"The boy who cried wolf".....was a sikko JEWW

All lies and manipulation techniques...in an attempt to destroy family, love and marriage. Because there sickness prevents them from understanding any of it. Horrifically, brutalizing our children and the citizens of this country.... Canada... allowing this to happen!!!!
Nobody speaks up, new immigrants don't have a clue.....as well as the new generations of children.

And those dirty, sikkk, coward Jews are behind it all.... with of course the help of the ENGLISH!!!!

All these years.. spreading fake news, alienating whole immigrant communities through there savagery. Father's going to prison, murdered, children being tortured, horrifically abused and demeaned. The phukkin trickery, "this guy doesn't fit in", "the angry black man", "doesn't smile, too quite" "he talks to much".
The bulling at work, constant provocation, being treated differently, the poke, the jab, deliberately walking into you, demeaning.... and if you said " hey wate a minute Jews boi"..... well now you are an "angry black man"
and in comes the police.

"I don't know officer, he's always angry. We tried to be accommodating, but he just never fit in"
And every one knows there role.

The jewww coward, pedo JEWWW is a master of manipulation, trickery and lies. And he's "likeable, funny, gets an awful lot of sympathy, believable, every one loves him. He's the manager, judge, crown prosecutor, "expert" (my personal favorite",, psychiatrist, pharmaceutical manufacturer, lots of doctors.....everyone trusts doctor's. Because they are there to help. Those drugs couldn't possibly be destroying your immune system and kidneys. " You feel even worse Maan?? Well let me increase the disease" Jewww boi could sell you a heater in the middle of the Sahara desert..... especially to those smarter than men.... WOMAN!!!! Go get your flu shot...Berdych!!!!

The female has been George Soros and Jewwws secret weapon.

You idiots just didn't let them take over the $$$$$, education system, medical industry, criminal no justice system..... your soul!!!!!.

Because, when you have your "masters degree" and you are Doctor, lawyer, TEACHER, expert,.... and they tell you that red meat is bad for you and peanut butter is a "super food" (another jewwwish term", well wifey is going to shove that down your throat. Just like they did with the worst sickness ever... homosexuality.

"Woman are smarter", you are just a dumbass man doing all the hard work, never appreciated. They especially don't want men around. Just twunjs and woman. Sooooo "I'm scared of him, he doesn't fit in" attack, attack, attack

"Those east Indians are homophobic". "It's there culture"
The joooo bs media grabs a hold of it and now.... everyone is hating on you.

I never hated in you sikkos.... until just recently!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

"But everyone deserves a 2nd Chance", says wifey, "he didn't mean it"

Not this time jewww ... you have called wolf one two many times.
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Clearly, it's the ENGLISH JOOOOOOOOOS!