Pipe line protesting hypocrites

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You should rush out and buy all that land, just to spite the eeevvviiiillllll banksters

Buy Devon Island and sell tickets to Mars. Might have to build a $3T wormhole first. Donations, . . . anyone?

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Thanks for the info. The question remains though..... How does all this happen at -10C or -30C in wilderness areas. Bitumen is really thick to begin with but in those temps it must be worse.

No it will simply stay put for simple and easy clean up .

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How much taxpayer money did Burnaby waste? That money could have went to finally fill storm water ditches and build sidewalks for residents south of Rumble.

No that water flows directly into the Fraser , it is already dirty .
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Nothing amazes me about Hoidie, JLM. If anything I find him under-whelming.

Yep, I have him pegged as being a bit of an odd duck with perhaps an over inflated idea of what he knows! Takes all kinds to make a world I guess. There's a couple who are more annoying than him!

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