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San Diego Padres baseball team accused of homophobia after recording of a woman singing national anthem played instead of the city's gay men's chorus who claim they were forced to walk off the field to taunts

  • The incident occurred at Petco Park in San Diego on Saturday evening
  • A hundred singers from San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus took the field
  • But instead of their voices, a recorded voice of a woman played
  • The Padres apologized, but the chorus urged officials to investigate what happened
By Khaleda Rahman For
Published: 21:05 GMT, 22 May 2016 | Updated: 21:06 GMT, 22 May 2016

The San Diego Padres have been accused of homophobia after the recorded voice of a woman singing the national anthem was played when it should have been sung by the city’s Gay Men’s Chorus.
A hundred volunteer singers from The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus had stepped onto the field to sing the national anthem ahead of Saturday evening’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park.
But they were forced to stand on the field for the duration of the anthem while, instead of their voices, the large crowd heard the woman singing.
The chorus slammed the baseball team after the incident, claiming that they were escorted off the field to homophobic taunts, such as ‘You sing like a girl’.

San Diego Padres accused of homophobia after national anthem mistake | Daily Mail Online
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Did they win? That is all that matters.
Everyone's homophobic except those who aren't.
some homeless people they say chose to be homeless
they are home o phobic
also when they see the guys in the lab coats with the butterfly nets they become dodgers

also there is the whole padres/priest boy thing
(think residential schools here)
wow, the whole redskins debate redux

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