Canadian Democracy - Takes another hit under Harper

View Poll Results: Harper is abusing Parliamentary reviews of bills - and Parliamentary Committees
Yes 12 37.50%
Not 5 15.63%
He has to 3 9.38%
Not sure 1 3.13%
Do not care 2 6.25%
Harper with a Majority will run roughshod over Parliament 10 31.25%
Harper is just doing what other PM's have done 11 34.38%
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Back in the day when SK was the third largest province, ON whined about manufacturing jobs so govt gave wicked incentives to manufacturing to set up shop in ON. We lost a GM truck plant and oodles of implement companies and flour mills.

Ontario had something to do with WW2?

Reopening and renewing of the GM Plant
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The jerk circle in the dozen or so preceding posts need no response, but I am curious about your last.

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Oh oh...

Meethinks he has a lot of experience with circle flies
Can't fool them circle flies
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Sustainable manufacturing isn't doing ON any good.

Can't be all that sustainable then. Then again nobody ever defined at what level it would be sustainable either. I'm assuming at a level that keeps the bureaucraps in charge in paycheques until the solid gold pension kicks in.
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Paying the price of arrogance.

Tories fear marathon voting session may have exhausted political capital | News | National Post

OTTAWA — After almost 24 hours of bobbing up and down in their seats for votes on the government’s budget bill, there’s no doubt Conservatives MPs are tired.

But government MPs and cabinet ministers are also expressing private concerns they’ll come out of the showdown over Bill C-38 having exhausted some of their political capital as well.

Conversations with Conservative caucus members conducted on condition they would not be quoted suggest MPs are hearing complaints from Tory voters in their ridings about the government’s bundling several measures into a budget bill that have nothing directly to do with the nation’s finances.

Those complaints may start anew in a few months.