buy a new vedio card or ram??? GTA3 realated

hey it me again and my gta3 is still choppy so i was thinking whether buying a new vdio card or ram would have any effect. Im not sure which one will fix the problem. I ahve an intel82810 graphics card and 128 ram windows ME pentium 3 850 mhz. I might have 128 ram but woh knows how muchof it is being used up for other things besides the game. So im not sure whther ram or graphics card is the problem. an Intel graphics card, the one i have ,has 16mb memory which is wut it requires yet it still is choppy. Buying more ram would be cheaper but im not sure whther itll have an effect. Pls tell me wut i should do thank u.
Well, the ATI Radeons are very nice cards.. GEforce are okay too.. Its really upto you on what you wanna do. Having a good video card will make the game rely less on ram i believe... But having good ram is also an integral part of your system.
so what do i buy ram or vedio card?
Well 128mb of ram isnt really that much, personally I would buy another 128mb stick of ram and an ATI Radeon, but thats just me
Definately more ram and the ATI Radeon 8500 would do nice
i believe the video card is much more important cause i had 126MB of PC-133 and a Geforce4 Ti 4200 64MB Video card and GTA 3 ran PERFECT! Geforce all the way!!

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