One Syrian woman a week disclosing domestic abuse

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OTTAWA - The Syrian man showed up at the Arab Community Centre of Toronto after 10 days in jail.

He told refugee settlement workers he'd come home to find his wife and two children missing. He thought she'd just taken them to school and so waited until the end of the day.

But when they didn't return, he went to the police, where he was promptly arrested: his wife had accused him of abuse.

Centre staff say they don't know what's happened to her. Rumour has it she's fled to Vancouver.

But on average, at least one Syrian woman a week is disclosing to them they are a victim of domestic violence.

"This is not something that is prevalent within this particular group, it is prevalent within all refugee and newcomer populations," Huda Bukhari, the centre's executive director, said Wednesday in an interview.

"But because this particular group has come in all at once, then we see a lot more."

Close to $1 billion in federal funds has been set aside for the Syrian refugee program, although a breakdown of how it's being spent hasn't been released. Most is being put towards settlement services, including providing for additional staff for the increased caseloads.


One Syrian woman a week disclosing domestic abuse: settlement agency - Winnipeg Free Press

(Koran, verse 4, chapter 34 - "As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, beat them; but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means.")
The horror.
Many people have not come out of the neanderthal era. If not for fear, the number would be more like one women per hour.......The Liberals brought the refugee in, now they need to take care of this unacceptable abuse in families. It is and will affect us in many way, in NS, the little refugee boys are threatening the little Canadian girls, by hitting them and telling them they are going to cut their throats. It hasn't had much media coverage, but it is nevertheless being reported. At this point, these boys should be removed from the schools and given help.
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The horror.

Pseudo sarcasm noted....