A Day of Yachts and Receptions

Balmoral Castle reports that yesterday, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh K.G. , K.T. , G.B.E. , O.M. , P.C.(U.K.) , P.C.(Ca.) , A.C. , Q.S.O. , G.C.L. , A.D.C.(P.) (consort to Her Majesty The Queen of Canada ) visited the Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, a Clipper yacht, at Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh . The yacht has been stripped-down, and is one of ten Clipper yachts to be racing around the world in just over a month, on the Clipper 09–10 Round the World Yacht Race. It is docked for several days, for visitors to board and view the yacht before the exciting eight-month race begins. Our own Nova Scotia is set to compete, with the Cape Breton Island Clipper yacht. New to the race this year is the California, with the personal endorsement of The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger , Governor of California . The Duke of Edinburgh was accompanied on his tour of the yacht by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston C.B.E. , R.D. , the first man to complete a solo circumnavigation of the world by yacht.

I can’t believe I’d never before heard of these annual Round the World Yacht Races! Eight months of travel around the world—the adrenaline and competition must be absolutely fabulous. I’m of course rooting for the Cape Breton Island—and if we Canadians don’t win, then my second choice is the Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, of course! I am going to be watching the competition closely—there are blogs and diaries of the crew of these yachts that are going to be available on-line, too!

Later on, His Royal Highness held a reception at the Palace of Holyroodhouse as the Patron , Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities . Some three decades ago The Duke of Edinburgh helped Mr. Sam Gallop C.B.E. , a leader of the disabled community, to found the organisation. Employment Opportunities is a division of the Shaw Trust charitable organisation, and seeks to assist disabled persons in the job search process. During the charitable organisation’s time (which has been funded largely by ten corporate employers), it has assisted over ten thousand people toward work.

That same day’s evening, His Royal Highness held a dinner as Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh . At the dinner, The Duke of Edinburgh presented the Chancellor’s Awards to four professors of the University for excellence in teaching and research. Professors Harry Campbell and Malcolm Dunlop were presented the Research Award for the awesome research and work that they have done to improve our medical understanding and prevention of colorectal cancer. Dr John Lee was honoured by His Royal Highness with the Teaching Award for his innovation in teaching—he has created a resource, “YouTute”, which seeks to make tutorials and lectures more accessible for students. Dr Giles Hardingham was recognised for his work on degenerative diseases, and received the Shining Star Award .

It shocks me that there are those who nevertheless argue that monarchy has no place in a modern world!

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Nice to see your colorful posts back. And for those that don't know, you are quite the reference for monarchy and parliamentary protocols.
Thank you, Kreskin ! Oh yes, I do love to add my splashes of colour around , hehe.