Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist

"Post something similar or this is as far as it goes."
Remember it was your call on this one.

Leaving for any reason would sort of fuk up my plans to destroy the collective that you are a member of.

Stick around, I'm not finished turning you into a grease spot yet.
What's the matter jitter bug? No balls?
No Pete, I posted something on topic that you could have used to promote your sunspot version as being the driving factor. My post showed cold and warm period from the past that do not follow the 11 year sunspot cycle that is part of your version. What more needs to be added to that??

You going to spit that out anytime soon or do you have two lumps in your throat?
And you were so close to getting the "secret password" to the hidden forum.
'Fuk you ' is the one that zips your mouth anytime I want. You can do what in return, become a super troll?? lol You should change you name to 'Busted Flush'.
Thank for taking the time to show what a low-level troll is capable of doing to further the cause of the collective.
Did you notice that I offered support for a position that is in opposition to yours and when you do not challenge it in a similar way you give the win to me, now get the fuk off the board and stay the fuk gone you useless tit.
Well. That bad attitude certainly won't get you the secret password.
Quote: Originally Posted by petros View Post

And you were so close to getting the "secret password" to the hidden forum.

You know what they say about arguing with a fool......
It's like playing chess with a pigeon.

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