The trickle of refugees fleeing the U.S. to Canada could become a deluge in the sprin

This thread should be closed. the spring has already come and gone. it is time for this thread to go, too.
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It looks like the dumbass deluge muthers are gone back to the USA
Nice Thread!
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PITY our poor foolish Bondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His beloved LIE-berals are in total disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Worse yet- they have been caught out in various lies about the number of illegals who are already here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yet more trouble falls to them as they lie about how many are coming- with LIE-berals telling us that the number arriving is dropping yet there are MORE arrivals for thisw year than last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIE-berals even get caught out LYING about how much the illegals are costing us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And LIE-berals even get caught out LYING about how many illegals are overloading our homeless shelters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIE-berals even lie about our "homeless crisis" and fail to admit that FORTY PERCENT of those using the shelters are now illegals!!!!!!!
Here is the latest happy news from Big Brother:
Another Homeless Hilton set to open near Ave & Dav
(With some comments of my own in brackets):
By Sue-Ann Levy. Published: October 25, 2018. Updated: October 25, 2018 6:53 PM EDT
Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Toronto & GTA
A women’s transitional shelter that could rival the $11.5-million Homeless Hilton is set to open sometime before the end of the year in the Ave and Dav neighbourhood.
All told, the new shelter will cost city taxpayers at least $9.2-million just to open its doors, which includes the $7.2-million purchase price of the tony building (including closing costs) plus the $2-million-plus budget to renovate it, according to figures provided by city officials.
The $11.5-million Shelter Assessment and Referral Centre at 129 Peter St. — which finally opened in November of 2010 — was labelled the Homeless Hilton after it went 100% over budget.
The Davenport Rd. shelter will initially serve 53 women, says city spokesman Pat Anderson — equating to $173,584 per homeless client.
(The cost of a town house in Chatham Ont. Is said to be currently UNDER $100 grand! Maybe we should ship all these unemployed homeless people to south western ONT? I am sure many politicians down that way would be DELIGHTED to suck up some Hogtown gravy while saving us some cash!)
That doesn’t include the operational costs of $105-a-day per client.
(I wonder if that $105 per day includes meals? After all -you cannot expect a crack addict to handle a stove on their own! They might burn the costly place down!!!!)
Now I’m not saying there shouldn’t be this kind of shelter; I’m saying it is one expensive band aid. Surely to goodness city staff didn’t need to purchase such a ritzy site, that vacant city sites were available.
(OH, we have already been through this crap- there are NO SUITABLE vacant sites! All those EMPTY and UNUSED buildings down at the CNE grounds are unsuitable because they are not convenient enough to transit, to assorted services such as stores and drug dealers, nor to good panhandling sites!!! With emphasis on the need for GOOD panhandling sites!!!!)
(It is insulting the city Hogs cite “privacy issues” to hide how many of their “clients” are addicts! And it is even worse that Hogs refuse to tell us how many clinets are now illegals! Should we ask if Hogs figure illegals are entitled to be planted in better- meaning more costly- areas of the city?)
(Or perhaps the civil service union Hogs who would be staffing the place made it clear that they were not comfortable operating in lower rent districts? LIE-berals ROUTINELY INSIST that crime rates are DOWN- and yet so many women still do not feel safe on our mean streets!)
(And maybe even male staff were uncomfortable with low rent areas- who wants to leave a nice car parked in some slum- to be vandalized by addicts and criminals?)
(Or maybe the place is so costly because it is handy to a subway station? One of the ENTITLEMENTS of a Hog is an EASY COMMUTE! Ordinary people can freeze to death at a bus stop- but Hogs expect BETTER treatment!)
But it was an easy fix. The location initially served as a “low barrier” shelter for transients, plunked into the neighbourhood with no consultation from then-local councillor Joe Cressy.
When residents questioned the influx of drunk and drug-addicted clients, Cressy held a press conference with former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson (who lives nowhere near 348 Davenport Rd.) to attack residents for daring to oppose it.
(It is quite fascinating how many LIE-berals and Hogs THINK they can justify their excess of gravy by giving poor people OUR CASH!!!!!!!!!)
But now Cressy has moved on to the new Ward 10 where he will no doubt guilt residents into accepting what is sure to be the fallout (based on the history of other respite shelters such as this one and 21 Park Rd.) of new $2.5-million pre-fab respite shelters being erected in Liberty Village and in Gore Park.
According to Anderson, the Liberty Village site — located in the parking lot of Lamport Stadium — will be open by Dec. 15; the one in Gore Park (directly across from the Princes Gates) is slated to be ready by January 2019.
(Being a Hog poverty pimp and feeding the growth in homelessness is a job with a FINE FUTURE! LIE-beral spending madness and growing debts will ensure a nearly ENDLESS SUPPLY of homeless people!)
Clearly money has become no object in the city’s mission to serve all homeless and transients.
Judging by the way respite shelters are being rammed into vibrant neighbourhoods (like Liberty Village) following minimal and shall we suggest, less than honest communication with residents about the impact of these shelters, City Hall doesn’t appear to give a damn about tax-paying, law abiding homeowners.
(Lets face it- if the city offered full and honest consultation- and then HEEDED public opinion- there would be NO new homeless shelters in residential areas! The drunken and drug addled behaviour of clients- along with accusations of petty theft- and complaints of “aggressive panhandling- havr made homeless shelter hugely unwlcome!)
(That LIE-berals seem to want new shelters built in wealthy neighborhoods to facilitate panhandling and to ensure the addicts can find their way home at days end is merely additional social insult!)
(It is not considered significant by Hogs- that over 50 percent of Cdns want all illegals deported- BEFORE they can fully abuse our charity or commit criminal or terrorist attacks! Nor do LIE-berals think it is important to bother enforcing old laws prohibiting things like public drunkenness or public defecation!)
It is interesting to note that all of these decisions are being made before the results of the latest Street Needs Assessment (homeless census) are released, deliberately I believe not until the end of November. Never mind getting a handle on where these transients are coming from.
(No doubt a flood of information will be offered- now that Toronto Silly Hall is safely PAST the October election? And once the new council sorts out which councillors support what alliances and formulate new poisoned socialist goals?)
The homeless industry is indeed flourishing at City Hall.
I believe Mayor John Tory is giving the city’s Shelter Housing and Support bureaucracy the message that they can spend whatever it takes to ensure not one person is left on the streets
Ironically, however, just in the past few weeks, I’ve seen plenty of street people under blankets within walking distance of City Hall.
I asked Tory about it during the Toronto Sun‘s editorial board the week before the election.
He told me his obligation is to make sure there’s no one in the middle of February who freezes to death on the streets of Toronto.
“What would you have me do with those people as the mayor of the city of Toronto … I can tell you right now I’m not going to be standing in front of TV cameras or the people of Toronto, or the people of the world, saying in the city, we just said, ‘too bad, people are going to have to sleep to death in the middle of winter’ I won’t do it,” he responded, bristling.
(Jackass John COULD force homeless INSIDE on cold nights- for their own safety- but he refuses to do so!)
Just to clarify, I don’t want anyone to freeze to death on the streets of Toronto. I’d just like to see our city’s bureaucrats and the mayor try to find a way to deal with the homeless without resorting repeatedly to expensive band-aids that solve nothing.
(But its ODD how the socialists have NOTHING TO SAY about the drug addled and crazed or often just plain frustrated homeless who REFUSE to ever set foot in a homeless shelter- unless they are compelled by force- due to the noise and fighting and fleas and bed bugs and theft! Its an open admission of how mentally out of control so many homeless people are- and how little control city staff really have over this mess!)
(But if LIE-berals DID round up addicts on cold nights- for their safety- then govt would have to supply the drugs needed to manage the addictions! We know that city Hogs are being paid to make wine kits- brewing up alcohol to issue to hard core drunken clients as a way to lure them into remaining at the shelter instead of roaming the streets making trouble all day!)
(LIE-berals are MUCH HAPPIER running those anonymous drug “harm reduction centres” where addicts can come and go as they please- which permits LIE-berals to DENY there is a growing problem with drug addiction in Canada- since no official lists of client numbers are kept at such places!!)
(LIE-berals have argued bitterly in the past AGAINST keeping accurate and honest records about numbers of clients served and number of beds occupied each night! LIE-berals have their own agenda about handling the homeless- and it DOES NOT INCLUDE FOR PUBLIC OPINION!!!!!)
(All of this is about MANAGING the public perception! NONE of the LIE-beral policies being imposed on us are about SOLVING ANYTHING!)

I stopped reading after you called me a liberal. I most certainly am not a liberal.

If you apologize, I'll accept it. But you don't seem to want to apologize, what's up with that?
Fantastic thread.
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Fantastic thread.

I'll let you know what I think of it when it reaches 1700 posts
Sounds great!
How a trickle of Sikhs fleeing India for Canada became a torrent

Why not let the women and children in the Tijuana camp resettle in Canada?
I'm sure we will see a welcoming tweet from JT soon on this Lol
Do you really think so?
Not if he learnt his lesson, so probably Lol
Well elections are coming soon and the majority of Canadians are furious with the Liberal Govts handling of the illegal immigration crisis up there.