Nfld Liberals lead Poll by a massive 44 %

The poll, conducted by Forum Research on Friday evening, shows that 65 per cent of decided and leaning voters pick the Liberals, compared to 21 per cent for the PC Party and just 13 per cent for the New Democrats.

During the day Friday, reacting to an earlier poll, PC Party Leader Paul Davis said he believe that the Liberal support was riding high off the federal election win by Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But Davis said that the Tories had “already turned it around.”

The new numbers from Forum indicate that voters aren’t turning around just yet.

What voters told Forum Research is pretty much exactly the same as an earlier poll conducted by Abacus Data in the week before the writ dropped.

Digging into the Forum data, the underlying voter attitudes have more good news for the Grits.

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball has the best approval rating, with 46 per cent of the people surveyed saying that they approve of the job he’s been doing, compared to 24 per cent disapproving.

On the other hand, Davis’ approval rating is negative, with more people saying they don’t like the job he’s been doing as premier — 43 per cent say they disapprove, compared to 34 per cent who approve.

Forum poll confirms massive Liberal lead - Election 2015 - The Telegram
Yet another Conservative party bites the dust.

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