New leader of the Liberals?

Who is capable of resurecting the moldering corpse of Canada's once strong and proud Liberal Party of Canada ?

The leadership needs to be a race between outstanding Canadian leaders, anything less spells future disaster for the Liberals in my view.

The best leader of the Liberal party would probably be Peter Lougheed however he is far to old and he has not as yet purchased a LPC membership and so he is out.

A run off between Frank McKenna, Naheed Nenshi (unknown east of Lethbridge), John Manly, Jim Prentice (needs a LPC membership), Danny Williams (sheesh yet another LPC membership purchase) and Mark Carney( also needs a party card) would probably do the trick.
The winner of this run off would certainly make an outstanding PM and be more than capable of striking fear in the heart of our beloved current PM Harper.
It would mean writing off Quebec as an NDP stronghold, but really, who cares about Quebec these days?

Chances are none of these people are interested and nor will they run.
Canadas loss.

A race between Justin Trudeau, Marc Garneau and David McGinty just isnt going to cut it.

Harper and the opposition dippers will retain the seats.
And Liberals will continue to wither away to nothingness.
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What would really make the cons howl at the moon like a bunch of deranged banshees would be if Justine joined the NDP. I would love to hear that cacophony.
Nobody can save them - they have to go through a brutal process, just as the PC's did after Mulroney, and rebuild from scratch. Justin Trudeau would be wise to wait a decade, until his children get into high school, and then run. But, as I write this, I'm wondering if he will have the intellectual power that his dad had.
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Before the Libs choose a leader they must pick a direction. Just saying we want power isn't going to cut it.