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Lac-Megantic rail bypass to be funded jointly by federal, Quebec governments | Toronto Sun
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Netflix accused of using footage of Lac-Megantic disaster in 'Bird Box'
Canadian Press
January 15, 2019
January 15, 2019 7:44 PM EST
Smoke rises from railway cars that were carrying crude oil after derailing in downtown Lac-Megantic, Que., Saturday, July 6, 2013.Paul Chiasson / THE CANADIAN PRESS
MONTREAL — A day after learning that a science-fiction show on Netflix used actual footage of the Lac-Megantic rail disaster, the mayor of the Quebec town said she believes images of the tragedy were used in a second Netflix production, “Bird Box.”
Lac-Megantic Mayor Julie Morin wants the streaming service to take a look at its movie and TV catalogue to make sure no other production is using images of the tragedy as entertainment.
“I don’t know if this is happening all the time, but we are looking for assurances from Netflix that … they are going to remove them,” Morin said in an interview. “You can be sure we are going to follow up on this, and our citizens are on our side.”
High school ethics teacher Guillaume Bouchard was watching the most recent season of “Travelers” on Netflix over the holidays when he noticed something oddly familiar on his screen.
In the science-fiction series, a nuclear device had just exploded on the streets of London, but instead of seeing fires ravaging locations in the U.K. capital, Bouchard was looking at orange flames towering over a small town. At the end of the street, a black oil tanker burned in the background.
“I thought: No way. No way did they do that,” Bouchard said in an interview. He paused the show and after a quick internet search had his suspicions confirmed. The brief images on Netflix were taken from real-life footage of one of the deadliest disasters in recent Canadian history, when a train carrying crude oil derailed, exploded and killed 47 people in Lac-Megantic in 2013.
“I don’t know anyone who died in Lac-Megantic,” Bouchard said. “But if I was someone who lost someone close and I was home and I saw this, I don’t know how I would react. It wouldn’t be good.”
“Travelers,” created by Canadian Brad Wright, was shot in Vancouver and produced by Peacock Alley Entertainment Inc., originally in association with Netflix and Showcase. Netflix picked up the show as the exclusive distributor for the latest season, the third.
Carrie Mudd, president of Toronto-based Peacock Alley Entertainment, said her company acquired the footage from a stock image vendor called Pond 5, which is based in New York City, and they “weren’t aware of its specific source.” A request for comment from Pond 5 was not returned.
“We sincerely apologize and had no intention to dishonour the tragic events of 2013,” Mudd said in an email. “We are already working to replace the footage in the show.” As of Tuesday evening, the images were still part of the “Travelers” episode available for viewing on Netflix Canada.
A spokesman for Netflix did not want to be interviewed, but said the company has contacted Peacock Alley Entertainment, and confirmed the images would be removed. When asked by email to confirm “Bird Box” also used real-life footage from the disaster, the company said it needed time to look into it.
Morin said she first heard of the images used on “Travelers” Monday.
“We find that it’s really a lack of respect, to use these images as fiction and entertainment,” she said. “It’s hard enough for our citizens to see these images when they are used normally and respectfully on the news. Just imagine, to have them used as fiction, as if they were invented.”
On Tuesday, a Lac-Megantic citizen posted images on social media of the movie “Bird Box,” where in the early moments of the movie, a television newscast used the images for a few seconds to illustrate a town being under attack.
Morin said she viewed the footage posted by the citizen. “We see the images (of Lac-Megantic) clearly,” she said. The Canadian Press viewed the footage in “Bird Box”, which is identical to amateur video shot immediately after the derailment. The amateur video can be easily found online.
Bouchard said he felt it was his “duty as a citizen” to go public after identifying the Lac-Megantic content. He said he knows what happened was a mistake, but “it needed to be talked about.”
He said he also considers it a teachable moment he can use in his ethics class. “Naturally, I will talk about it one day (in school),” he said.
Netflix has no plans to cut Lac-Megantic disaster footage from 'Bird Box'
Associated Press
January 17, 2019
January 17, 2019 6:00 PM EST
MONTREAL — Netflix is refusing to remove from its hit movie Bird Box footage of the rail explosion that killed 47 people in Lac-Megantic, despite an appeal from the town’s mayor.
But the streaming company has said it will ensure no future productions on its platform use images of the disaster for entertainment, according to Lac-Megantic Mayor Julie Morin, who spoke to a Netflix representative Thursday.
Netflix accused of using footage of Lac-Megantic disaster in ‘Bird Box’
Teen driver does ’Bird Box’ challenge; results were ’predictable’: Cops
Netflix raises movie-viewership curtain with ’Bird Box’
Meanwhile, the head of the company that sold the images of the Lac-Megantic disaster to the producers of Bird Box, said he is “devastated” by the way the footage was used.
“We didn’t do all we could on our end to make sure that people understood the sensitive nature of the content, because what happened is not appropriate,” Jason Teichman, the CEO of New York City-based Pond5, said in an interview Thursday.
Morin said in a statement she is satisfied Netflix has “committed to reflect with their partners on the use of images so that this situation is not repeated.” She said she “sensed a sensitivity to the recovery of our citizens.”
Town spokeswoman Karine Dube said the Netflix representative called the mayor unsolicited Thursday morning and told her the company would not be removing the images from Bird Box.
At least two dramas currently on Netflix’s Canadian platform, including Bird Box, briefly use actual footage of the 2013 derailment. Morin told The Canadian Press Tuesday that she wanted the company to review its catalogue and remove the images. She said use of the videos showed a lack of respect and had upset residents, many of whom are suffering post-traumatic stress.
Pond5 sold footage of the burning town to Bird Box and another Netflix production, Travelers. Teichman said his company doesn’t hold the rights to the 14 million video clips in its global content catalogue, which is accessible through its website. Rather, he said, Pond5 licenses footage from people such as historians, filmmakers and journalists and splits the revenue 50-50 when the images are sold.
He wouldn’t say who shot the Lac-Megantic video, citing privacy concerns. He said his company has contacted customers who purchased any related clips of Lac-Megantic. It held “very clear conversations so that there was zero ambiguity regarding the sensitive nature of the content so that there can be no room for misunderstanding,” he said.
But he recognized that his company doesn’t control the artistic direction of the people who purchase his content. “We don’t police them, and we don’t censor what they do,” he said. “We’re going to make the efforts to do what we can on our end, to ensure (the footage) is being used as appropriately as possible.”
Netflix spokespeople have declined repeated requests for comment on the controversy.
Netflix apologizes for using Lac-Megantic footage in ’Bird Box’
Canadian Press
January 22, 2019
January 22, 2019 5:43 PM EST
Netflix Releases Staggering Viewership...
featured by
MONTREAL — Netflix is apologizing to the people of Lac-Megantic after actual footage of the 2013 rail disaster that devastated the town was used in dramas on the streaming service.
The company says it had not been aware of the source of the footage used briefly in the hit movie “Bird Box” and the series “Travelers.” The images show the explosion that killed 47 people when an oil-laden train derailed in the middle of downtown.
“We regret any pain caused to the Lac-Megantic community and have expressed this directly to Mayor Julie Morin,” the letter addressed to Quebec Culture Minister Nathalie Roy said. Dated Monday, it is signed by Corie Wright, Netflix Inc. director of public policy.
The company says it will take steps to avoid use of images from Lac-Megantic or any similar stock footage in future productions. But it says that since use of stock footage is so widespread on Netflix, it cannot make changes to “finished content.”
Teen driver does ’Bird Box’ challenge; results were ’predictable’: Cop
Netflix raises movie-viewership curtain with ’Bird Box’
Roy wrote to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings last Friday asking that the footage be removed from the dramatic productions and used only in documentaries. She said it was unacceptable to use human tragedies for entertainment purposes.
Netflix has refused to remove the footage from “Bird Box,”despite appeals from Roy and Morin. The producers of “Travelers” have said they are working replace the Lac-Megantic images in their show.
In an emailed statement, Roy welcomed Netflix’s apology and its recognition of its mistake. “However, we find it regrettable that the company is maintaining its decision not to remove the images of this tragedy from the film ’Bird Box,’ when it has already accepted to do so for another of its series, which in our eyes is illogical,” she said.
It is North American business as usual.

Bankruptcy is the get out of jail free card.

Look at PG&E in California faced with massive losses on the fires. What do they do?

Chapter 11 and bonuses all around for the board. Meanwhile the tax payer will take care of everything as they always do in capitalist societies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

It is North American business as usual.

Bankruptcy is the get out of jail free card.

Look at PG&E in California faced with massive losses on the fires. What do they do?

Chapter 11 and bonuses all around for the board. Meanwhile the tax payer will take care of everything as they always do in capitalist societies.

Strange, I actually agree with you on this.
Who stepped in to buy a pipeline that wasn't even for sale and nobody in their right mind would buy anyway?

The list is endless.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

Who stepped in to buy a pipeline that wasn't even for sale and nobody in their right mind would buy anyway?

The list is endless.

POOR HYPOCRITE HOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

He really should move to Cuba- but the Comrades there will not indulge him as Cdn LIE-berals do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoid is lost among us capitalists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is so DELUDED that he thinks Our idiot Boy buying the Kinder Morgan pipeline is some sort of VIRTUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our idiot Boy has told us the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

He TRULY WANTS to prevent us from ever using oil for any purpose in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Without ANY REGARD for what will replace it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Or how many lives wll be devastated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People living in old folks homes have a murder rate 4 times higher than what Toronto is currently enduring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet LIE-berals soldier on with their poisoned policies without regard for the growing army of WORRIED AND ANGRY CDNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals THINK the silent majority will remain silent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been harshly critical of our civil service union Hogs and they dont like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Various studies indicate that Hogs earn one third more than workers doing comparable work in private sector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That means a Hog electrician earns one third more than an electrician in the private sector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can Hogs justify such a disparity???????????????????????????????????

They cannot - so they turn to CENSORSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

I got the following question from a Hog a while back:

“The Unions, please do tell this Unionized Worker exactly what we get that you do not? Better pay for specialized employment sure, that came from Education and learning skills. sorry bagging groceries or asking if people want fries with their dollar pop doesn't pay 14/hr as its meant to be a students job not a career!

This is typical Hog arrogance speaking! First, Hog workshops are CLOSED to ordinary people! Becoming a HOG requires the same sort of credentials as are required to become ROYALTY! One MUST be BORN into the exalted and grossly entitled position-NO random citizens need apply! Its best if you have a parent who is a Hog of long standing with the union, though basically any relative by blood or marriage in good enough standing with union executives can probably get you in....depending on the level of competition from other equally entitled Royal relatives.....some Hogs are more equal than others you know and some Hog jobs are more in demand!

In a private workplace the boss decides which employee candidates he thinks will best fit his organizational needs and the boss makes HIS choice based on efficiency and company bottom line. The existing employees have no real say in who is hired. This is in SHARP contrast to HOG hiring policy which requires that you serve an apprenticeship/probationary period during which time the union and your fellow employees will pass judgement on you.....if you are judged unsuitable-that is-judged unsympathetic to Hog philosophy and their endless entitlements (in other words if you have a conscience and a sense of fair play) you will NOT be offered long term employment, rather, you will be terminated as quickly as possible-for the good of the HOGS!

The typical Hog also likes to speak of special skills possessed by Working Family members. And what skills might a garbage man have, pray tell? Except for a strong stomach and limited sense of smell? But Hogs have no shame-they will fight like wild Boars for the infamous “jobs for life” clause for garbage men! At this point a garbage man does not even need a strong back-the machines do most of the heavy lifting of bins....and we all know how quick they are to leave behind any bags and bundles they consider too large or inconvenient to handle! The Hog likes to sneer at people bagging groceries, serving drinks and such-stupid adults (so he says) trying to live on wages from a `kids temporary` job....and then sets up his garbage men Hog allies as exalted labourers doing `skilled` work.....they are not doing a kids job, they are doing a job that used to be done by CONVICTS on a chain gang-picking up waste in public places, clearing roads and such!

How about the now nearly obsolete post man? Greedy Hogs all and nothing but overgrown children with a fancy paper route! A combination of technology and THEIR OWN ENDLESS GREED killed them off!!! In 1969, the letter carrier union president came on the radio to crow (after another LONG mail strike in a world without e-mail or UPS/Fedex) “that Cdn letter carriers are now the best compensated civil servants on the planet”! How is that working out for you Hogs now that your stranglehold on ALL mail and parcel delivery is ended?

And the typical clerk filing papers in a government office? What special skills do THEY bring to the job? Other than an ability to dream up endless “entitlements” that are bankrupting the country!

In the private sector a clerk who fails to file all documents in a timely manner may be deemed lazy and be FIRED. But a Hog clerk grieves to the union and is judged to be over worked and in need of assistance....laziness rewarded! Government work is a race `WON` by the slowest!

Street sweepers....well....SOME skill needed there I guess? Bad form to accidentally suck up a sleeping homeless person?

Or the guy who runs the Zamboni? How much university training is required to drive the machine around the ice rink and avoid bumping into the boards or getting the machine stuck behind the net?

How about employees of the Parks Department? Several years back there was a MAJOR battle between parks employees in a certain Cdn city and some civic minded old Grannies! The city decreed they had no time or money to plant flowers that spring in a local park-so the beds were left empty and filling with weeds. And some Grannies-using their own time and THEIR OWN MONEY pulled weeds and planted some flowers. How much university training is required to plant flowers and pull weeds? Even an old Granny can do it! And how ARROGANT a HOG must you be to threaten to SUE the Grannies for “making unauthorized alterations to the park”? Fortunately senior union officials realized the scale of the public relations black eye their members were building and ordered a retreat.....Granny CAN now plant flowers in the neglected park if she wishes......

The City of Toronto has a group of employees whose job it is to regularly visit each and every public school and read the thermostats and adjust furnace settings IF NECESSARY. We pay school principles over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR-NOT INCLUDING THE FABULOUS PENSION AND ASSORTED OTHER PERKS to train and keep safe our children ......and yes, some of the school heating equipment is so old and rickety that it should not be tampered with by amateurs- and dilapidated schools are a rant for another day- but the school board feels we cannot trust school principles to report in if the school feels too hot or too cold-some Hog has to come out especially to take the school temperature! And of course the school board COULD HAVE installed more modern and less temperamental equipment....IF ONLY they had not wasted ALL that money on HOG GRAVY!!!!

And how important is the job of thermostat setter? One of them got fired for spending 4-6 HOURS a day-2-4 DAYS each week taking judo lessons DURING company time! The Hog finally got fired because he was caught so often that it was making city supervisors (and the other thermostat setters) look bad! Yeah, high skill job there and a REAL NEED for the position too if you can go `missing for days or weeks on end and its private citizens who rat you out to your boss because they are sick of seeing your truck parked on their street while you goof off!!

How about Metrolinx....that collection of Hog dreamers endlessly planning beautiful new transit systems that will NEVER BE BUILT because there is NO MONEY- thanks to GREEDY HOGS. There could have been a couple more stations built on the Shepard subway line by now if the money had been used for that instead of those endless studies ! I am sure it takes education to plan out a transit line.....but what education does it take to shrug and say: sorry, we already have a DOZEN fine studies that are ALL USELESS because we have NO MONEY- but Hogs keep cranking out studies anyway! And its not as if the studies were accurate-in its first year of operation the Shepard Line carried twice as many customers as planned- and look at the line of brand new condominiums along that stub Shepard line- if you build it they will come! Hogs are just Too clever for their own good!!!!

And its not like the City Planner studies are USEFUL either! Anybody remember Ataratiri? That wonderful new housing complex and grand new planned community that was to be built in the Portlands? A BILLION DOLLARS (in 1980`s cash) spent to evict heavy industries and expropriate land- and in the end....NOTHING!!! Thanks to a century of use by heavy industry the land is too polluted to live on- UNLESS BILLIONS MORE DOLLARS (which government does not have) are spent cleaning up pollution- but city planners GOT PAID for that useless plan! City Hogs wasted a billion dollars to drive out businesses that were making a profit, providing jobs and paying taxes- and replaced them with NOTHING!

The land now sits empty and essentially abandoned....while the city schemes (and spends MORE on plans) to make some use of the turning some of it into an 8 lane boulevard.....trashing the commute times of anybody who uses either Lakeshore Blvd OR Gardiner Expressway! Take TWELVE LANES of traffic and squeeze them into EIGHT and then add a pack of new stop lights and LOWER SPEED LIMITS- here are two questions for the oh so clever Hogs: how much will traffic REALLY and truthfully be impeded in down town Toronto- and do you give a sh+t about it? WE KNOW YOUR ANSWER!!!!

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Or how about those Toronto paramedics? It does take skill and education to do that job well -as well as a strong stomach! But WHY are they just now SUDDENLY WHINING about their PTSD problems? They are really quite clever to be crying about how hard and horrible their jobs are- right in the middle of contract negotiations. One might almost think they had decided to put on a show to seek sympathy? In this case PTSD CLEARLY MEANS Petty Tyrants Seeking Dollars!!!! And they think we are not smart enough to see through this crap?

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Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

Who stepped in to buy a pipeline that wasn't even for sale and nobody in their right mind would buy anyway?
The list is endless.

It wasn't bought for you and me, it was bought for our Charter specific superior race.

As a stakeholder I want every other stakeholder to decide what they want to do with their share.

Mine isn't for sale to a superior race.
Quote: Originally Posted by petros View Post

It wasn't bought for you and me, it was bought for our Charter specific superior race.

As a stakeholder I want every other stakeholder to decide what they want to do with their share.

Mine isn't for sale to a superior race.

POOR STUPID LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

They do everything in their power to BREAK anything democratic or capitalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

And then when they succeed in breaking something then they point and say: "LOOK- the stupid thing is broken so we dont need it any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

LIE-beral hypocrisy is an incredibly poisoned program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Canadian MPs condemn Netflix for using Lac-Megantic images in Bird Box
Canadian Press
More from Canadian Press
January 30, 2019
January 30, 2019 5:28 PM EST
Smoke rises from railway cars that were carrying crude oil after derailing in downtown Lac-Megantic, Que., July 6, 2013.Paul Chiasson / The Canadian Press / Files
OTTAWA — Netflix should compensate the people of Lac-Megantic for using footage of the 2013 rail disaster there in fictional dramas, Canada’s members of Parliament have agreed unanimously.
The motion they passed is non-binding, an expression of sentiment and not a law. But it’s a stern rebuke from Canada’s Parliament aimed at the online streaming giant, after footage from the rail explosion that killed 47 people in the Quebec town was used in the hit movie Bird Box and the series Travelers.
MPs are demanding that Netflix remove all images of the Lac-Megantic tragedy from its fiction catalogue — a plea that has also been made by Quebec’s culture minister Nathalie Roy and Lac-Megantic Mayor Julie Morin.
Netflix has apologized, saying it was not aware of the source of the footage, and has agreed to take steps to avoid using it in future productions.
But the company has refused to remove the images from Bird Box, a disaster movie released late last year.
That’s something NDP MP Pierre Nantel, who introduced the House of Commons motion this week, says he cannot accept.
“We know people are going to go and watch this film, and again these real images will be used,” he said. “For people in Lac-Megantic, they saw images of their own downtown burning, and could imagine their own family members in it.”
He noted the movie was produced by Netflix and exists almost exclusively online — so it’s not a case of a production company trying to recall movies widely distributed to cinemas or to consumers on DVDs.
“It’s online, it’s their own and it’s an image that is easy to switch out.”
Netflix refused comment Wednesday, pointing only to a letter the company sent last week to Roy in response to her concerns. In it, the company’s public-policy director Corie Wright says while Netflix “understands that many feel frustration and sadness at seeing images of this tragic event,” the company cannot make changes to “finished content.”
Netflix apologizes for using Lac-Megantic footage in ’Bird Box’
Netflix has no plans to cut Lac-Megantic disaster footage from ‘Bird Box’
Netflix accused of using footage of Lac-Megantic disaster in ‘Bird Box’
As for the demand from the House of Commons that Netflix pay compensation to the community of Lac-Megantic for using the rail disaster for entertainment purposes, the company had no comment.
Netflix has been a lightning rod of discontent in Quebec ever since it agreed to invest $500 million over five years in Canada as part of the federal government’s cultural policy, which included a promise to set up a Canadian production facility.
Netflix committed to spend $25 million to develop French-language content, but the lack of a contractual obligation to produce and stream it came under heavy scrutiny in Quebec, where former federal culture minister Melanie Joly and her plan were pilloried and dismissed as naive. Joly has since been shuffled to Tourism, Official Languages and la Francophonie.
Nantel says he does not want to conflate the taxation and Canadian content concerns involving Netflix and other streaming services with this specific issue, but he did point out that if a traditional Canadian broadcaster had used Lac-Megantic footage in a similar way, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council could be called on to intervene.
“Like Ms. Roy said, you cannot leave your broadcasting system to be some sort of wild west where everybody is doing whatever they want,” Nantel said.
Netflix: Lac-Megantic footage to be removed from 'Bird Box'
Canadian Press
March 14, 2019
March 14, 2019 10:03 AM EDT
Netflix Releases Staggering Viewership...
featured by
OTTAWA — After initially refusing, Netflix has agreed to remove images of the 2013 Lac-Megantic disaster from its blockbuster film, Bird Box.
“Netflix and the filmmakers of Bird Box have decided to replace the clip,” a spokesman for the streaming company said in an email to The Canadian Press. “We’re sorry for any pain caused to the Lac-Megantic community.”
People in the Quebec town and across the province were shocked after learning in January that footage from the derailment and explosion that killed 47 people was used in the drama starring Sandra Bullock
Demands that the brief scene be removed came from politicians at all levels, including Lac-Megantic Mayor Julie Morin.
Morin said she is satisfied with Netflix’s decision. “Yes, there was a delay, but I think in the end, what’s more important for me, is that we have a solution to this situation we felt was important to settle,” she said in an interview.
Story continues below
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Quebec Culture Minister Nathalie Roy wrote to the company Jan. 18 calling for it to take out footage of the burning town. The company initially apologized and promised to do better, but until now it had refused to edit the film.
Three months later, Netflix decided to change course.
Morin said the film industry needs to reconsider its use of stock footage. “I think it’s important for the industry to reflect on this,” she said in an interview. “It appears that has happened in this case.”
In a written statement, Roy said “the gesture was long-sought by Quebecers.”
The House of Commons adopted a motion Jan. 29 demanding Netflix remove the images and compensate the town.
The Canadian Press learned that the footage will be removed from the film within the next two weeks.


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