Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicted for abuse of power

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But never plummeted like other States. How come?

Total Gross Domestic Product by State for Texas - FRED - St. Louis Fed

I don't see a lot of change in trends from state to state. Alaska sucks. California is very similar to Florida.
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Texas has seen a 19 percent growth in real gross domestic product since 2007 and one f-ck of a population boom.

ust how good has Texas's economy been under the leadership of Rick Perry compared to the United States as a whole and to neighboring California? Here are seven indicators.


Business Climate. One reason that Texas is ahead is that its business climate is unusually favorable. It has encouraged the development of its energy sector, as has North Dakota, another success story. It is one of nine states that do not tax earned income. California has an income tax rate of 13.3 percent of income over $1,000,000, for both singles and couples. Its income tax rates do not just soak the rich: singles earning $40,000 and couples earning $58,000 are already in the 8 percent tax bracket

you forgot that, as we have discussed previously, Texas had a massive debt - one that was ended when it got bailed out by Obama's stimulus payments
Debt or deficit? Big difference.

Rick Perry used the government's stimulus plan to cover 97 percent of the state's budget deficit in 2009...

Beats going into debt no?
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That's why Texas won't secede - it is too dependent on the Federal government for its success.
Guess we'll just have to expel it.
Even the liberal WaPo believes it's bogus.
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