Caitlyn Jenner to Pose Naked With Gold Medal for 'Sports Illustrated'

The latest episode of the 'transgender' saga, in the enforcement by the Obama administration of 'transgender' access to school bathrooms by anyone by reason of a depraved delusion rather than their actual sex. It goes to show this celebration of 'identity' and 'dignity' has quickly morphed from carnival freak show to a dark and noxious cultural agenda.

The latest tactic of the Obama administration to impose this post gender agenda on the American people is to deny Federal Funds to schools and school children unless the states and education boards capitulate to gender neutral bathrooms.

This is in support of latest officially recongnized 'victim' by the forces of political correctness.. those suffering from the severe emotionally disturbance, delusions and psychosis of 'transgenderism'. It would be grossly irresponsible for schools to confuse children with the notion than trangenderism is 'natural' or 'normal'.. or anything but a psychological and moral pathology.

It strikes me as this vast overreach, arrogance, intimidation and imposition by the Administration.. will likely elect Donald Trump as President. Barak and his cronies have clearly gone INSANE. They can no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy, Good and Evil.
Perversions of this sort are the norm during Imperial decline.

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