BONOKOSKI: Omar Khadr, just another tourist wandering Senate hallways?

BONOKOSKI: Omar Khadr, just another tourist wandering Senate hallways?
Mark Bonokoski
August 22, 2018
August 22, 2018 3:11 PM EDT
Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr, 30, is seen in Mississauga, Ont., on Thursday, July 6, 2017. Colin Perkel / THE CANADIAN PRESS
After Guantanamo poster boy and $10.5-million-man Omar Khadr was seen strolling through the hallways of the Senate on Parliament Hill in mid-June as if he owned the place, the Trudeau Liberals went into damage control.
They leaked their version of the story to the Globe and Mail in order to put a political spin on what should have been a major story about the lapse of security on Parliament Hill, and how a convicted terrorist with undeniable face recognition was freely able to come so close to scores of parliamentarians.
Instead of focusing on the security issue, scorn was tossed earlier this week at the Conservatives, via the Globe, as if they had plotted Khadr’s presence on Parliament Hill with his wife, Muna Abougoush, and then laid in wait until the right moment to drop the bombshell.
The Globe, in fact, even had Khadr’s long-time lawyer, Dennis Edney, condemning the Conservatives for Islamophobia.
“I think (the Conservatives) are concerned about their own bigotry,” Edney told the Globe, accusing the federal party of Andrew Scheer of singling out Khadr because of his religion, not because he is the face of home-grown terrorism and associated with a notorious jihadist family who had close ties to the late mass-murder 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.
“All I can say is, if it was him, that’s (Khadr’s) constitutional right to be able to be there,” said Edney. “And why are they so worried about it as opposed to other individuals who come in?
“It sounds to me of Islamophobia.”
It was Jacqui Delaney, political aide to Quebec Sen. Leo Housakos, who spotted Khadr among the tourists on June 19 who were wandering the halls of the Senate, and who followed him to the Senate gift shop to confirm that her eyes were not deceiving her.
“I was shocked to see him there,” Delaney admitted. “I mean, he’s a convicted terrorist, yet there he was. What was security doing?”
Delaney is no newbie to news. A veteran radio and television broadcaster, she was once press secretary to former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak before moving to Ottawa to work within the Senate.
“Because I am a known Conservative, my reporting to my boss of seeing Omar Khadr in the Senate was depicted as my partisanship being used to score political points against the Liberals,” she said.
“That depiction is total fabrication.
“Instead of being a story about what should be seen as a major breach in security, we got a political spin put to it by the Liberals,” said Delaney.
“It’s infuriating. This is my place of work. Four years ago, a guy stormed Parliament Hill and shot up the place.”
Instead of focusing on how Khadr managed to get inside Parliament Hill, regardless of the questionable threat he now poses, the Globe wrote of how the Trudeau Liberals took steps to “bar” Khadr from attending an invitation-only Parliament Hill celebration of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr where the prime minister was set to be the keynote speaker.
The source of this, according to the Globe, were two unnamed senior Liberal “insiders” who cited the Trudeau government’s concern that Khadr might crash the Eid al-Fitr event as an uninvited guest and cosy up to some Liberal MPs or cabinet ministers.
This would not be the best of optics, of course, considering the Trudeau government’s controversial $10.5-million settlement payout to Khadr, complete with a formal apology from the Canadian people.
Just to be assured, however, PMO spokesperson Eleanore Catenaro was quoted in the story, stating “the Prime Minister did not meet with Omar Khadr, nor did any senior ministers.”
In other words, everyone chill out.
Nothing more to see here … and what security lapse?
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Libs are losing it.

A terrorist wandering around the Hill and it's Scheer's fault. Wow.

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