MY GTA3 is so choppy

I cant figure it out my gta3 is so incredibly schoppy and ihave well above them inimum system rquirments. I have 800 mhz Pentium 3 proccesor 30 gigs 128 ram and intel 82810 graphics card. I've tried everything, minimuized the diplay settings, downloaded new drivers, looked for a patahc, closed all background applications, and its still running incredibly choppy. My comp should be able to handle tihs game. Can some1 pls help on speedin this thing up? I'd greatly appreciate it.
I think it is your video card...The video card will slow the game down the most. Try upgrading to at least a Geforce 2 or ATI Radeon
Crow: Your system seems to meet the requirements. You can purchase a suitable video card for under $100 (or as low as $50). As frubsen said, ATI Radeons are nice, so are the Geforce 2s.

Also, there is a patch for GTA III, available somewhere, probably rockstar games. This will upgrade to version 1.1. Make sure you try running your game at the lowest resolution also.
Mine was choppy as well, I downloaded a patch for DirectX from the microsoft site and it fixed it.

Go to the microsoft download area, and search for GTA3 (or was it GTAIII in there). It should find it.
hey i wanet to the microsoft site but i cant find the patch isearched for it. Shmad, u tihnk u could gie me a link, i ll try theo n at out too, thx fo ur advice guys.
They seem to have removed that update. I'd try updating your Media Player and Direct X to the latest versions.
do i have to update media palyer i doubt itll have any effect. Is there anything else i oculd d/l to ease the chopiness?

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