writer though ..Too bad he used his gift to curse others with carnal Sadistic thoughts/guilty, unlawful fanatical pleasures...
I was trying to see if I could find how many books he might have sold...To no avail the moment ...Probably for the better..Although I imagine he sold quite a few if they are still in circulation.. .Porn/Horror sells ...Sad but too true..
Turning the Channel to Anu ( Ancient Sumerians)

Anu - A ( Mythical )Sky God ( King of the Heavens ) to whom Kings ( like King Sargon ) might have looked up to,(literally) Perhaps mold themselves to..He was definitely High on himself..-.
Akkad and Sargon The Great

He might respond - " How lowly is the poor man!
A mill (for him) (is) the edge of the oven;
His ripped garment will not be mended;
What he has lost will not be sought for!"
" The poor man --- by (his) debts is he brought low!
What is snatched out of his mouth must repay (his) debts "

( before he killed me for lippin off..)

Forgive me King Sargon ..but this thread is more about the sky god Anu --- Anu (Mesopotamian god) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Who might warn a response in King Sargon defense...Like " “If you lie and then tell the truth, the truth will be considered a lie.” - " Whoever has walked with truth, generates life.


Thank You for your Wise Words your HIGHness...

Sumerian Gods and Goddesses - Crystalinks

Story of Anu and other Sumerian (Mesopotanian )gods is best known in the " Epic of Gilgamesh "

Epic of Gilgamesh: Tablet I

The Epic story of Gilgamesh - by Zecharia Sitchin ..If you have the time ...Perhaps a Good Bedtime story ...( iITt is, what it is )

----------- A little supernatural phenomenon ---

Sumerians and the Anunnaki-The Origins of Man-Part 1 - YouTube

The history and significance of the Babylonian god: Anu - by Lian Slayford-Wei - Helium

" Mesopotamian deities reflected the turbulent struggle that made up their everyday days - they depended on the rivers for their livelihoods but sudden floods could be disastrous. In addition to this, they were under constant threat from hostile neighbours. Due to these reasons, the myths of Mesopotamia depicted a constant struggle between life and death, chaos and order "

Enki Sumerian Tablet Translation Ch.1- 1 of 6 - YouTube - The Tablets of Enki are filled with hopelessness/ Despair/ Grim Darkness as he writes about the fall of a once great land ,the chaos that ultimately ensues , consumes..Sumer...It's people.. It's ways ...( gone but not forgotten + 3000 or -5000 yrs..)

Anu might say - Listen,Learn,Watch your Lip Or L^3 (..Ok , ok ..that's mine.The 3 L's .- However the Real translation of L^3 would be something like , L= Happiness, Abundance.. The Proto-Sumerian Language Invention Process ...3 = Growth , Power ...Cycle of life..Beginning/Middle/End ..All .. Numbers and their Meanings - Crystalinks )

So " Anu would say ..".Be Good... All Give Praise... Start with the intention that you will complete.Come full Cycle..Finish what you start...and You will find Growth , Earn Great Power,..... Or .....Else... "

Ok ..Wow..I think I've Overdosed on Edumedication ...Time to take a break for now ...

But before I go ( for now) ..Let me conclude( Finish) quoting 1 thing positive, that I'm sure most good Sumerians would agree to say, to us , today( Maybe not Enki, but the majority of Sumerians anyway....)

" May God(s) Keep you healthy "..." May you find Peace.."

Over and outta here ..For now ...
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While researching Sumerians , more specifically Gods/Goddesses, Kings/Queens .. I came across the story of King Sargon's Daughter, Princess, Poet, Priestess Enheduanna..A powerful ,interesting lady, with an intriquing story of history ...


Turning the Channel to ; Princess/Poet/High Priestess Enheduanna ( 2285-2250 B.C.E )

After King Sargon expanded his kingdom to become ruler of Not only Sumer but of Ur and Uruk ..His daughter , Princess Enheduanna, a gifted poet , was given the title En Priestess, the personification of Inanna - The moon goddess....Reigning over Ur/Uruk/Sumer/Akkad...Bringing Sumerian culture and Akkadian cultures together...

En-Priestess Enheduanna was the first author known by name. Although no physical remains of her have been found, her Poetry was discovered on many tablets/ceremonial discs..The best of her work was written in the midst of an attempted coup by Sumerian Rebel Lugal-Ane who forced Enheduanna into exile for a short time..

This poem, and many others were written then .

Banishment from Ur

You asked me to enter the holy cloister,
The giparu,
and I went inside, I the high priestess
I carried the ritual basket and sang
Your praise.
Now I am banished among the lepers.
Even I cannot live with you.
Shadows approach the light of day, the light
Is darkened around me,
Shadows approach the daylight,
Covering the day with sandstorm.
My soft mouth of honey is suddenly confused.
My beautiful face is dust.

Enheduanna is remembered for the forty-two poems she wrote reflecting personal frustrations and hopes, religious devotion, her response to war and feelings about the world she lived in.

Roberts - Enheduanna, Daughter of King Sargon: Princess, Poet, Priestess - Transoxiana 8



She is best known for her works Inninsagurra, Ninmesarra, and Inninmehusa, which translate as 'The Great-Hearted Mistress’, The Exaltation of Inanna’, and 'Goddess of the Fearsome Powers’, all three powerful hymns to the goddess Inanna (later identified with Ishtar and, still later, Aphrodite). These hymns re-defined the gods for the people of the Akkadian Empire under Sargon’s rule and helped provide the underlying religious homogeniety sought by the king....

Enheduanna -- Ancient History Encyclopedia

Enheduanna was a truly Remarkable Icon of her time ...and beyond...into immortality ..Please read the links for more info ...Very interesting history ...

However, there is another reason I decided to put Priestess Enheduanna on the Edumedicated thread...

As I was quickly reading through the history of the Sumerians. Its Gods and Goddessess'... Kings and Queens...Something of Significance, Supernatural, caught my eye ...

- The High Priestess Tarrot card

Originated from Ancient Stories/History/Beliefs passed down centuries on ancient tablets and by great story tellers such as the Sumerians( Enheduanna )....Stories about Great Gods/Goddesses like Ana/Inanna...; En-Priests and Priestesses such as King Sargon and En-Priestess Enheduanna were enshrinded into these Tarrot cards/Readings..

The High Priestess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So .. Anyway .. Admittedly, I needed a break from reading, and decided to check out some Free Tarrot Card readings..For Fun ...

Llewellyn Worldwide - This one was the best out of the five I tried...

There were some interesting yet fairly general responses to the question I asked ( I'm not going to say what it was , or my wish might not come true ( or is that only with B-Day wishes?..doesn't matter, not sayin anyway ))..

What was kinda Freakishly Eerie, was what happened after the third FreeTarrot Card reading. I noticed something a little strange/Bizzare..Consistent..A pattern forming ...
I proceeded to complete another two Tarrot Card readings before it was confirmed.Giving me the hibbie Jibbies ,...Goose bumps ..Caused the Hair on the back of my neck to stand up .And all that spooky spiritual stuff you hear about from channellers, mystics and sorceress'ess's(?) of sorts, about such spiritual energy transfers, and the likes..It/They All began to play on/with my mind...

The High Priestess Card had Consistently/ Consecuatively/ Time after time ...5 times .. Turned up in my Tarrot card readings ..

Was It an Aura of spirituality?...A visiting from the beyond?..Enheduanna herself being summoned by my prying, ignorant, curriosity ?..Along with a bunch of that other supernatural energy hupla ?.....or.... Was it simply a self inflicted late night scare, due to coincidence, to a few links that happened to be relatable, while on a quest to find something deeper, more super natural, spiritual for this edumedicated thread..

Who knows ?

Doesn't matter....All I know is it freaked me out enough to stop asking anymore tarrot card questions ..Filled my Edumedication Prescription and persuaded me to retire for the night... Get some much needed rest...

--- I dreamt of Enheduanna..-----
But that's a story better left to the sanctity of my dreams.( Hot..Notty Temptress .Had a way with Words.Powerful.Domineering.(My Hierarchical Priestess.). )

..Aw..yes...The Beautiful, Powerful, High Priestess , Poet , Lovely Lady of Night Skies ...En Priestess Enheduanna..Thank you for your insightfulness, your wonderous ways, your powerful words and a dreamworld of thoughtful delights, under the spell of moonlight.
.An enchanted history .. A night full of Edumedication to be remembered ..Forever.. Always..Allways...

Enheduannas Poems -
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